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Gudang Garam Professional Surya Pro

Surya Professional embodies a crossover of full flavor kretek filter and slim kretek cigarette, creating a totally distinctive smoking experience catered for urban setting. A perfect balance of kretek filter enjoyment and urban lifestyle.

This most popular cigarette brand is the evidence of Gudang Garam high quality products. Its excellent taste and flavor is a result of expert selection of ingredients and rigorous processing – expressed as the character of Gudang Garam International: Pria Punya Selera (“Taste of the Gallant”). In line with this concept, this cigarette is made for men having a tough personality, modern style and good appreciation of the real art of smoking.

The OLD pakcaging has been changed to Gudang Garam SuryaPro.

Image for new Gudang Garam Professional
Gudang Garam Professional has been renamed to SuryaPro in 2016. This is to update the design of the packaging to look more contemporary.

Surya Professional embodies a crossover of high quality tobacco and cloves, with a slimmer cigarette profile, creating a totally distinctive smoking experience catered for urban setting. A perfect balance of filtered-machine-made full flavor kretek enjoyment and urban lifestyle.

Gudang Garam Professional – 16 kretek premium cigarettes. 25 Mg Tar and 1.7 Mg Nicotine.

All cigarettes sold in store are NON FSC.

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Weight33 g

105 reviews for Gudang Garam Professional

Based on 105 reviews
  1. Jeremy

    i ordered a carton and received within a week came in perfect form definitely worth buying them and the taste of these are great

  2. Kashmir

    This cig sets the standard for clove smokes. I smoke them on a regular basis and normally wouldn’t think of buying anything else unless it was illegal. They have a great taste and, like all Gudangs, they burn sloooooowwwwwwwly for your smoking pleasure. Oh yeah, they will f^$% you up too. Excellent cigs.

  3. Saville

    My regular choice, though these can be hard to find in certain places. Tastes more like clove than tobacco, and leaves you smelling like clove as well. That said, I’d still take these over any other cigarrete.

  4. StrongP

    It’s definitely a cigarette that sends a message. Some people love the smell, others despise it. But, it is a definite conversation starter. The flavor is absolutely amazing and it’s a long lasting smoke that makes that smoke-break at work all the more enjoyable. Granted, the price is a tad bit high, but it is well worth the smoke and I am more then willing to pay every penny for them.

  5. DTREE

    The cigs decent strength and have unique somewhat fruity taste kinda like juicy fruit gum. Very subtle tobacco taste and smell which suprised me unlike a-milds tht u can smoke indoors with no cig odor atall. Pretty solid and long burning- but if you want pure clove flavor like djarum it might not be for you.

  6. D Pluss

    Dear Ciggies World, I’d just like to give positive feedback. I received my shipment #5901 today and am very happy indeed with the quality of the cigarettes and the packaging. Australian customs did get me to pay tax on the cigarettes but it still works out cheaper and the cigarettes are better so I’m happy.

    I’ll definitely be shopping at for more in future.

  7. Nick

    was very pleased to receive these cigarettes. The tobacco smells great and it goes down smooth. The package has minimal warnings (just a tiny bit of text). The front of the pack itself has absolutely no warnings on it which is a nice change. White filter. Silver line at end of filter and Pall Mall written in blue.

  8. Hebi

    This kretek cigarette taste is really something else. I got to say it doesnt taste like tobacco nor clove at all, it taste more like banana flavor baby food in very draw, im not kidding around. its not my kind of cigarette but its still a good cigarette believe it.

  9. Rachmaninov

    Great kretek! Opening the pack, it smells like confectionery, or banana flavoured ice cream. The draw is smooth and the body is fantastic. Much better that a-milds which have too much tobacco taste.

    Thanks ciggiesworld for another smooth and pleasant transaction!

  10. Crapnell Gates

    A truly glorious smoke. I ordered several different Kreteks and these were my favorite. All of them were great and arrived in perfect condition, but these truly put the American cloves to shame. I smoked the American Djarum Bali Hais and Specials for awhile, these Professionals are the genuine article and put the american versions to absolute shame. Thanks Ciggiesworld, very happy to have found you guys.

  11. Alan Chapman

    I have purchased these, and received a prompt shipment (Only hold up was at Australian Customs.
    I have ordered before and had no problems, thoroughly recommend using this supplier ! I even emailed a question, and receibed a prompt reply regarding my order, very professional.

  12. Younjee Shon

    i live in Sydney, Aus.
    Service was great! They emailed me about how many ciggs I’ll be charged for, warned me about possible charges etc. helped me a lot figuring out how many I can actually buy!

    Packing was top notch. I thought the ciggs got crushed but it was just the TWO boxes they packed my ciggs in that were squished and the ciggs were in perfect condition!

    The Cig: If you like Sampoerna Mild, this one is a more stronger version of it, stronger in the sense that the aroma and taste of it is not the tobacco.

  13. Lawrence

    Upon opening, there is a unique fresh aroma of cloves, chocolate and orange essence. The filter is sweet and firm. The first draw one notices the fullness of flavor without burn to the tongue; extraordinarily smooth. For a full-flavor, regular clove, this may be the best there is.

  14. Lovin Johnson

    This does not taste pungent but a little like juicy fruit gum. Would have easily given 5 if it could fit regular filter tips, it was that good.

  15. Daniel

    Very strong menthol no taste of tobacco just menthol

  16. Yeiayel

    Packaging : paquet classique / cigarettes de taille classique / couleur classique

    Odeur : trés sucrée (malabar ou barbe à papa)

    Gout : filtre trés sucré laissant un goût agréable sur les lèvres / dosage parfait tabac-girofle / léger côté “euphorisant”

    Fumée : sucrée / pas vraiment tabac / moyennement épaisse

    Durée : une dizaine de 10 minutes

    Elles sont parfaites pour une soirée.

    Ciggiesworld : réponses au mail, envoie en France rapide (<1 mois), avec suivi, sécurisé, et discret (pas de douanes). Le TOP !

  17. Chris Graves

    I am so glad to be able to get these again! These are my absolute favorite Kretek ever! So fruity and smooth and the sauce leaves your lips tasting heavenly.

  18. Selectivity

    This cigarette has strong flavours. A slightly harsh tobacco without a lot of nuances, with a bit of the old, pleasant 1990s Marlboro “catch in the throat”. The kretek flavour is simple but very bold, and also not like the kretek flavour of any other cigarette I have tried so far. Nice crackling and a sweetened filter paper top it off. This cigarette is yet another wholly unique kretek.

    GG Professional is no longer than a regular cigarette, and is just a tiny bit slimmer. This means that it doesn´t last quite a long as the bigger kreteks, though much longer than Marlboros, etc.

    Reading the other reviews, I almost think that the GG Profs were redesigned just before I ordered mine, but everyone´s taste is different. Again, I don´t know any other kretek quite like this one. It wasn´t perfect for me, but still very interesting, very good and I really enjoyed trying it out. You should try it too, it may well be a five-star cigarette for you.

    Ciggies World are of course perfect. Speed, efficiency, solid packaging and reliability is what you get with them – probably the best online company.

  19. Kagan

    Love these cigs!!Their sweetness just delivers a pleasurable smoke every time.None better.

  20. Paul

    Highly enjoyable. Sweet, crackling Kretek. I highly recommend over Djarum if you want a longer lasting experience.

  21. Peter

    When you hear the name “Gudang Garam,” what do you think about?

    To some, nothing. Others, maybe some foreign dish? But to the elite, Gudang Garam is the King of Kreteks, the sweet, clove, spice and tobacco filled cigarettes that the cool kids, hipsters and sophisticated smoke.

    And the best of them would have to be the Professionals.

    The Professionals are the golden standard of kreteks. And no, I’m not calling them standard. Not befitting of the name at all. But what I mean is, THESE are what kreteks should taste like.

    When you open the pack, your nose is immediately greeted by a wonderful potpourri of spices, lead on by the king of spices, clove. The filter is coated with a bold flavor of sweet spice, akin to a Juicy Fruit, but more pronounced. And when lit up, the rich tobaccos, cloves and spices combine into the most haunting flavor ever possible. But to be simple, it is sweet, bold, refined, pure.

    And if you enjoy blowing rings, the thick, blue-ish smoke will be more than enough for you.

    If you must smoke a kretek, smoke a Professional.

  22. Nita

    I really enjoyed these. The smell definitely had a bubble gum scent to it. Very sweet with the perfect taste of clove. I really liked these mainly because the tobacco flavor wasn’t so prominent. The fruity flavors and clove really shines through. I would definitely buy these again. I am an old school Djarum Specials enthusiast who switched to cherry Djarum since the ban. I think these and the super give me that Djarum special nostalgia
    The shipping was like ordering within the states. I’m in Chicago, Illinois. All hail Ciggiesworld!

  23. Gregorio

    I have been smoking clove for 15 years, and hands down this is the best tasting. They are strong, but after smoking these, I cannot go back to Djarum black.

  24. TC

    There’s not much more or different, that I can add to what everyone else has already said. These are great, top notch in all ways to evaluate a kretek.

  25. Wendy Cooper

    My order, which never arrived, due to thieves at the Post Office, was handled by this company, by replacing my order. I highly recommend doing business with this company! They honor their word.

  26. Mark

    Great product, and I didn’t even have to pay duty in Canada!

  27. Jiabao

    First off, super fast shipping and any questions I had were answered very fast by CiggiesWorld. The cloves themselves are amazing! I was used to the old Bali Hai cigarettes but these are the best replacement IMHO. I was used to the cigar versions of the Bali but these ones are much much better!

  28. DS

    These are 16 count mini kretek cigarettes. Very short filter, tastes great!! Burns slow, lots of body and high quality tobacco. They are definitely higher quality than Djarum blacks (which are good) but these are better. These do have a bubblegum smell to them in the pack. Sweet tipped filter. Wonderful mini kretek. About the same size as a king size
    regular cigarette. Will be getting again!!

  29. Angel

    I have been smoking Cloves for quite some time now and I like these the most. I have tried many different brands and quality. What I like the most about these is that they have a ligther and smoother drag then most cloves out there. Most of all, they taste good. They also leave a pleasant smell in the air as opposed to most cigs out there.

  30. Nestor

    They’re good kreteks but I had better. After smoking Djarum Super I don’t think I can smoke any other kreteks……these are very smooth however and you get pretty good smoke out of them

  31. Apachethepowerful IG

    I’m a 26 yr old AA woman who has been enjoying Clove cigarettes since I was about 19 yrs old. When they banned flavored Ciggs in the US I was devastated. Recently I stumbled upon this website and ordered these (along w/) 2 other brands) At first I thought ciggies world got my order wrong because the packaging on this product is not the same as the photo on this website. So don’t be alarmed when you get this product.

    The smoke on these kretek ciggs is absolutely intoxicating. Very sweet w/ a thick body. You will definitely get a buzz and enjoyable mouth feel. I will definitely be ordering these again.

  32. Mike

    I been using the Djarum brand first with the Specials since 2008 till I had a hard time finding them in the last year. But discovered Ciggies World and I ordered the Supers and couldn’t believe what I been missing. I’ll never use the Specials again. But overtime I noticed they were a bit much for me basically for the 32 mg tar mostly.
    Then I bought these Gudang Garam Professionals and at first two things shocked me how smaller they were from the Supers and the changing of the packaging which I have to put my own stickers over the photos that are now on them because there just way too graphic. The same photos are also on the Supers too. But these have 25 mg of tar and taste similar and lighter to the Supers but are not as heavy. I’m glad I took a chance and got these. I saw the reviews for the Sampoerna A Mild and and they are even lighter with 15 mg of tar and the reviews are top notch. I will be ordering those next. After my research there doesn’t seem to be any left for me that I’ll would try. These three are the top notch for me. I have tried other Djarums like the Black ( and even the flavored ones which are hard to find now ) also but were a bit strong.

  33. michael

    I used to smoke Djarum Blacks, but after trying these, I have never went back. Professionals have a more of a clove taste, and are very sweet. Unfortunately the packaging has changed, with cancer related pictures on the front. I guess you could buy a nice cigarette case to hold them if it bothers you. But, I highly recommend based on taste alone.

  34. Long

    These are much better than Djarum Blacks. More clove but yet sweet. I stopped smoking Djarum Blacks after trying these.

  35. Ken

    I am a regular customer. After having a few issues with deliveries, Ciggiesworld has always took care of me.

  36. Rob

    When I saw the pack, I was confused because the pack was short and very thin. The ones shown on the site and in the video were standard sized kreteks.. but these new ones are like slims. However, they are strong and full of flavor.. so in a way they are much better in the smaller format because I dont think I would want to smoke a full size of this potency. They burn slow for their size and pack a real punch. A little on the harsh side but a very unique flavor. I liked them but not sure I would spend the money for them again.. but its possible. Give them a try and make up your own mind. I do think they should update the image and videos to let people know what they will be getting.

  37. J.

    This kretek has a very nice sweetness to it. To the addition of the cloves I pick up a nice maple flavor. These are thinner kreteks so they burn quicker but great body and flavor. Re-ordered more of these.

  38. Marvin O’Flynn

    Sweet and highly enjoyable. Quite slim but burns slowly. Beats any Australian cigarette IMO. I chose untrackable postage and it got to me within 3 weeks from order (Sydney, Australia). Packed very nicely and even came with a few candies which was nice. Would definitely recommend to anyone and would order again from these guys!


    always loved me some Djarum Supers, Gudang Garan Signature and even a few unfiltered kreteks such as Djarum Coklat, Djarum Clavo, and Djarum 76.

    still have plenty of try but that’s why there is a drawer of about 12 of them right next to me 🙂

    a good ol’ clove cigarette is perfect for the end of the night relaxation swag 🙂

  40. Chiel van den Berg

    I haven’t tried the cig yet, the new package look (Surya Pro) is alright i gues, liked the previous better tho :P. Also they have 1.7 mg of nicotine now.

  41. giggity-Aus

    That unique taste of GG’s paired with its smoothness…. love em to bits and I’m a chainsmoker used to Lights on normal cigarettes. Sweetness on the filter is very present too, but just enough sweetness. I’ve tried the GG Internationals and found them too extreme for my liking, but these are different. I wouldn’t chain smoke these personally, due to the high levels of tar and Nic, but these would be my once in a blue moon Kreteks….

  42. Chiel van den Berg

    The taste of this cigarette is just wonderfull.
    I love the sweetness on the filter, and the tobacco also has kind off a sweet and a bit spicy of a flavour wich is great. It sure is quite strong with 1.7mg of nicotine, but if you’re looking for a strong kretek, this is the one.

  43. Dustin

    Very good flavour cigarette nice and sweet but very strong each drag gets easier to smoke.
    Shipping and packing was great.

  44. Geoff

    Better than anything that can be bought in Australia 🙂

  45. David

    For me SuryaPRO are the absolutely best choice of clove cigarettes. And thanks to Ciggies it is possible to get them send to Germany. Last time, shipping was unusual long but the packing was excellent so that the custom did not check the content.

  46. Geoff

    Hassle free transactions, always fresh, non tracking always arrives, well packed, good job. Highly recommended

  47. Justin Southerland

    These are smooth and have a pretty high clove content. There’s a lot of sweetness to them as well, with a flavor that reminds me waldmeister cocktail syrup. Smoking these after a meal is sublime. The Catch: be careful when lighting these, as you get a significant amount of “bloom” due to the high clove ratio and occasionally some will literally explode out of the tip! That being said, that little bit of danger is WELL worth it!

  48. Wendover

    Just letting you know that the kreteks arrived at my local post office yesterday. I picked up the parcel today. Thanks for the complimentary coffee sachet. I worked for an hour in my garden this afternoon, then had the coffee + a gudang garam 🙂

  49. John Andrean

    Surya Pro, or commonly referred to as Surya PROfessional, is the first innovation product by Gudang Garam where the product was launched in the 90s who wanted a clove cigarette with full flavor character but packed in a slimmer profile compared to other regular Gudang Garam. In this case, Surya Pro is able to answer the challenges of its competitors, especially Sampoerna A Mild which offers a smaller lightweight diameter clove cigarettes targeting the younger crowd. I give this kretek cigarettes 10 out of 10. Possibly the best kretek cigarettes ever made!

  50. Choi

    Right off the bat, these cigarettes seem to offer a hint of berry smell. But when burned, the taste of this cigarette is strong in fruity sensation where it is a mixture of berries (possibly raspberries or strawberries) with a very high intensity of jackfruit flavor. I also find the slight sensation of lychee fruit in this cigarette as an ingredient of fruity sauce on the tip of the filter. Incredibly delicious.

  51. Rosie

    I love this ciggie company. At first I was worried about ordering on line but these people are really efficient and they pack the cigarettes really well. These smokes are no longer available in Australia -and are the same as the genuine, old school, gudang Garams we used to get in Bali.

  52. Philippe

    I like the smell of it in my mouth and when it burn.

  53. crawdada1 Crawford

    Perfect every time ?

  54. Anonymous

    Really nice, not a full size kretek

  55. crawdada1 Crawford

    Brilliant as always

  56. Fabian V.

    Nice taste for a quick smoke

  57. Rosemary Flanagan

    The product is perfect. I love these cigarettes! And my parcel arrives! And sometimes avoids customs. I highly recommend ciggiesworld to my friends.

  58. Gabriel Cauduro

    Perfect! Fast and security! recommend

  59. Anonymous

    I love buying gudan with this website. It always come in time!

  60. crawdada1 Crawford


  61. jackgck

    I placed my order on Feb 2nd and payment was confirmed 3-4 days later. A tracking number was given on Feb 15th. The package was received in Los Angeles on Feb 28th. From order to my doorstep was 26 days. No additional tax, duty, or postage payment was required. Signature is though (at least in USA.)

    Gudang Garam Professional are great, while I was traveling in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) I smoked many of them. In my opinion they are leagues above Djarum Blacks in every way.

    I do miss the old packaging style though. I was able to find that style in Vietnam (in 2019) but I’m guessing that just means they were old! The “Surya Pro” style has a graphic warning label and is generally not as iconic as the old one. Not a huge deal.

    As for the cigarette, it’s probably just in my head but I believe it’s possible that the filters may have less “sauce” than the old style. That being said, they are still quite sweet, smell unbelievable, and are amazing cigarettes/kreteks overall.

    In the past (2013ish) I was a big fan of Djarum Supers and LA Lights and while it’s been a long time since I’ve had those, I would put the GG Professionals above my memory of Supers as my favorite clove. It’s certainly close.

    For me: my favorite cigarette. They are worth trying. Thank you for the delivery! Bring back the Djarum Menthols :D. I found those in Vietnam too!


  62. Kim Stringer

    Thankyou for all my parcels getting to me. Great service ??

  63. Kathleen

    Great customer service, great communication and great prices!

  64. crawdada1 Crawford

    Efficiency as always

  65. Markus C.

    Love em

  66. Rosemary F.

    I love these cigarettes and this company “ciggiesworld world” is very easy and efficient to do business with. I recommend them.

  67. Kim Stringer

    Always had great service and honest service

  68. David S.

    Smooth says it all.

  69. Anonymous

    Everything satisfactory!

  70. Brian F.

    Great sweet clove flavour

  71. Anonymous

    Very nice

  72. Rosemary

    Ciggiesworld are the best. They always follow any instructions you give them. My parcel is always well wrapped and the postal time is very fast. I think garam professional are the tastiest cigarettes i love them.

  73. Anonymous


  74. Kris

    Excellent always! These are one of my all time favorites with that great clove taste and classic flavor. These are what got me to switch from Djarum to Gudang Garam.

  75. Rosemary F.

    I love these cigarettes – they are the guaranteed real deal. I am also very satisfied with the way my order is packaged and the speed it arrives in Australia.
    I highly recommend ciggiesworld.

  76. antonelloloddo2

    Very small for the nicotine they contain,
    and good flavour.

  77. francine

    Trusted regular, always delicious. Shipping as expected. Used to order from a different seller for years, but when they started increasing the shipping rates, I tried out CiggiesWorld. Still have to do the math to figure out who to go with. Does CW offer any discounts for ordering cartons?

  78. Luiz Gustavo Silva


  79. Alessandro

    If you like the taste of Kretek, so like a strong fresh taste of chewing gum or something (cannot really describe it), then these are for you, not for me.

  80. mastercylinder69

    Excellent cigarette. Similar to a Djarum Super.

  81. Rosemary F.

    Ciggiesworld is the best company I have dealt with for importing by far. My products always arrive packaged beautifully. And these cigarettes are the best.

  82. Rosemary F.

    Ciggiesworld are the best. Their international postage service is perfect!… and these cigarettes are the best.

  83. Luiz Gustavo Silva

    Excellent service and committed to the delivery time. Original product.

  84. Anonymous

    clean and clovey

  85. Anonymous

    Seems very reliable, took a couple of weeks to arrive, which is way faster than ebay sellers in my experience.

  86. Anonymous

    Very good! It’s all good!

  87. Luiz Silva

    Excellent service and deliveries always on time.
    I recommend.

  88. Preston

    Always a pleasure to work with! Leave some goodies in the package as well! Been ordering for quite some time, and will continue to do so!

  89. Gemma F.

    Great cigarettes. The genuine thing. All the staff are friendly and helpful and the postage service is fast, and efficient.

  90. Luiz Silva

    Muito satisfeito com o atendimento e o envio do produto! Recomendo.

  91. Frank

    very good

  92. M B

    these are a bit too thick and sticky for me, very high tar content. i need to brush my teeth after

  93. Kimberly Rather

    Hated these terrible waste of money

  94. Kimberly I.


  95. Nick B.

    A solid 4 for me. Could have a bit more flavor, but overall enjoyable and recommended. I like the newer pack style (new to me) and the filter branding.

  96. Anonymous

    Sehr gut

  97. Andre

    Pleasant taste, very fine.

  98. Peter/Karin

    TIPTOP, Perfekt !!!

  99. Anthony Seneck

    For the American smokers this is about the size of a marboro 72 maybe a little shorter and a littler thinner. All in all its a great little smoke with a very distinct spicy flavor way more then the Surya orginial and exclusive would love it if this was there size. Other than that these are a nice short smoke about 5 or 6 mins for me. Great for at work smoke breaks without going over like some of the others .

  100. Norbert Paulus

    Die Zigaretten schmecken einfach einzigartig



  102. Manfred S.

    lighter than the regular GG Surya

  103. MrX

    Strong at first but you get used to them pretty quickly. Very tasty, the amount of clove is pretty high and they occasionally self-extinguish because of it.

  104. fernanda weizenmann

    definitely recommend I will buy again it was the best cigarettes I have ever had! The bestest keys after heavy, a cinnamon cigarette

  105. A. B.

    The perfect smoke for me. Strong and rich perfect clove flavor definitely a cig I can smoke everyday.

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