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Gudang Garam Professional Surya Pro

Surya Professional embodies a crossover of full flavor kretek filter and slim kretek cigarette, creating a totally distinctive smoking experience catered for urban setting. A perfect balance of kretek filter enjoyment and urban lifestyle.

This most popular cigarette brand is the evidence of Gudang Garam high quality products. Its excellent taste and flavor is a result of expert selection of ingredients and rigorous processing – expressed as the character of Gudang Garam International: Pria Punya Selera (“Taste of the Gallant”). In line with this concept, this cigarette is made for men having a tough personality, modern style and good appreciation of the real art of smoking.

The OLD pakcaging has been changed to Gudang Garam SuryaPro.

Image for new Gudang Garam Professional
Gudang Garam Professional has been renamed to SuryaPro in 2016. This is to update the design of the packaging to look more contemporary.

Surya Professional embodies a crossover of high quality tobacco and cloves, with a slimmer cigarette profile, creating a totally distinctive smoking experience catered for urban setting. A perfect balance of filtered-machine-made full flavor kretek enjoyment and urban lifestyle.

Gudang Garam Professional – 16 kretek premium cigarettes. 25 Mg Tar and 1.7 Mg Nicotine.

All cigarettes sold in store are NON FSC.

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107 reviews for Gudang Garam Professional

  1. Luiz Gustavo Silva

    Excellent service and committed to the delivery time. Original product.

  2. crawdada1 Crawford


  3. Marvin O’Flynn

    Sweet and highly enjoyable. Quite slim but burns slowly. Beats any Australian cigarette IMO. I chose untrackable postage and it got to me within 3 weeks from order (Sydney, Australia). Packed very nicely and even came with a few candies which was nice. Would definitely recommend to anyone and would order again from these guys!

  4. Anonymous

    first time trying clove cigarette…really good sweet strong bubble gum banana flavor …will buy again

  5. Alessandro

    If you like the taste of Kretek, so like a strong fresh taste of chewing gum or something (cannot really describe it), then these are for you, not for me.

  6. Kimberly I.


  7. Selectivity

    This cigarette has strong flavours. A slightly harsh tobacco without a lot of nuances, with a bit of the old, pleasant 1990s Marlboro “catch in the throat”. The kretek flavour is simple but very bold, and also not like the kretek flavour of any other cigarette I have tried so far. Nice crackling and a sweetened filter paper top it off. This cigarette is yet another wholly unique kretek.

    GG Professional is no longer than a regular cigarette, and is just a tiny bit slimmer. This means that it doesn´t last quite a long as the bigger kreteks, though much longer than Marlboros, etc.

    Reading the other reviews, I almost think that the GG Profs were redesigned just before I ordered mine, but everyone´s taste is different. Again, I don´t know any other kretek quite like this one. It wasn´t perfect for me, but still very interesting, very good and I really enjoyed trying it out. You should try it too, it may well be a five-star cigarette for you.

    Ciggies World are of course perfect. Speed, efficiency, solid packaging and reliability is what you get with them – probably the best online company.

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