Gudang Garam Surya 16

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Gudang Garam Surya 16

Gudang Garam Surya is the most successful premium filter cigarette in its class. The exclusive image of Surya 16 is a real reflection of excellent quality of the ingredients, expertise of blending, prestige and the art of smoking.

16 filter kretek cigarettes. 31 mg tar and 2.2 mg Nicotine.

Manufactured by Gudang Garam in Kediri, Indonesia.

Gudang Garam Surya is a filter cigarette created to reflect the dynamic spirit of youth, that is full of enthusiasm and loves life’s challenges. It is not surprising that Gudang Garam Surya 16 bearing the slogan Selera Pemberani (The Taste of Gallant) has been acknowledged as one of the prime cigarettes in Indonesia and the world. The taste of the fine blend of tobacco and clove in modern packaging is a perfect reflection of the smokers’ lifestyle.

Surya is a product of the true Indonesian spirit of enthusiasm through its perfect achievement in cigarette blend. Crafted from Indonesia’s best tobacco and finest clove, and a distinctive signature sauce, Surya brings you the ultimate richness and satisfying smoothness of Kretek Filter cigarette. Surya surely best express its unique qualities and part of today’s modern generation.

1 carton contains 10 packs. 1 pack contains 16 cigarettes

Author’s comment “The Gudang Garam Surya brand has a slightly different taste to Gudang Garam Professional/International. When you first light up this cigarette, you will notice that the clove taste is rather strong compared to the other Gudang Garam variant. The crackle from the cloves burning in the cigarette is louder too as the cloves in this Gudang Garam are not as finely ground. (You can actually see some of the cloves in the cigarette itself.) About halfway through some of the cigarettes, I got a slightly unpleasent after taste, but maybe that’s bad luck. Overall they are good, other than this flavour, I would recommend trying Gudang Garam International even though it’s a bit more expensive.”

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93 reviews for Gudang Garam Surya 16

  1. saman

    don’t know why i love this brand…

  2. Katrin

    I love to get this cloves with you – it it a plashure for me!

  3. Phillip

    It’s amazing how consistent ciggiesworld is. Fast shipping to CA USA. Cigs were great. I like the suyra more than the surya premium but they were still amazing cigarettes. For daily smokes go with the normal suyra. For the special occasion the premiums are better. Just a bit smoother. Amazing stuff. 5/5 for both.

  4. Randy

    Excellent rich flavor. Strong but very smooth and tasty. First one of the day gives a good buzz and great to end the day with, long drives, burns for 20mins. Crackles and pops like a firecracker, burned a couple holes in my clothes but I can’t stop smoking it. The best cigarettes, must try! Customer service is great too!

  5. Anthony Seneck

    A nice stout smoke from the GG house up there but still prefer the internationals. Has a stronger flavor than the exclusive. Smooth smoke. May order another pack or 2 down the road to break up my line up

  6. Verified Buyer

    Probably the smoothest out of the strong kreteks out there.

  7. Anonymous

    big crackling clove cigarette that will burn your clothes. Delicious

  8. Moazzam Ahmed


  9. Glen M.

    Great seller!

  10. Stefan

    Many Thanks again for the great cigarette! I am a lucky Customer from Germany! 🙂

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