Djarum Cigarillos

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Djarum Cigarillos – Finest Kretek Cigarillos – For world smokers who dare try a new experience in cigars.

Djarum Cigarillos yields the experience of a quality cigar thanks to its special blend of cloves and tobacco. Distinct from a Cuban or Caribbean cigar, its unique taste delivers a satisfaction all its own.

It is the first clove cigarillo in the world and as such is an adventure fit for the true connoisseur.

A customized mixture of Indonesian, Cuban and Brazilian tobacco is balanced against one hundred percent Indonesian high grade cloves.

All this, delivered at a very competitive price, makes Djarum Cigarillos an instant winner in its category.

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18 reviews for Djarum Cigarillos

  1. Nikk Beach

    Great products, packaging and payment felt sketchy – but hey! Great price and service!

  2. Ivan

    Oh man, these were amazing! For the price you get a very decent cigarillo blunt with much aroma and such flavor:)

  3. bchager

    I enjoyed smoking these. They have a nice, strong, clove smell to them. When lighting them I could taste the clove on my lips before they were lit. They are also very smooth; smooth enough that I was able to inhale a bit of each drag without feeling any harshness or getting a headache afterwards. Seemed like a natural thing to do given that they aren’t too much bigger than cigarettes. They ARE cigarillos though; not to be mistaken for clove cigarettes. They definitely have a cigar taste and smell as well.

  4. Anonymous


  5. ethan.stamp

    These are really good, it doesn’t taste as strong as djarum blacks when it comes to the cloves, but its really good and not overwhelming. The usual cigar taste is there and mixed with the cloves its great!!

    Really well packaged and individually wrapped. I love the pack design as well.

    Definitely worth a buy.

    Well done Ciggiesworld (2 weeks to UK) 11/10

  6. Anonymous

    Very nice and cheap cigarillos

  7. Anonymous

    They’re good, but I prefer cigarettes.

  8. Stephanie

    It tastes similar to djarum black but can last more than 7min! Really awesome taste, but please don’t try to inhale it. I tried to inhale once and got some hard feeling in my lung.(a cigarillo is not suppose to inhale) overall, not bad. But six per box are not enough for me lol.

  9. clearwaterkeith1

    Very good really happy with the purchase

  10. Sophia

    Very smooth- love the fruitiness πŸ™‚

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