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Gudang Garam Surya Exclusive – As a token of appreciation for true kretek cigarette lovers, Surya Exclusive is dedicated to those who have achieved the best things in life. The full flavor taste that come from the finest selected clove and tobacco makes Surya Exclusive the right choice for those who crave the best experience in enjoying kretek cigarette.

Gudang Garam Surya is the most successful premium filter cigarette in its class. The exclusive image of Surya 16 is a real reflection of excellent quality of the ingredients, expertise of blending, prestige and the art of smoking. 30 Mg Tar and 1.8 Mg Nicotine.

1 carton contains 10 packs. 1 pack contains 16 cigarettes

Author’s comment “The Gudang Garam Surya brand has a slightly different taste to Gudang Garam Professional/International. When you first light up this cigarette, you will notice that the clove taste is rather strong compared to the other Gudang Garam variant. The crackle from the cloves burning in the cigarette is louder too as the cloves in this Gudang Garam are not as finely ground. (You can actually see some of the cloves in the cigarette itself.) About halfway through some of the cigarettes, I got a slightly unpleasent after taste, but maybe that’s bad luck. Overall they are good, other than this flavour, I would recommend trying Gudang Garam International even though it’s a bit more expensive.”

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15 reviews for Gudang Garam Surya Exclusive

  1. Phillip

    It’s amazing how consistent ciggiesworld is. Fast shipping to CA USA. Cigs were great. I like the suyra more than the surya premium but they were still amazing cigarettes. For daily smokes go with the normal suyra. For the special occasion the premiums are better. Just a bit smoother. Amazing stuff. 5/5 for both.

  2. Anonymous


  3. Anthony Seneck

    These are good wish I could give it more of a 3.5 or 3.75 star but don’t want to put it at 4 stars. Its a good smoke just im not sure if it was just my pack or because of the size of the cloves but when smoking these I noticed the clove flavor wasn’t as big as I was expecting probably the least out of the GG’S I’ve tried (Surya, professional, Surya exclusive, international and the unfiltered king-size premium). The original Surya seems to have more of the clove flavor and taste than the exclusive still worth a try.


    First of all let me tell you, the shipment was awesome. BIG THANKS, 15 days from the day I placed the order and the package was here in Portugal.(with regular mail option)

    Secondly, the product, it is really cool but I gave 4 starts as it was a little bit too sweet for me.

  5. Julia

    Special Clove Smoking

  6. Cr34npc

    These are very literally sweet. While the taste may not be as complex as a super… Its way smoother and has a really good unique taste. Might in fact be the sweetest all around that ive ever tried. I couldnt make up my mind about these at first but after smoking a couple im definitely loving them. Most kreteks or any cigs with a sweet or dipped filter you lick ur lips a couple times and then its gone but for some reason these stay sweet even smoked down to the end. Maybe the filter is made of candy or pure sugar, idk ill write another review after I try to eat a filter. Seriously though if you like a sweet full flavor kretek and havent tried these you are cheating yourself.
    Ciggiesworld is cheating me out of all my money by selling all these great things been a customer for about two plus years… i got my favorites i try to get with every order and then i got so many i want to try. Because of that ive made 5 big orders past two months!!! Arg… thanks for reeling in this compulsive buyer!!!

  7. Spencer B.

    I just like it stronger but these are a great medium flavor if that is your taste.



  9. antonelloloddo2

    abbastanza buone

  10. N.N

    Gudang Garam Surya Exclusive’s were, frankly, a bit of a let down. It feels like GG were trying too hard to make a Djarum Super-like product with this one, and the results are not necessarily bad, but just a bit weird for my personal taste.

    Taste and preference differ from person to person, so give it a try and decide for yourself. I didn’t find them particularly strong, despite the 1.8mg Nicotine/30mg Tar label, however, these cigarettes have that unique kretek flavour and characteristics (strong body, spicy flavour, loud crackle when puffed,) making this a cigarette you should definitely try.

    For someone who grew up smoking GG Surya 16’s (which are uniquely strong, flavoursome GG smokes), I now prefer GG Professional’s, GG Surya 16’s, and Djarum Super’s. GG Surya Exclusive, in my opinion, doesn’t quite have that familiar flavour of the unique GG taste present in GG Professionals and Surya 16’s, which is why it doesn’t do the job for me. Give it a try though if you want, and decide for yourself!

    Also, big shoutout to Jeffrey from CiggiesWorld, who was kind enough to accommodate me and my shipping requirements during a troubled time a few weeks back. Forever grateful to you Sir! Keep up the excellent work!

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