Djarum L.A Bold

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LA Bold is the newest addition to the LA Lights Family, innovated from the most precise technology to give you the best ideal size and look with a SMOOTH and BOLD taste.

Djarum L.A Bold. 20 clove cigarettes. 15 mg tar and 1.0 mg nicotine.

Made by Djarum Kudus, Indonesia.

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4 reviews for Djarum L.A Bold

  1. mariano

    I find these L.A. Bold Kretek Cigarettes a bit mild for my taste. I can taste the clove and that is a plus but I am more used to Drarum Black and the heavier blend.

    This would have been a good choice for those who prefer lighter kreteks.

  2. Jason (Australia)

    Even though classed as a mild kretek, these for me still pack a punch. Flavoursome with a reasonable body, and the package design is superb. Just ignore the conflict in description, these are great value as there are DEFINITELY 20 in a pack. Will order again for sure. Thanks Ciggies World!

  3. DS

    These are really good and mild. I thought because it said LA Bold, they would be strong. But they aren’t. Very mild and smooth. Also economical as there are 20 per pack. Only ones I really know that do this. Most kreteks are 16 or 12 to a pack. These are white in color with a black package. Sweet tipped and typical clove pop and feel to them. Really good quality and smoothness. Well worth it, especially with the 20 count per pack. Djarum didn’t disappoint. Will be ordering these again. Again, mild with good body. Can’t beat em.

  4. Anonymous

    Very good.

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