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Camel White – Clove Cigarettes

Over 100 years of knowledge in creating the finest Camel tobaccos, now enhanced with the flavors of Indonesia cloves for a refined smoking experience.

Seeking authentic experience since 1913

16 mild clove cigarettes. 14 mg of tar and 1.0 mg of nicotine.

This brand is discontinued. You can try other Camel clove cigarettes here.


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5 reviews for Camel Mild – Clove Cigarettes

Based on 5 reviews
  1. Jon snoo

    So i tried these knowing nothing of them i bought them on a gamble. Turned out as clove cigs they are terrible and not clove like enough for my taste. But as regular cigs. I actually like the flavor i found it pleasant. The box is weird it opens fro. The si Dee e fyi

  2. Dave S

    Really like these. Light clove taste and very mild. Definitely a mild cigarette. It is clove but lightly flavored. The box opens from the side. Very strange so be careful when you open it. They are long and thin. I like the flavor and mildness of them. They are good.

  3. David S.

    Weird box to open by the side. But good tasting clove kretek. Mild and smooth.

  4. tituxinas

    The opening of the pack is the best part of it. Smoking these i feel like smoking regular tobacco cigs with a sweet filter, there is just not enough clove in these, but still, they are decent and worth the money.

  5. Jordan

    It’s exactly as it says mild clove with high quality tobacco. They are okay enough to where I am surprised that I am thinking of getting another pack.

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