Sampoerna Avolution Menthol

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Sampoerna Avolution is the new mild generation. Using the finest ingredients with new technologies to give you the rich taste that only Sampoerna can deliver.

1.0 Mg Nicotine 14 Mg Tar.

1 carton contains 10 packs.

1 pack contains 16 cigarettes.

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Weight30 g

17 reviews for Sampoerna Avolution Menthol

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  1. Rachmaninov

    These are the second kreteks I have ever tried, the first being the A Milds. Gotta say these are brilliant for their size! Great flavour and smoke, and they smell amazing, both unlit and lit! As a casual smoker, I can say that non-smokers will find this pleasant unlike traditional cigarettes – the smoke off these is very sweet, even more so than the A Milds. The menthol is barely noticeable when unlit, but it produces a great, natural tasting hint of mint upon smoking. Great subtle menthol taste and long lasting cooling sensation…ultra smooth too!

    Yet to try the other menthol kreteks…but pretty sure this is up there with the best! Great balance in flavours. Thanks CiggiesWorld, really fast shipping!

  2. omar

    When I receive my parcel, this little stuff really caught my attention. Metallic covering with columnar shapes. Easy to carry and taste really good. Although I think the clove taste is not strong enough, it get a nice hint of menthol and sugary taste on lip after you smoke. Btw, Fantastic design on cigs!

  3. Jennifer

    If you like clove and menthol you will love these. They are wonderful and this web site is the best place to buy from with fast shipping.

  4. Nickolas

    Ok so i only ordered the Avolution menthol because of how much i loved the Sampoerna A mild menthol, and because i wanted to try something else that could be just as good but different. The Avolution Box is cool and unique and so are the kreteks themselves. what i mean by that is the Kreteks are super super slim. The kretek also has a double perforated filter, which would more than likely classify these as a light kretek. and they really are. With the combination of the size (how slim they are) and the perforations this kretek produces the lightest airiest body of any kretek I’ve smoked. for someone who enjoys lights these have a perfect body for a light. I personally don’t love that, as they almost feel like I’m not even inhaling anything. However the taste of these is great, the menthol is just right, and the filter has the perfect amount of sweetness from the spray or dip. Overall the kretek is an enjoyable experience no matter what, but its definitely made for someone who’s looking for a lighter body menthol kretek. I prefer to smoke these as the last smoke of the night, when maybe I’m not as ready for a heavy hitting kretek and prefer something light to end the day on. The perfect choice if your looking for a lighter menthol kretek.

  5. diego

    Arrived on time and in perfect condition, thank you πŸ™‚

  6. misako watanabe

    Very Smooth & Flavor.

  7. Mayco

    I’ve been Sampoerna’s fans since in the 90s. Stopped smoking since year 2000 cause I can’t just smoke anything other than Sampoerna and in the country that I reside, they don’t have Sampoerna.
    After so long, I tasted Sampoerna again, still loving it! πŸ™‚

  8. Nicolas Atkins

    I order 4-5 times a year and every time i’m 100% satisfied. very reliable and affordable. would recommend to anyone right away!

  9. Manuela

    everything great

  10. cheryl d.

    Packed really well delivery super fast

  11. William F.

    very good for a short smoke

  12. Anonymous

    smooth, not too overpowering, didn’t leave me feeling stinky

  13. Billie Jean T.

    Dainty and fun to smoke. Good taste. Next time I’ll get the ones that are not menthol

  14. Nick

    Among the many brands of cigarettes in China, US and Indonesia I have tried, this is the best. Smooth, flavorful and sweet. It has a body similar to Newport or Marlboro Lights. Whatever the tobacco spice mix is, it’s working. This is especially true when mixed with menthol, without the need of a ball in filter, which simply coats the smoke and pull; a bad blending of flavor.

  15. Kyle

    Very good menthol super slim. Worth the buy.

  16. Andrew

    These are a guilty pleasure.

  17. haruhiko

    Gooooood Taste!!

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