ESSE Berry Pop – Clove Cigarette

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ESSE Berry Pop – Click for berry-mint and kretek flavor.

16 Kretek cigarettes with berry-mint capsule.

15 Mg of Tar and 0.9 Mg of Nicotine. Image of Esse Pop Wallpaper

Esse Pop Kretek Clove Cigarettes

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Weight33 g

38 reviews for ESSE Berry Pop – Clove Cigarette

  1. Dylan

    They taste pretty weak to me and leave this weird cough syrup taste on your lips every time you take a drag. Other people seem to love them though so don’t let my opinion stop you if they seem interesting to you.

  2. Joseph


  3. Stéphane Barbara

    excellente flaveur

  4. Anonymous

    flavor is really sweet, it lingers on your lips

  5. neiriz behizad

    All tasted like yucky clover cigarettes. And the filters for some reason have flavour too. Not good at all.

  6. mastercylinder69

    The mildest clove cigarette I’ve tasted out of maybe a dozen I ordered. The sugar filter makes it even smoother so you can enjoy them at the pace of a regular cigarette.

  7. DS

    These are my favorite kretek. Once you crush the flavor crystal (like a camel crush) you can taste the grape/berry flavoring coming out. Also some mint. Coupled with the clove oils and a sweetened tip you are in for a variety of flavors in your mouth!! Really good. Mild and enjoyable. The grape/berry is very good. It made it worth the little higher price tag. Will get again!!!

  8. asciibyxoxoxo

    They’re really good, not your traditional menthol flavor and the berry is delectable. Problem was they gave me a wicked headache >.< But that's just me, I'm allergic to a lot of things.

  9. addikted2

    This my second order & I love these cigarettes. I always buy them when I am in Indonesia,I usually pay under $2 a packet.
    1st order I didn’t pay tax but second order I paid tax. Waiting on 3rd order will see if I have to pay tax. Good Company to order from. Thank you

  10. Anonymous


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