Djarum L.A Ice

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Djarum L.A Ice – Quality blend perfected with Energice™ technology will give you the ultimate icy fresh sensation.

Launched in 2013, L.A. Ice is starting to gain its popularity among the young and modern. It also brings a totally new perspective of ICE cigarettes and took it to a whole another level. With its smooth and icy taste, developed with our fine Energice™ technology will leave you craving for more and more.

Djarum L.A Ice. 16 menthol clove cigarettes. 15 Mg TAR and 1.0 Mg nicotine.

Made by Djarum Kudus, Indonesia.

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15 reviews for Djarum L.A Ice

Based on 15 reviews
  1. cr34npc

    These surprised me…. Since djarums la lights line already has the menthol lights i was expecting these to be overpoweringly menthol… Especially with the word ice in the name. But these suit me better than their normal la lights… The menthol is turned up just a notch like if the la menthol lights were a 4 out of 10(on intensity of menthol) then these would be maybe 5.5 out of 10. The sweetness and flavor is there but these seem just slightly less sweet which seems to suit my taste very well… Anyways ive still some to try but right now its gg shiver at the top of the light menthol kreteks for me at least but these are definitely worth trying if you like menthol.

  2. DS

    These are just like Djarum LA menthols only it’s more like peppermint. It has blue lettering at top instead of green. Very smooth and good quality smoke. Great smell to them. Again just more peppermint then menthol. Really good. Will be getting more.

  3. Cynthia

    Very cool menthol flavor, light to medium smoke pull.

  4. Ange

    Love your work, totally recommend CiggiesWorld.

  5. Efren

    It was alright

  6. Anonymous

    Excellent service

  7. William F.

    my “go to” cigarette – the best over-all flavor of menthol

  8. Lisa N.

    High price

  9. Scott Taylor

    The LA ICES are something New to me but I actually love them! A refreshing taste! Thank You!

  10. Scott Taylor

    L. A. Ices are very much satisfying cigarettes. I will always continue to purchase them!

  11. Scott Taylor

    I love these. Gives a refreshing taste.

  12. Scott Taylor

    A very refreshing, minty taste. Love them!

  13. Scott Taylor

    Very Satisfied!!

  14. Ange Chaney

    As a menthol smoker these are perfect, you get the yummy clove smell and flavour with the menthol, these are our favourites.

  15. Levi C.

    Delivery was slow, but it was worth the wait

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