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Djarum Black Kretek Clove Cigarettes Reminiscence

Sophistication, modernity, boldness, Djarum Black is made of the finest natural grown cloves and tobacco, with a spicy aromatic taste. Djarum Black is internationally recognized for its blend of the finest tobaccos and cloves in unique black wrapping.

With 25 Mg Tar and 1.6 Mg Nicotine, give you the real Indonesian cigarettes.

1 carton contains 10 packs. 1 pack contains 16 cigarettes. All cigarettes sold in store are Non FSC.

Djarum Black is a filtered kretek cigarette known for its spicy, bold taste and aroma. The finest natural-grown tobacco and cloves are combined with a specially designed concoction of additional enhancements to create its distinctive spicy punch. Djarum Black Regular was the first kretek cigarette to feature a black paper wrapper.

Since launching in 2001, the Djarum Black series has become synonymous with innovation. The product series, which began with the Djarum Black Regular, has since launched several other popular variants. Its reputation as a smart, unique and creative brand swiftly gained in popularity among the modern crowd.

Djarum Black exudes sophistication, modernity and boldness. This black paper kretek cigarette is much-loved by kretek fans.

Author’s comment “Djarum Black is a very well known world-wide brand, and you can find them in many different styles and sizes. This Djarum is one of our favourites because of it’s distinctive black box. The cigarettes themselves are black too, so if you’re trying for a gunfighter image, this might be the smoke for you. The cigarette is heavily flavored with clove…you can even taste it on the paper before you light up. We found the aroma and taste quite pleasant, although a little much for smoking steadily, day in and day out. Rather like an after-dinner liquor…you probably wouldn’t want it as a constant diet, but for a once-in-a-while change, it’s rather good. The tobacco in the Djarum Black is mostly dark leaf…some of the shreds were nearly black. It is packed very tightly. In fact, we could not compress it at all by tamping. (The first time we’ve run into that.) It is slightly longer than king size, but also slightly more slender. Be careful when you light up…the combination of the clove and slightly stronger tobacco flavor can give you a bit of a coughing reaction, but if you adjust your inhaling accordingly you will definitely like it. The combination of tightly packed tobacco and smaller drags make this one very slow burning. Make sure you’ve got a few minutes if you plan to finish it.”

Djarum Black is the first clove cigarette in the world that uses black wrapper. Launched in 2000, Djarum Black offers a very unusual innovation in Indonesia, tar levels above 20mg with slim body and black wrapper. Djarum Black is a primadonna in the world of cigarettes in Indonesia, where in this case Djarum Black is actually a product intended for export only. With kretek flavor adjustments that tend to be accepted by many people, especially foreign consumers. Djarum Black  is able to thirive in foreign market because there are still many clove cigarette enthusiasts who are happy with the unique taste offered by this superbly crafted kretek. With a dominant taste of cinnamon that is unique and rarely used in cigarettes that offer such flavor. Djarum itself according to Euromonitor report in 2016 controlled the market in general as much as 12.40% where the biggest sales still held by Djarum Super. Djarum Black can be said is Djarum’s first portfolio in the segment “niche” where in general they like cigarettes that can be said to have uniqueness and also a different taste when compared to other clove cigarettes in domestic market.

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Weight35 g

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348 reviews for Djarum Black

Based on 348 reviews
  1. Kawai

    I received my parcel today, and wish to thank you for your communications, expedient delivery and attention to Customer Satisfaction. Due to your attention to detail and commitment to excellence, you have a new-found client in me!

  2. Unknown

    I just wanted to say how much I LOVE your products! I have already had two successful purchases and have been beyond pleased with not only the quality products but also the wonderful customer service! I have recommended your site to all of my friends and about to make a third purchase so I can give everyone samples so they can order some for the upcoming holidays. The delivery is very fast given other sites can take months to get your merchandise yet yours gets to me in a matter of 2 business day weeks! It’s wonderful! You have surpassed my expectations and will have a quality customer for life! Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job and providing me with the products I so crave that I can no longer purchase in the states. And for having such reasonable prices. You are absolutely wonderful!

  3. Unknown

    I also wanted to commend you on your prompt replies and say that I absolutely LOVE that with each purchase you provide tracking information so I can be notified of each place my order is located and have a good estmate of when it will be arriving. Keep up the wonderful work!

  4. Geovanni

    Thanks again for existing and for being #1 tobacco sellers. :] Keep up the great work.

  5. S.Miller

    i’am a new and happy customer i received my order in record time, thank you. i have been ordering from another company but i have gotten very tired of waiting sometimes over two months and receiving them in bits and pieces. again i want to thank you very much.

  6. A.Miller

    Thank you so much for your prompt response! You are awesome! Best Wishes to you!!!

  7. Paulie

    You guys are the best, as always. I can’t get this quality stuff in the US! =)

  8. Marda

    I was skeptical of this site but to my surprise everything was legit! Thank you for your speedy service!!! I bought a carton of Djarum Blacks and received the package in less than 7 days! The quality is amazing. I wont smoke anything thing else but DJ’so I will be ordering again soon!

  9. J.Clark

    Thank you so much for the fast shipping!!

  10. Sudjar

    Thank you so much! Got mine about 10 days after ordering. I’ve missed these so much, and now I can get them again! Best things ever. Thank you!

  11. Devinne

    Thank you very much for the phone call and text for the reminder to pick up the parcel. I will be picking up the package tomorrow at the post office. It was closed today due to Presidents Day. You guys are the best!

  12. ARIN

    Great product, incredible shipping. The price is just right, too. I’ve missed these so much, and I am so glad I can get them again. I love it.

  13. McArthur J.

    Thank you for the best customer services you provided, Appreciated !!

  14. Nikk

    I picked up my parcel this morning. I didn’t realize it was going to arrive on Saturday. I love love love your fast shipping! 🙂

  15. CKH

    I was skeptical about ordering from abroad, but to anyone else who is wondering, YES, I received my ten packs of djarum black. The price was cheap and the shipping was fast, and I’m so exicted to be able to enjoy my cloves again. Thank you so, so SO much!!!

  16. Good memories

    these were the first cigarettess i ever smoked and i’ll never forget that experience. although if the FDA is reading this, these aren’t the cigs that got me addicted! since apparently that’s the ideology behind the new ban. anyway, i smoked these for the first time in switzerland during a school trip to europe when my friend offered me one. the black paper and wonderful clove aroma was so enticing. if you’ve ever had juicy fruit gum, that’s what these smell like. now multiply that smell by 10 and that’s what they taste like 😀 this cig will always be special to me since it was of course my first. they will bring wonderful memories to you too. cheers!

  17. Natal

    A good introduction to the world of kreteks, but often misjudged for what a kretek tastes like. “Often popularized by teenagers in North American countries who try to look cool by smoking alternative black cigarettes.” This misconception leads people to believe that kreteks are inferior to regular smokes. Djarum Blacks are one of the weaker/tasteless kreteks I have smoked. It was my first and I liked it for a bit. After sampling with around 16 or 17 brands, I settled on Gudang Garam Professional. There are plenty of good kreteks out there from Gudang Garam, Sampoerna, Bentoel etc. Don’t misjudge Blacks as being the standard of kreteks. They are a wonderful product and getting a good flavour profile takes some work. Think of it like cooking; without a good blend of spices and sweetness, the dish will fail.

  18. Puddlecup

    AHHHH The world-famous Djarum Black. Unfortunately, I had no interest in clove cigarettes until I heard the news that it was banned in the US (along with all other flavored cigarettes other than menthol, obviously). I always just assumed that these black cigarettes were appealing to goths simply because it matched their wardrobe, not because of the flavor or anything (seriously, cloves???). I’m extremely glad that I decided to give these a try, though. I mean, the color is pretty damn cool in itself, actually. I’m a sucker for cigarettes in hues other than the typical white and brown filter. Now, the taste is… really polarizing, but I bet most people would enjoy it. It tastes exactly how the spice smells when being cooked. It’s sweet, spicy, and reminds me of the warm days of Christmas. 😀 The filter itself is sweet, leaving your lips oh-so lickable. Also, a cool thing about these cigarettes is that it numbs your tongue. Anyway, in terms of strength, these are certainly very strong, though that’s more for the throat hit and stuff. I practically get no buzz from these whatsoever, even though the nicotine levels are through the roof (1.6 mg, compared to, say, Marlboro Reds, which have 0.8 mg). Still, more than one of these and I do feel fairly sick afterward, mainly because these things burn extremely slowly. Make sure you have at least 10 minutes to spare. These are meant to be savored! The black has replace my regular smokes, and I do keep a pack with me wherever I go. These definitely have a BAMF factor, though they’re still not as cool as Luckies… ;]

  19. Ari

    Best cigarettes ever!! I loved the fast shipping and the simple easy-to-read/easy-to-follow guidelines on the site 🙂
    Keep up the great work! I will definitely be back to buy more!!

  20. C Martinez

    Thank you so much for the lighter! I love it! You guys really are the best!

  21. AJ

    First order!

    Was wary about handing out my bank info, but these guys pulled through.. only 2 weeks shipping to North America with their cheapest $5 shipping! Cigs are FRESH and TASTY.

    Thanks! Just earned a loyal customer 🙂

  22. Remliel

    This site is true, I started ordering black’s after the ban hit the US. They have never let me down, my packages always arrive of time (of course, I pay the 16 bucks for a tracking code and speedy delivery). The 2 cons are price and # of cigarettes per pack (only 16).

  23. Mista Lonzo

    Taste just like I remember before they were “banned” in the colonies.. you’ll only get 16 smokes per pack instead of the 20 but they are still a great convo starter in the club life.

  24. RW

    Whats great is the taste is not paery or sulfury, just nice and spice like.

  25. kevin

    Hi clove lovers,
    Have wanted to order some smokes for so long now!!! And found ciggies world took the plung and placed my order 1 carton Black NOTE I like the specials But they are no longer in the picture. placed my order and had it in hand within 10 days awasome. 1st real cloves that I have had for what must be 3 years now. I have been rolling my own grind clove little cinniom, nutmeg sweeten the filter got me by. Have to note I will not be rolling my own now
    since I found cigg’s
    Thanks for the great service Jeff.
    I have smoked the clove since 1990.
    I ‘am 52 yrs and love the sweet taste
    Thanks again.

  26. C Hatfield

    Hi Ciggies World Customer Service;

    I recieved your package today which is 07/23/2012. You did a good job. I will order more when my Super Djarum out. Thanks.

  27. Brossovitch

    It’s been so long since I’ve had a pack of Djarum BLACKs. These the rich and sweet smoke that I remember. They are much thinner than other varieties, but slow burning. Definitely not the best DJARUM but very good. They compliment rum based drinks very well. CIGGIESWORLD is a godsend. Thank you CIGGIESWORLD!

  28. Akuang

    fresh and that is key…

  29. Yolando

    Djarum Black are some of the richest, tastiest smokes out there. Slow burning and smell great.

    On top of that, with the cheapest shipping option they still arrived in just eight days!

  30. Rex

    This has been the best most smoothest tastily Kretek cigarettes. It arrived here in the United States only in one week. I Am ordering 3 more cartons as we speak WOOT WOOT

  31. Minsky

    Ordered a box of delicious djarum blacks and they arrived within a week. Brought back so many memories of Indo. I would highly recommend getting your djarums here!! Great service and very quick delivery!!

  32. Kayui

    Got the Djarum Blakcs today, Couldn’t be any happier!
    Thanks so much!

  33. luke

    i expected a small if ANY form of throat kick because of the massive amounts of tar contained within these, there is none. flavor is very impressive however!

  34. Steve

    Sweeter, spicier, easier to draw, more clove snap than the American. Great for people who want a little less sweet than, say, Gudang Guram Proffessionals. The service is good, too. Having been ripped off by, I really appreciate the service.

  35. Paneroi

    Thank You, order received very happy, nice packing also, will order again, and excellent customer service.

  36. Roy

    I loved the US Djarum Black Cherry cigars, but they can’t compare to the real authentic imported originals.

  37. Jack

    Love these it’s a shame they are banned here in the US.

  38. Jo P

    I have had blacks in the past, when i lived in michigan they are sold in stores. but now that i have moved i couldnt find them any where!! im so glad to stumble upon ciggies!! not only are they at a afordble price but thees tast fresher then the ones i remember from home 😀

  39. Matt

    Items came in on time to Pacific NW area, no problems. Thanks CW

  40. JW

    Every time I order from CiggiesWorld, I get exactly what I ordered, at exactly correct price, with speedy service. Customer service is the best! My favorite is Bali Hai and they can still get a very rare pack for me.

  41. LUCKY

    That was what I ordered my 1st time, That was one year ago, 6/14/12 Just found outCiggies World!!! That was # 2559 It took awhile to get my smokes BUT NOT ON THERE PART AT ALL
    Can’t ask for anything more Now order 2 that’s
    six cartons , come to me within 10m days
    P.S. Take advantage of the 15% off on three
    great deal. Any how still here after 1yr

    KEVIN TOSEL 6/6/2013 12:54 AM
    HAVE A GREAT DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Lourivr

    Bonjour !, et merci pour l’attention et le temps consacré.

  43. Asmini

    Quick shipping, excellent customer service…thank goodness I can have my cloves in the US!

  44. ogidni

    palvelu on erinomaista, ja blackit ehdottomasti parhaimpia savukkeita mitä olen ikinä polttanut.

    Exellent service, and the D blacks are one of the best cigarettes i have ever smoked.

  45. Zo

    I was amazed to get my carton of Djarum Black in pristine condition. The shipment arrived very fast and was the same as I remember. I have been waiting since 2009 to enjoy these and CiggiesWorld did not dissapoint! I instantly regretted not ordering more. If you are an American and in doubt as to whether or not you should buy from this site, do it. You will not regret it!

  46. Barry

    Completely satisfied with my order from ciggiesworld. will be ordering again!

  47. Andia

    Just received my carton of Djarum Blacks in Australia. I really love these cigarettes they taste great and look amazing.

    They arrived fast but sadly Aussie customs held them up for 5 days and made me pay tax. A small price to pay though for these cigarettes and also the packet is a nice change from the plain packs we have over here.

    Buy this product if you want a nice full flavoured Kretek but if you live in Australia, try and keep it under 5 packs or you will most likely be taxed.

  48. Daanii

    3 packs of these bad boys came in my mail, less than a week after I ordered them! They smell absolutely great! I haven’t had a chance to smoke one yet! but I take Dan’s (realcigreview)word that these are good Kretek Cigarettes! 🙂

  49. Midi

    I just received my package today (Post office delay, not yours) and I wanted to tell you that it was packaged wonderfully. Very secure, please pass my compliments to your warehouse staffs.

  50. Bob

    I was impressed by the level of packaging and care, my pack arrived from across the world without as much as a wrinkle!

  51. Colorado Dude

    I paid AUG 27, Received SEPT 3 here in Colorado Springs. Thanks so much guys!!!! I ordered a carton and loved the packaging, very original. These are great cigs. They smell great, very smooth. Just order them already, if you don’t like them send them to me….Thanks again ciggiesworld! I will be ordering again soon.

  52. Eliah

    Ordered as registered mail and quickly arrived on East Coast of US. Packaging was secure and well done. Djarum Blacks are flavorful, with good balance between spice and sweet. They aren’t harsh and have a nice aroma to accompany a good smoke.

  53. Rachmaninov

    An excellent kretek cigarette, though thinking of the damage done from 25mg of tar can be a little deterring to want to smoke these regularly!

    The flavour is great, very aromatic and sweet, though not as sweet or as powerful in terms of smoke as Gudang Guram Professionals. Very, very smooth on the inhale, and it is definitely something to enjoy after a good meal!

    Again, great service from CiggiesWorld! Excellent customer service and packaging!!

  54. Mike

    These guys deliver and do it quick…
    Thanks for your wonderful service…
    recommend them to all..

  55. brandon

    Very sweet filters these are great and the Aroma is not overpowering like most cigarettes definetly would recommend them to anybody that likes a new experience and wants to try something different my favorite is still the djarum supers but the djarum blacks do not disappoint either

  56. Garrett

    Fantastic as always. Just as delicious as I remember. Got here incredibly fast

  57. Industrial Goth

    I used to buy these when they sold in the U.S. They’re great cigarettes! Ciggies World had them to me very fast and in great shape out here in Colorado! Thank you Ciggies World!

  58. Jessica Cochran

    I smoked djarum blacks briefly when I was younger and was very happy with them. I don’t smoke anything else. When the ban took place and all Djarum Blacks sold in America switched to the cigar brands, I was very unhappy. The cigars are absolutely nothing like the cigarettes. I was skeptical to buy online but chanced it from I received my items promptly, the cigarettes were much more than I had hoped for. The taste is beautiful, smooth and not too overwhelming. I am very pleased with both the product and the service I received. I will be a repeat customer.

  59. Chris

    real delicious kretek cigarettes with a sweet taste aroma….a big thanks to Ciggies World for everything and the fast shipping….

  60. Eundo

    they work with you. thank you very much CIggies World. i would recommend them to my friends.

  61. Satisfied Smoker

    Everything about this kretek is top notch. The taste, the look, the aroma, the body and it’s a guaranteed conversational piece. Shipping was A+ and I’ll definitely be ordering again. Ciggies World!!

  62. Lori Tlatelpa

    I love the Djarum brand they are so smooth! I wish that the Black Slimz were still available, love those!!

  63. Meccah Dawn

    The website is user friendly, Easy ordering process, and My package was delivered in a timely manner. I have ordered several times and I have no complaints…Very Happy with this company.

  64. Telutano Herdens

    Arguably the most iconic clove cigarette out there. I prefer other brands, but keep coming back to these on occasion because they just look so good!

  65. Jay

    Smooth and tasty. Tried other brands of Djarum and though they too are very satisfying, Djarum Black exceeds all expectations. 5 stars all the way!

  66. Liz

    The shipping was very fast. Ordered on a saturday, arrived in PA by the next friday. Just under 2 wks. Seemed to be stuck in the NY sorting hub for a while. The carton arrived in excellent condition and very discreetly. Cigs were fresh and properly wrapped.

  67. Garrett

    Nothing more to say beyond the headline. Awesome as always and shipped fast

  68. Yudi

    Price was good. Item arrived intact and at the end of the estimated shipping date. I’m not a smoker and had only had these once in the past. As far as I can tell, The cigarettes seem to be the same as the ones I bought when they were for sale in the states.

  69. nmh

    I will never smoke another cigarette again.
    Insofar as I appreciate that smoking is harmful, no one, not least those enforcing restrictive laws involving tobacco, will prevent me from having my one djarum mild a day after work.

    Totally mild, beautifully constructed and absolutely delicious. Get into them, you won’t regret it!

  70. Jack

    When I started buying kreteks, number one on my list were the Djarum Blacks. Everyone told me how great they were and how sad they were that they got banned. Having tried these and a few other cloves, I have to say I’m not the biggest Black fan.

    They kind of have a perfume taste to them that I don’t notice in other cloves and even though they hurt the lungs chain smoked, I really don’t get satisfying drags from them. :/.

    In my opinion, if you like the Blacks, LA Lights are a much better alternative. Same sweetened filter, but a better taste. If you like a heavier smoke, I recommend the Djarum Supers. Tasty.

    Anyway, nothing against the Blacks, I know some love them, but I wasn’t a huge fan. Love ciggiesworld as always.

  71. steve

    Blacks are a smooth snd flavoraful taste of greatness. Im glad i found a website that i am able to order them and that im able to still enjoy them since they have been banned from retail in usa.

  72. Mike

    I am very happy with this company. They step up and help US residence and provide access to Blacks. This is the best and only one of it’s kind. Djarum tried to make it happen with the cigars but nothing touches Black Cigs.
    Thanks again.

  73. Warkas

    I live in Florida, and typically get my order within 8 days from placing it. I have used ciggiesworld for a couple of years now, and have never been disappointed. Product is always packaged great, and I have not had any damaged packages.

  74. FL Sunflower

    Everything as described, received in the time frame provided, packaged as described, excellent communication and that first clove from the package is an experience you’ll savor. Will definitely be ordering again. Thank you!

  75. catherine

    awsome, thank you so much 😀

  76. João Spínola

    I’m a new costumer, and I couldn’t be more happy with both Ciggiesworld and with the product I’ve ordered (djarum black).
    This was my first kretek, and it was a fantastic experience, thank you Ciggiesworld

  77. Rob

    Ordered these from here since they are no longer available in the US. They arrived very quickly for an overseas order and were packaged very well. Every pack so far has been extremely fresh and taste exactly as I remember from before when you could buy them in the states! Would definitely buy from here again.

  78. Luca

    very good cigarette, full of flavour but mild at the same time, recommended for every smoker. would meet all tastes, strong and light

  79. Nick S.

    First off, let me just say that I had only ordered a single pack of Djarum Blacks, but that they arrived rather quickly and discreetly packaged.

    As to the kreteks themselves, I used to smoke Djarum Blacks quite a bit before their sale was banned in the United States, and they were excellent, but the ones I received didn’t quite taste or smoke like what I used to purchase locally. Don’t get me wrong, they were still a good smoke, but my friend and I couldn’t shake that they seemed to pale in comparison to their pre-ban counterparts.

    Bottom line, though, they were good and I will be planning on ordering more the next time around.

  80. Melody

    Super fresh. Packages arrived in a timely manner and I’ll definitely be buying from this company again.

  81. Marko

    This is a fantastic cigarette. If you enjoy smoking, and enjoy sitting back relaxing this is the cigarette for you. The all black sophisticated look of this cigarette is very appealing and very enjoyable. I love the taste and aroma of this cigarette. It’s a totally unique cigarette and a totally unique flavour.

    As a regular Dunhill smoker, I really enjoyed the change that the Djarum Black brings. I would recommend this cigarette to any smoker looking for something to enjoy on his or her day off, or simply as a regular buy for a smoker.

    You have to try it.

    Thank you CiggiesWorld for this wonderful Kretek product. I will definitely be buying more of this product. That 3 carton discount looks very appealing.

  82. Kurt

    Packaging : paquet trés classe / cigarettes trés fines et plus longues que des classiques / couleur noire

    Odeur : peu sucré, assez épicé

    Gout : filtre un peu sucré / dosage parfait tabac-girofle avec un certain côté épicé / pas de côté “euphorisant”

    Fumée : un peu sucrée / légère

    Durée : une dizaine de 10 minutes

    Elles sont parfaites pour être fumée de manière régulière. Trés légère, une sérieuse concurrente au Sampoerna A-Mild !

    Ciggiesworld : réponses au mail, envoie en France rapide (<1 mois), avec suivi, sécurisé, et discret (pas de douanes). Le TOP !

  83. Kusdiantoro

    This is the first kretek I tried, enjoy the burning sounds and aromatic taste. Go down smooth and refreshing. But the nicotine and tar level is a bit high to me, going to try the “healthier” djarum mild. I probably will buy this again as the black colour really cool!!!! And gonna enjoy them in some special moment spending with fd:)

  84. Rae

    The company as a whole provides great service and responds to all your emails in a timely professional manner.
    As for the Djarum Blacks… if you’ve never tried one, I’m definitely not going to spoil the experience for you. I will say, Every time I’ve smoked one in public, I gain new friends and meet new people. I ordered more cartons and will continue to do so to go along with my collection.

  85. Selectivity

    My first review, and my first kretek.

    Ciggies World handles everything flawlessly. I live in Sweden, and I simply place my order, pay my money, and after 8-10 days or so, I have my Indonesian cigarettes. They come in a solid, protective, multi-layered packing, and arrive in mint condition. E-mails are answered, no hidden costs… I can´t praise CW enough.

    As for the Djarum Blacks, they were sadly a disappointment for me. Smell gorgeous unlit, very sweet, clovey and sort of spice cakey. They certainly look very stylish, and crackle satisfyingly, too. They a last a lot longer than ordinary cigarettes, very nice.

    The main problem is a heavy note of certain aspects of woodsmoke that appears repeatedly when smoking them. This is not a pleasant hint of smoke in the air, coming from a cottage in winter time, either, but the components that make you want to breath out and get rid of them. The expected spiciness is there, but seemingly aiming more for intensity than quality. The cigarette paper is thicker than usual, not good. The filter tip is very sweet, but it tastes like artificial sweetener to me. These cigarettes feel unbalanced, like they have no room for subtle aromas, only competing flavours. My opinion is obviously in the minority here, and I do recommend that you try them; they have an overall taste that is their own, and most people seem to really like them.

    Again, I can´t praise CW enough. They handle everything admirably.

  86. CF

    I smoked my first kretek ~8 years ago, in the US. I loved them because they gave me a little bit of a “kick”, but I wouldn’t smoke more than three or four a day. I later moved to a part of Canada where kreteks aren’t sold (and the ones that were in the adjacent province were lousy). Then, the US regulated away the old style Djarum Blacks.

    Was talking to some friends about how we all used to enjoy Djarum products when we were younger. Looked around and found CiggiesWorld. Order arrived in 11 days from the other side of the world. Great product, just like I remembered.

    Highly recommend using these guys, I will be in the future!

  87. Donna

    WOW!! Outstanding! Arrived 5 days before New Years.
    Nice & fresh & taste fantastic! You know I’ll be back for more + other brands too. Glad I found you guys!

    Thanks & Have a Happy, Prosperous New Year!

  88. Rigo

    I was hesitant about purchasing cigarettes online but am now glad I did. I received my smokes within 2 weeks, despite it being the busy holiday season. The Djarum Blacks were just as promised, hadn’t had one in about 5 years and even better than I remember them. They were packaged neatly and very discreetly. Highly recommend this site to all. Purchase without worry.

  89. Benny

    These were honestly pretty bad, there was a bad paper taste throughout the cigarette. I don’t know if they were old or what.

  90. alcala

    I though at first that this WEDSITE was a little shady I’m not gonna lie , but I just thought what the hell I’ll give it a chance and it did take it while to get to me , but it was worth it I love them .

  91. Kim

    So happy I ordered! I will stick with you guys forever!

  92. ken

    much more satisfying than your normal standard menthol cigarettes

  93. O. Kwon

    ordered from Korea, Seoul. Ever since my American introduced me djarum cigs I’ve fell in love with them. Can’t get these in Korea which sucks so I’ll rely on ciggiesworld! Shipping took 7 days, so quick! Thanks a lot!

  94. Enson

    I’ve missed these. Used to buy them in the US on vacation. Shipping was reasonable and the price was amazing.


    this is the best of all kretek cigarettes
    nothing less nothing more simply the best

  96. very nice

    the best cigarette I have tried to date! the cloves make it extra smooth, and the high nicotine makes you relax.. also the smell is very good and doesn’t smelly bad like a normal cigarette. The wait was long, but was worth it in the end. I would definitely recommend them!

  97. Techmaster P

    was very excited to have these smokes again, as the last time i had them was before the U.S. ban. got here in the expected time frame. thanks!

  98. Jared

    My first kretek experience was, as the title states, less than I had expected. My wife used to smoke a pack a day of Djarum Specials so I thought I’d start with the Blacks, and go from there. I’m a very casual smoker, so I was surprised at the lack of, say, “potency”. Flavour was rather dull, with a very subtle clove accent. The campfire pop and hiss was an entertaining novelty, and the burn rate was even and not overly long, but if the flavour doesn’t make me smile and laugh, I’m not interested in another pack.

    I’d give it 2.5 stars if I could for being a moderately enjoyable smoke.

  99. DS

    These are black in color (very cool) slightly sweet tipped and smooth kretek mini cigarettes. Very good tasting, good quality. Djarum is true quality and these are quality and good tasting. Lots of snap, crackle, pop with these kretek cigs. I recommend trying a pack of them for sure. However I’ve discovered a similar black kretek called UP milds. They are very very similar to Djarum blacks but much cheaper in price. Do yourself a favor and get one pack of Djarum blacks and one pack of UP mild blacks and decide for yourselves. Both are good, but the UP mild blacks are much less money!!

  100. Nestor

    Compared to the ones sold here in the US these are fantastically smooth and rich!. One of the best kreteks. Definitely worth buying again

  101. JasonP(Australia)

    I`ve been a fan of these things for several years now. Rich,stylish,and exotic. Definately for the smoker who likes to celebrate the finer moments in life with moreish treat. To be savoured and appreciated for what they are:)
    Thanks Ciggies World for making these easily available for the world to enjoy!

  102. Luke

    This is a great tasting smooth taste that is worth a try!

  103. Poring

    How stylish can a cigarette get? Behold: Djarum Black. From the sleek pack to the black and gold-banded cigarette to the classy contrasting red triangle in the center of the logo, these have got to be the coolest looking smokes on the market. It’s not just aesthetics, though; they taste incredible as well. Obviously, these are not your typical cigarette: along with the tobacco, they’re packed with cloves inside, resulting in a unique flavor. It’s sweet, spicy, cinnamony, licoricey, and all that good stuff. Also, the cloves numb your mouth and throat, which reduces any harsh sensation that cigarettes typically have. The sugary filter paper is a nice touch too. And they burn slowly, so you can really savor the experience. Everything about these cigarettes is just so cool. Indonesia has the tobacco game down pat. Seriously impressed. The American Djarum Black cigarillos don’t even come close to the real deal.

  104. Shaun

    My first clove cigarette was the Djarum Black, and it was amazing. I was quite displeased when the US banned the sale of flavored cigarettes. Fear not however, for these are NOT those overpriced, lookalike, Djarum Black Cigarillos.. These ARE the legitimate Djarum ciagrettes you wish they still sold! Fast, cheap, and reliable service from Ciggies World!

  105. Jerry

    I was so happy when I found these I had craved one for the last 5 years or so
    It was very easy to order and they arrived fairly quickly
    I was worried they might be on the old side but the date on the pack was only two weeks old I have to say they were the freshest I had ever had

  106. memo licona

    I was VERY pleased with my purchase, I want to thank you for your help. The product is fresh and arrived promptly.

  107. Ken S.

    other than the really gross pictures they put on the packs now, the Djarum blacks never disappoint. That sweet after taste with each drag plus that incredible clove scent that permeates the air. I can’t light one of these up in a club without getting propositioned for one. Too bad my state along with several others are wimping out and not selling these. But in all reality, they’re cheaper to order through ciggiesWorld. I was skeptical with an international order but everything went smooth. Thank you!

  108. Dark

    I haven’t been able to enjoy the Djarum brand since they were banned for distribution in the US (thanks, Obama). After some research I discovered CiggiesWorld.

    Skeptic at first, I decided to give it a chance, and I’m glad I did.

    Delivery takes a while (international), but the package arrived timely enough and completely undamaged.

    The product was just as amazing as I remember. Highly recommend!

  109. Spencer (Ohio, USA)

    Today I received my package from ciggiesworld, and let me tell you, these guys are great. There are some scam artists out there, but not ciggiesworld. The finest cloves I have ever tasted arrived in perfect shape. It did take a few weeks, but remember, these fine smokes come from the other side of the globe. Thank you very much, and consider me a regular and loyal customer for life.

  110. Franko

    What I remember when buying these back in the day before they were changed due to US regulations, they were… for lack of better words more “potent” for example the difference between diet soda, and the original. You are buying the diet soda type. Better than nothing right? However, I do not take away that they are the best I found since 2012. I am buying a carton.

  111. Patricia

    If you like kreteks im sure you’ll love these. However, this was my first time trying them and they just weren’t my cup of tea.

  112. Albert

    This lot is great. Ordered some of these kreteks 2 weeks ago and it arrived today; I’m ecstatic. Having said that, these don’t taste the same as the originals from back in the day. They’re lovely, mind you, but as someone stated before, not as potent as the old ones. In any case, cheaper than buying an OK regular brand in DC so I’m set for life. Def. try these and this business out!

  113. Sabrina

    I love ordering from this site because the prices are great and anytime I have questions, someone always gets back to me quickly. Ciggies World has great customer service and I was so happy to finally get my Djarum Blacks since I can’t find them anywhere anymore. One Extremely Satisfied customer!!

  114. KMan

    Thank god for the personal use exemption! I was sad for several years after the nanny-state took away my beloved Djarum Blacks. Now that I’ve discovered this Person Use exemption (read: loophole), I’m thrilled again to act like the grown man I am, and buy what I want and should be allowed to do. I have several friends who have begun ordering from here, too, and they are just as satisfied! I’m not sure I agree with the reviewer who states these taste like “light” version of the cloves we used to have. I think he’s just used to the horrible cigarillo things they sell here now as an alternative, which are harsh and just not right. These give me that taste and draw that I remember. This is my third order from CiggiesWorld. The first one had delivery issue and made me nervous, but it was resolved and I got my cloves, and clearly just a fluke, because my last two orders came right in without a problem! My latest order was placed 11/23 and they arrived in Los Angeles on 12/2. A week and a half is pretty good, coming from Indonesia! And they do such a lovely job wrapping them, it’s like an early Christmas! Thanks again, CiggiesWorld! 😀

  115. CRGM( 0_0)

    This is my only purchase from “CiggiesWorld,” but MAN do they EVA BEAT your local cigs!! Not ONLY do you get a Smooth Rich and FABULOUSLY Crafted Flavor, but they look darn TooTen Cool too ;)!!! Also the price is unmatched by anything local at least a $40 save (talking about the carton)! Why don’t you throw those common cigs down!!! Blast some “Back In Black,” and get yourself some Djarum Blacks!!! Cause you deserve something as smooth as you!! ;D

  116. Ral

    Excellent service! These arrived in Australia in under two weeks with no trouble from customs, and the good folks here even applied a generous discount to my order just because the Australian dollar isn’t doing so well at the moment. Now THAT is customer service.
    These smokes are very smooth, crackle satisfyingly as you smoke them, and leave a pleasant numbing sensation on your tongue and throat.

    Will definitely be ordering some more soon! Thanks so much.

  117. MTM

    The price on the was awesome, the price to ship for this product is reasonable. It is coming from the other side of the world. It usually gets here in the time frame they state at checkout. I will continue to do business with Ciggies because they are reliable and if there is a problem, their communication is above par by far.

  118. DJD

    The Blacks are a smooth, special smoke. CiggiesWorld is a reliable provider that communicates regularly, and handles all aspects of the order with care and professionalism. I had bad experiences with others. Jeff and his team are outstanding – you order, it comes in a reasonable time and in good shape!

  119. mclaughlin

    Always a pleasure to smoke these delicious smokes.

  120. DPmaru

    First time buyer here and I was skeptical about ordering the Djarum Black’s from Ciggiesworld, but whoo! Not only are they awesome in price and service, they delivered extremely fast to here in the states.

    Will order more in the future and committed customer.


  121. Dan v.

    Been VERY long time customer … Had couple small issues but they ALWAYS come thru and fix them for me , 100% only best place get cloves from , living in USA and only smoking cloves it’s bad situation but lucky Ciggiesworld is here to correct a stupid Obama ban , thanx Ciggiesworld world keep up great job

  122. Charlotte

    I highly recommend these, they’re never a dissappointment.

  123. DJS

    These are my favorite Djarum kreteks. Something about the black paper makes it better tasting over the white paper ones. I don’t know why. Very smooth and flavorful. Sweet tipped mini kreteks. They are totally different from other kreteks. Yes they are clovey tasting but the black paper makes it actually taste different. Love the scent and flavor. Can’t go wrong with Djarum blacks!!

  124. Midas

    best and most efficient shipping

  125. Asran

    These guys are absolutely amazing!! Living in Canada I was a bit hesitant ordering due to the flavoured tobacco ban… But I received the order in under two weeks, came in perfect condition. So happy to have my Djarum’s back, looking forward to ordering again

  126. Martin

    Djarum Black is by far one of the best kretek’s out there.
    Crackles alot, smells like christmas and goes down super smooth.

  127. Goon

    Product came quit quickly to Canada (less than 2 weeks). Love Djarum blacks, great flavour and a satisfying crackle when you smoke.

  128. Ben

    This is by far the best kretek out there. I’m waiting for some Samporana A’s to compare based on some other reviews but djarum has blown every other kretek out of the water for me. Ciggies World is awesome and I continuous order this item from them. The only thing that would make it better is shorter shipping time but I know that is out of their control.

  129. Sibunruan

    Smooth and rich in flavour, highly recommend

  130. Amorn

    Perfect product, perfect price, perfect amount, 3 packs 8.50 shipping, will order again. Affordable Australian price.

  131. Pibal

    Smooth with a great taste

  132. Leslie

    Came a lot sooner than I thought and packaged well. Definitely buying from here again

  133. GudmundH

    They have a nice strong taste, but a menthol feel to the drags. But good taste and nice design. Would buy again!

  134. Ricky

    Had a great taste . shame the boxes have that dumb warning with pictures.

  135. Deb

    The best! Along with ciggies world. Big American lobbyists wrong to ban sale in America. Thanks ciggies world! U r the best!

  136. Robin

    They last long and have that amazing taste and aroma of the cloves. Perfect for a cold day.

  137. Stefan

    Consistent burn and flavour. Djarum Black are by far my girlfriends favourite kretek cigarettes. Not as potent or long burning as the likes of Gudang Garam Surya (one of my favourites). Obviously they look sexy as hell too, but shame about the anti smoking pictures they put on the packets now.

  138. Mack

    Favourite clove cigarette. Fast shipping. No problems.

  139. deb

    Thank goodness for ciggies world!

  140. Micky

    Can’t get cloves where I lived because they fall under flavoured tobacco. I’ve ordered at least two cartons every 2-3months for aroud a year (I personally can’t smoke them very heavily) The product is good quality & taste. I get asked all the time when I’m out, where I get my cloves and of course refer to ciggiesworld!

  141. Debra

    Couldn’t make me any happier with delivery and ordering service. The best!

  142. Debra

    Only the finest in everyway. People are professionals, products is finest, pricing is most reasonable, and service is the very best!

  143. Melinda

    Normally 5 Stars hands down. But their new pack design is so disgusting I don’t think I will be buying anymore. The pack is now covered with burnt up lungs, lips, and generally things that make you want to barf. I couldn’t even look at the pack without getting nauseous.

  144. Rob

    These cigarettes smell like Bali. It’s pleasant and insence-like in odor but they are also very strong. Too strong for me personally but noce otherwise

  145. Zach

    I have tried many different brands here is Australia however this product is hands down my the best i have gotten my hands on


    The packaging, speed and delivery were all excellent and the cigarettes were quite good except I noticed they were more mild than ones I had before. I check the Best before date on the bottom and it seems they were 2 months past the date. I’d order again, I was happy in general, I had not had Blacks in a while but I was hoping they’d be a little fresher.

  147. Morton

    I love the flavor and that relaxing feeling that comes over me while smoking these. These Are probably my favorite smokes ever. I highly recommend these! I’d love to try the Tea ones next.

  148. giggity-Aus

    I can see why so many people praise this kretek. It has a very nice flavour and is well balanced. But a schain smoker, these are extremely strong for me and are not something I would smoke again. 4 starts are given only because of the Tar rating, but other than that, I would highly recommend these to try.

  149. Niran

    Black is the best clove cigarette there is
    Everything is balanced out, slow burning and smooth
    Ciggiesworld doing a great job for years by giving us international customers to get their hands in these products

  150. Lachlan

    Seller was prompt in all correspondence and shipped my order the very next day. Would recommend.

  151. dany

    good services and great price

  152. Rigo

    Djarum Black are the best kretek cigarettes around (they are the best cigarette period, in my opinion). From it’s distinctive aroma to it’s sweet tasting paper, it’s truly a one of a kind smoke. They are the only cigarettes which mellow me down and they look pretty damn cool as well.
    A big thank you to Ciggies World for providing such a great service to us kretek smokers in the U.S.

  153. Frederik

    First of all, the Djarum Black is a super cool looking cigarette, and very smooth to smoke. It was my first time trying a Clove and it’s quite enjoyable. My main problem is that the smell of clove is so strong that even just sitting in my cigarette case in my coat pocket the room will start smelling like cloves, which is a bit too much for me.

    For taste and smell I prefer the Djarum Super over the Black, but of course this can’t be beat for style points. 🙂

  154. Roby

    These were just recently banned along with all other flavoured cigarettes thanks to the Wynn government.

    I love clove cigarettes, and I love that they were actually delivered exactly when they said they would be.


  155. dgratt

    I finally got my favorite cigarettes again. Packing the delivery was more like perfect.
    Too bad that the delivery time has taken 28 days.
    Otherwise everything was perfect, will definitely order again.

  156. 12Step

    Got my hands on a carton of this Djarum Black and I’m really impressed. Smooth and flavorful, almost like a dessert. Clove crackle and licorice smell, yum. Only drawback is I’m constantly handing them out to the club girls and it’s costing me a fortune 🙂

  157. 2JZ

    They taste lovely, rich and aromatic, and are actual cigarettes, not the awful cigars we get in the US. Man this brings back memories of the old days.

  158. Angelina

    They are very fulfilling if you’re looking for that nicotine rush. While not everyone will enjoy the spicy flavor, I absolutely love it, and not only do they taste good the cigarette itself is very sexy with a pure black filter and off black paper. I have noticed that sometimes the crackling can be very inconsistent, where some of the cigarettes will crackle through the whole cigarette some will not even crackle a little. Overall this is my favorite smoke and top of my list.

  159. Hanky

    The base version is black – it is intensely rich in all its flavours and in spite of it being so strong and quite powerful in the clove department it still begs you for very deep inhalations, long holds and moderate calm exhales. The smoke has creamy characteristics and makes for perfect snap-inhales and it leaves you with a mild, seductive clove taste on your lips and in your mouth – as well as having a glorious odour – actually that is a kretek-thing and a smell you very quickly learn to appreciate here in Indonesia if you’re among local smokers.

  160. Dorado

    These are my faves, obviously I dont smoke’em all the time. It crackles when you drag it hard and the taste is heavenly. I only ever smoke one a day because thats all you need.

  161. mywaterbroke

    These are great! Exactly what I smoked in high school when they were sold in the US, other than the packaging (I just transfer mine to a case) and number of cigarettes you get (a few less with these packs). Waaaaaayyyyyyyyy better than the ‘cigars’ you’ll buy in the US, even if you try and kid yourself into thinking they’re good. I’ve ordered through ciggiesworld ~5x and have never had any trouble getting my order, but it takes a good few weeks to arrive, which sucks when you forget to reorder til you have 3 packs left.

  162. rcostamail1

    Love the djarum black. Just like the one I had back in the days.

  163. jamiebudge9

    First Package, great service to the uk.Came sooner than expected.

    Not decided on the cigs, real nice clovey smell when opening the pack, good longish burn time, not too harsh but I did occasionally get a touch of throat burn when I wasn’t careful. Think I was expecting a stronger flavour as I only got a slight hint of clove on the draw. Not bad overall though and will certainly smoke the rest of the pack.

  164. Dave S

    Always a favorite of mine. Special taste to them. Mild and smooth. Hard to explain. Smooth and tastey. One of my favorite black clove cigarettes. Always good quality.

  165. Thatkretekguy

    Djaum black the kretek that started it all for me. The elegant styling tops off the PERFECT balance of cloves and rich tobacco perfectly . Puffing on one is like inhaling velvet clouds of savory tobacco accidented with fashionably placed cloves paired with a sweet paper that wraps it all together. The tip of the gorgeous black filter is sweetened with a exquisite mix of flavors in a secret resipce that beautifully enriches the entire experience. Djarum black is the perfect way to smoke.

  166. Rick

    All thanks to ciggiesworld I was able to recapture that moment of pure unadulterated bliss one can only achieve by inhaling the unprecedented perfection that is, Djarum Black. The moment my lips touch the seductively sweetened gorgeous black filter my tastbuds are enlightened by the euphoric impact of the paramount of masterfully selected exquisite tobaccos and the purest of tree matured sundried Indonesian cloves. Other kreteks should only be spoken about in second to this world renowned masterpiece. Only thanks to ciggiesworld am I able to relax and inhale royalty once again. For the crown of enjoyment and the pleasure of perfection let Djarum Black establish your experience.

    I had to take time for a second review, Jeff was instrumental in helping me and sorting out any issues I might have had. My order was shipped quickly and packaged great. No damage anything at all and the coffee they threw in is to dream for. You can ONLY get service like this st ciggiesworld.

  167. David S.

    Always a good choice. Not as sweet a tip as I remember but still Djarum black are really good kretek and good price too!!

  168. Timothy M.

    BEST FLAVOR in my opinion. Don’t buy that American cigar shit. Furthermore, it is actually cheaper to order them online and get the full flavor.

  169. djdevasto devasto

    great service and highly reliable!

  170. Liberty


  171. Matt M.

    I can’t believe how long each smoke lasts. Really tasty too.

  172. Mustafa Naji

    Not the best of clove kretek cigarettes , my opinion .

  173. bartczak06

    Hey, just want to share my opinion on, a great site from which I ordered 4 times so far and every time delivery was successful. Only once packs were pretty damaged although nothing serious since cigarettes were fine. Djarum Blacks are my favourite, not too strong not too light clove cigarettes just perfect.

  174. Joey M.

    These are the best tasting cigarettes I’ve ever had, the black tubes look fancy af, and the price is outstanding! They’re flavourful and smooth. I highly recommend them!

  175. usman

    Nice and smooth very good quality. Will order again after Christmas when it’s less busy.

  176. Bryan

    A classic

  177. Michael mullans

    can’t go wrong with djarum blacks great kretek

  178. Eric

    Cloves cigarettes for the holidays. Great flavour

  179. Anonymous

    Excellent service and timely delivery – professional and trustworthy!

  180. Shrikrishna Asarkar

    I get what i was expecting in specific time. Thanks to CW and team. Love you…

  181. Jose

    Good sweet taste (before and during the burning) and excelent burning, they become addicting because they burn so well and feel so good after a meal..

  182. Tausif


  183. alec

    awesome price and product, no trouble getting here and no additional charges and they threw some candies and tea in the package ?

  184. Timothy M.

    Pleasant and smooth

  185. Anonymous

    Excellent service 10/10

  186. Eric

    The Ciggarettes are as I remember from when I was in Indonesia, very good. I missed the smell, the crackle, and the taste. Especially good in the morning after a cup of coffee! I think the more important thing to review here is the service and dependability offered by this merchant. I was apprehensive when I placed my first order, I mean, an overseas company? What would I do if they took my money and just never sent anything? Well, I took a chance. A couple weeks later my order showed. I still remember checking my tracking number religiously. I ordered again. Again. Then again. Now I trust these folks 100%. I place my order and I know it will show. The tracking numbers are nice, but I rarely check them, because this company has earned my trust.

    I have had a single delivery issue that was absolutely not this merchants fault at all. My last order took a little longer than the few times before so I ran the tracking number. The tracking number pinpointed the sticking point in the delivery process. It stopped not at customs, not at a processing center or sorting facility, but an my local regional office. It literally took my LOCAL mailman longer to deliver the package than it took for the package to cross the planet. What I’m getting at here is that during that time, I contacted CiggiesWorld for assistance and received a prompt and polite response within the day. While they gave instructions to deal with the problem, the instructions weren’t needed because my package showed. The point is that there is good customer support. You can bet whenever somebody gets a whiff of my Djarum and during the ensuing conversation asks me where I got it, I tell em CiggiesWorld.

  187. David

    Ordered 3 or 4 times and always happy with product and delivery!!! Recommended!!!

  188. Rohan

    Delivered on time with easy communication via email. Thank you.

  189. Danish S.

    Classic (perfect) clove cigarette. I’ve tried a few variations over the years and these seem to be the best flavoured with the perfect smoothness.
    These actually take a while to finish.. goes great with a peppermint tea in the evening.

  190. Almira Lagyop

    I was informed that the cover of the packet would not be littered with health warnings – but I ended up having the gross pictures anyways. Although – great cigarettes!

  191. Mark

    It’s very different, fun for once but wouldn’t order again

  192. Samuel

    best fucking dart ever

  193. Anonymous

    Exactly what we wanted, arrived promptly, and tasted fresh.

  194. Adam

    Have a good strong spice and so not as sweet. These are the first kreteks I ever tried here in America – when they had the gothic image attached – and before the damn regulations; which are becoming the death of this country (ALL the restrictions and iron-gripped control)! But, I digressed — the blacks are a dependable clove cigarette.

  195. kate

    The package arrived quickly, and was packaged nicely. They always include a small gift of coffee or a cookie. (The cookie is delicious) Product was not damaged or stale at all.

  196. Rohan Schippers

    Good filtered cigs

  197. Anonymous

    Product came in sooner than expected and as described.

  198. Anonymous

    Excellent smoke and Outstanding service/turnaround!

  199. Ariff Medwin

    The best

  200. Liam

    I just want to say I’m very thankful for your website and customer service. Now the uk government have ruined cigarettes for good you’re a saving grace as every pack of cigarettes I’ve bought from you have been divine. Especially the Djarum Black which are my favourites by far.

  201. James

    Quite pleasant to smoke, very smooth; I’d recommend these to anyone who hasn’t tried cloves before.

  202. Bel

    Excellent service! Everything always turns up either right on time or early, there is always a little gift in the package. The attention to detail are customer care is incomparable

  203. Lucas

    Very good, quite skinny for a cigarette.

  204. restivo94

    Living in Portugal and my order arrived today, only took 13 days, thanks for the litle gift to!

  205. tommy

    First of all, your business is excellent. I’ve been buying from this online store many times. Please keep up the great work. Regarding the product, Djarum Black (this indonesian version) is better than the north american version. Not too strong but still giving you the satisfaction of smoking kretek filter. I will not say it’s the best cigarette since there are so many tasty kretek cigarettes in indonesia.?

  206. Anonymous

    Wonderful and fast service!

  207. Harmandeep S.

    First order took 22 days from Indonesia to Canada
    Second order took 45 days, but I’m happy that I finally got my favorite Djarum Blacks!!

  208. Zack

    Site is legit and I can also confirm delivery to the US. Communication/ordering started off spotty, but they became quickly responsive and answered all of my questions. Western Union was the easiest option for purchase and delivery was actually receive ahead of schedule. Top marks; no notes.

  209. Kyle

    Similar to what was sold in Canada, but ultimately not the same. The draw is not as smooth and the taste is off. Shipping was super fast to the Vancouver and recieved my package in 4 days!

  210. David Rom

    Amazing loves them and they got here faster then I expected

  211. ALAN

    good product

  212. Matthew

    faster then expected. exactly as ordered.

  213. Magdalena Wolak

    Love the company and love the product! They go above and beyond and I will be repurchasing with them for sure!

  214. Tom

    Great sweet taste and pop rock crackle noise. Second best cig ever after the Djarum Super which is basically the big boy version of the Black. Great customer service, arrived on time.

  215. ali.whyte

    Been ordering for awhile now! Shipping is usually pretty quick, last time they got to me really fast so I was happy, but that probably has more to do with customs lol Anyway I am always happy with the product and packaging! You guys are great! <3

  216. Daniel S

    Happy with Purchase

  217. Anonymous

    Thanks for providing a reliable source to purchase Djarum Blacks that that are no longer available in the US except as ‘cigars’ which are inferior to the authentic ones from Indonesia which taste the best.

  218. Gregory

    Helped express ship it too!

  219. Anonymous

    Ordering and paying was quick and easy as always. Took longer than usual to deliver, but I know that’s not ciggies fault. All around good experience.

  220. Anonymous

    CiggiesWorld are fantastic – always great at communicating, and all orders have come through as promised. I will never use another company. Thanks guys

  221. Anonymous

    well packaged, arrived intact. thank you.

  222. Anonymous


  223. Matthew

    I used to really like these (like the Djarum Specials more) when I lived in Canada, but now I much prefer the Gudang Garams.

  224. Darren Saga

    Great service

  225. Marius

    If you order 3 packs in the UK you will 100% get your order. Cheap & rather quick

  226. Kris

    Always a good smoke, but not as good as Gudang Garam brands. I can taste the paper a little bit too, which I don’t notice with other kreteks very often. Still 100% better than the U.S. market “little cigars” – those are garbage.

  227. Reef E.

    Tastiest ciggies!

  228. Branden S.

    Just what i was looking for, came quicker then expected no trouble. Wrapping was nice and they even added some tea and biscuits which was a nice touch. Good quality service, very happy thanks!

  229. Zoe

    I chose th untracked shipping to BC Canada and it arrived promptly and without any customs charge!

  230. Anonymous

    Ciggies World has been a constant source of credible, reliable, and quality supply of Djarum Blacks. You can’t get these anywhere else, and I will always come back to the team as trusted suppliers. Thanks and best

  231. Tanya

    Very easy to order! Prompt communication! Haven’t had a problem. Once or twice it’s been held at customs but nothing to do with Ciggiesworld. They are awesome!

  232. Alex H.

    too strong for me

  233. Eric

    As always, a trusted vendor.

  234. Mike Lane

    Love the blacks as well as most of the clove.

  235. Michael B.

    Don’t change a thing, keep the prices and shipping costs as low as you can and keep shipping reliably and you will have repeat customers. I used to try to buy these on eBay but this is much easier and the price is consistent. This is the only way to enjoy the real Djarum Blacks in the US since they banned them years ago and now only sell the cigar version which is not the same, too harsh and does not have the right flavor. Thank you!

  236. Jaren

    Gorgeous aesthetic, but I lost my pack only 1 cigarette in. Generic clove flavor, from what I recall.

  237. Zsanett

    Arrived with no problem at all. The item is great, just what i expected. Will order more. Many thanks

  238. Angello P.

    Great product.

  239. Mike V.

    Great delivery with the wrapping paper set up to avoid border issues

  240. Eric

    Dependable. Honest. Reliable. I have never had an issue with this company. They are prompt and do what they say. I will continue to do business with them.

  241. Anonymous

    DJarum Black are the best! Thank you CiggiesWorld!

  242. Niran Perera

    Best kretek cigarette in the world hands down. I have yet to find a better kretek with quality. Hopefully CiggiesWorld can send me new for sampling ?

  243. heather.fein

    Yummy, and excellent service for many years now. This website always seems to ensure my order really gets delivered to me. Thier shipping says around 30 days for my country however the package usually seems to arrive in about 2 weeks.

  244. Alexander Luff

    Not as nice as sampoerna in my opinion, but still a great smoke with, has more of a licorice kind of smell and taste compared to other cloves.

  245. Harmandeep S.

    Took 22 days to arrive in Canada – Can’t complain – They are the best !!!

  246. Radek Copak

    Excellent cigarettes at a great price. My shipment arrived in ten days. It was perfectly wrapped and I found tea and gummy bears as a bonus. This dealer is just a star. I am extremely satisfied and will definitely order again.

  247. J C

    Smooth Transaction! Fast Shipping!

  248. Kevin

    Original Kretek before they changed the formula in the US.

  249. Finlay

    A very sweet, rich cigarette. Absolutely a favourite.

  250. Andrew C.

    Just what I wanted! The package was well prepared and in great condition, and the service was wonderful!

  251. Julia

    Spicy Smoking

  252. Anonymous

    Got what I ordered, and came fairly quickly. Happy with the order.

  253. Piotr D.

    Everything went smooth and great 🙂

  254. Kimberlee-Ann Faries

    Longtime repeat customer whose last shipment was lost. When customer service was notified I thought they might reward my long-standing relationship with them by sending a replacement but they didn’t. But I don’t think it will stop me from buying again.

  255. John Ryan

    Easy to order, arrived in less than 3 weeks to the US. Really impressed. Love the Blacks the best. They taste just like I remembered.

  256. Nick Smith

    It was great even threw in some compliments

  257. Dandia Tubagus Saepuloh Ojo

    So so

  258. Dirk


  259. Scott Taylor

    I’ve had these in the past! Been quite awhile! There good, But the Special ‘s have them beat! Thanks!

  260. rafajafa

    Unbelievable, take this from a guy that has never smoked cloves in his entire life, and was a bit
    “afraid” of tar and nicotine levels.
    These are so amazing. Incredible natural sweet flavor. Very fresh. In the description you’ll read that they are “a little much for smoking steadily”, that they are strong but man, I find these so delicious and so good that I could definitely chain smoke them.
    Since you remove the plastic you’ll be greeted with a beautiful aroma, open the pack and more of that overwhelming beautiful smell, take a cigarette out and rub it under your nose. Seriously amazing…
    The cracking sound of the burning cloves is incredibly addictive by itself. They are smooth, very smooth. Taste like pure heaven. Amazing body; take a small drag, inhale and you’ll see a huge amount of smoke coming out your mouth.
    I don’t know, I’m not an expert, all I know is that I am in absolute love, and I’ll be placing more orders with cloves.

  261. Anonymous

    full of spice, and such nice paper

  262. kate c.

    Always packaged well and sent quickly. Very friendly customer service agents. The only delays I ever experience are from Canada Customs. This was the fastest it has ever arrived. 7 days.

  263. Jade

    Very easy transaction and delivery quick

  264. Teresa

    After the ban on selling Djarams in canada I was so pleased to be able to get them again through Ciggies! No hassles, cheaper than in the stores. These ones do not have the same strength of clove flavour, (not sure why) but they are still very good.

  265. Allison M.

    I ordered 20 packs but only received 19. Disappointing

  266. Albert

    Wish they hadn’t discontinued the menthols!!

  267. Brad Giesbrecht

    Quality sticks, great delivery time

  268. Ákos Mikus

    Amazing service, great smoke. Looks great, really stylish. Along with Sampoerna A Milds, the best kreteks to get started on the journey.

  269. Ben M.

    Brilliant service. Came quite quickly and was exactly as described. Couldn’t be happier. Will buy again.

  270. Shelby C.

    Excellent product!! Fast shipping

  271. James

    Have used ciggies world on numerous occasions in the past couple of months fast delivery and product arrived as expected..highly recommend

  272. Anonymous

    Arrived quickly! Great service and confidential packaging. I’m Very happy with CiggiesWorld and I’ll keep on ordering. Was nervous ordering online but CiggiesWorld is legit!

  273. Kateřina Jakobcová

    I have ordered 5 pack of Djarum black cigarettes but only 4 packs have been delivered to me with 2 packs of black tea (named SariWangi Teh Asli) and 2 packs of biscuits. Cigarettes were delicious.

  274. Mary Taylor

    like cigarellos more , Mary

  275. Ivan

    The best clove in my opinion, stylish, flavorful, spicy, sweet and has good clove to tobacco balance!

  276. Casey M.

    Just as I remembered them. Wonderful!

  277. James

    Quick shipping. Good customer service. I love Djarum Black’s. Too bad they do not sell these in the US anymore.

  278. Robery Gray

    Exactly as I remember them.

  279. memo licona

    Thank you Jeff for helping me with my order, never a problem and always efficient and at my disposal to answer my questions, thanx again!

  280. Douglas R.

    Sweet, crackles, not too harsh. Not my favorite clove, as it’s a bit lighter than, say, the Super, but still good.

  281. Elizabeth A.

    Shipping was about 3 weeks, I live in California and everything worked out just fine

  282. Kristopher

    My personal favorite from Djarum.

  283. Brandon A.

    Smoothest smokes! My go to, tried and true kretek.

  284. M B

    very slick and cool, but i believe there is too much tar. Thankfully they are thin and the filter is long. The taste is wholesome

  285. Kristopher

    Best quality and price.

  286. Kyle N.

    Love the taste of the blacks and would highly recommend them to anyone who remembers smoking them back in the day!

  287. Jose Dohnert

    Still the same Flavor

  288. jennyC

    Pretty good. Very cool looking. Not as flavorful as I’d hoped, but these are solid smokes.

  289. Kimberly Rather

    Not the same as they used to be but still good and will order again

  290. Anonymous

    Nostalgic taste for me. Brings me back to my college years.

  291. Fnu Kerrigan

    Delicious cigarette, just like I remember them. Glad I’m found them.

  292. Anonymous

    Solid clove cigarettes, exotic color, great smokes.

  293. Steven

    Strong, not in a good way

  294. jennifer.stelzer.lmt

    The real thing, and fresh too! Shipping about 2 weeks to West Coast of USA.

  295. Andrea P.

    Not as much clove content as they used to have in the US before the ban. But still good.

  296. katherine N.

    tasty, clovey. fresh, good tobacco.

  297. Nigel B.

    My favorite smokes.

  298. Jason Haun

    Very happy thank you

  299. Thomas Mullen

    Beautiful. Smooth.

  300. Anonymous

    Great taste and rich flavor

  301. Matthew M.

    Brings back fond memories.

  302. Kat S.

    Just as good as I remembered them

  303. Anonymous

    The best quality and flavor experience

  304. Jeramie G.

    I don’t prefer these as much as the menthol version which is no longer available, but they are still a great kretek. They have the sweetness and crackle that Djarum is known for.

  305. Angie C.

    Well I decide to give ciggies world a tried I havent had a djarum since they were banned in the us, so for me like 10 plus years. So I place my order I did read I would take up to 45 days I think since it was International shipping. I honestly didn’t care, i mean it’s been more than 10 years sooo what the hell. I’m from Texas and took exactly 30 days and it was worth the wait. I could not believe they were actually here I tried one right away and it took me back in time. They were the real deal the original djarum once again In my hands.Also they were packed pretty cool pretty discreet.The cigarettes were wrapped in some teabags and some snacks like cookies I had to teas and I eat the cookies hehe. So thank you ciggies for the free snacks And for making this possible for me I obviously already placed my second order in currently waiting for it thank you. No rush

  306. Matthew M.

    Great pricing

  307. Aiman Haziq

    The taste is not strong as surya, but still better and unique in its way because it comes with a black color filter.

  308. Collin Hildebrand

    Love the taste and smell, but I wish these burnt longer. Great smoked along with a black tea

  309. Tom

    As I could not order from ciggies, I got these quite cheap in the duty free shop in turkey. The 10mg tar,, 1mg nicotine Version, pretty mild.
    It´s ok as a substitute. But doesn´t last long, just a quick smoke and not so much clove taste.
    I prefer a relaxed and longer smoke time, like 30min with a klobot or an original kretek from Indonesia.
    Hope you will send to germany again.

  310. Kimberly I.

    Refreshingly delicious

  311. Aidan

    Delicious cigarette, beats almost any smoke sold here

  312. Anonymous

    Just like I remembered them!

  313. Nick B.

    Not quite the 20-packs of yesteryear that I remember. Little or no sauced filter, not as robust and flavorful as I remember. Then again, that was a long time ago. I suspect it may have something to do with “Export Quality” being a bit different formulation for outside their main markets (or so I’ve read). Would love to confirm that suspicion!

  314. Anonymous

    Always a favorite, everyone at my local goth night was super jealous

  315. Anonymous

    Delicious clove cigarettes, my only regret is I didn’t order more

  316. Anonymous

    Didn’t like these at all, cloves are not my thing.

  317. Eric

    Not my favourite smokes as I’ve tried many kreteks, but still a quality smoke. Good taste & slow burn with a nice sugar-coated filter to add that sweetness when u lick your lips. Good with a coffee, chai tea or any hot beverage.

  318. Anthony Seneck

    A solid slim smoke as an American smoker. (marlboro red 83) I’m looking for stronger longer lasting smokes. These I’d say are stronger than most american cigarettes even if they are slim but the body of smoke is lacking for me. A little bit of the sauce on the filter strong clove flavor and good quality of tobacco. These also last about as long as most American cigarettes do 4 to 5 mins if your not huffing it down.

    If these were the same ring guage as most standard cigarettes these would probably be amazing both in flavor and strength. Would prefer 12 thicker cigs than 16 slims but thats my take.

    Ciggiesworld is an amazing company and shipping was on the spot for time. The company was also very quick to respond to any questions or concerns I had. Thank you to everyone at Ciggiesworld.

  319. Anonymous


  320. Nick

    Hard to get these days, excellent!

  321. Nigel B.

    Great smoke!!

  322. Tory S.

    I couldnt enjoy these because the filter tastes too strong.

  323. Chris C.

    Simply the best. The packs rip sometimes when you open them and they don’t always close properly, but the smokes themselves are amazing.

  324. Jean-François

    100 % legit

  325. Robert

    Very nice cigs

  326. Darren Saga

    Always good

  327. Geoffrey Elliott-McGuffie

    Very pleasant smoke, recommended

  328. Anonymous

    My favourite, this is all i crave when i want to smoke ?

  329. Levi C.

    Delivery was slow, but it was worth the wait

  330. TODD A.

    best clove on the market.

  331. Moazzam Ahmed

    Too strong.

  332. Anonymous

    Good old crackling taste

  333. Jeff Lee

    My order arrived so fast, well packaged no damage, and received everything I ordered. 10/10 experience.

  334. Erik

    The flavour and level of cloves in each stick has been declining over the years (maybe even the nicotine), but especially after Covid. Even the diameter is smaller now! Not sure if there are new regulations surrounding the manufacturing of these smokes or if Djarum is just cheaping out. They are not what I remember. Will try a different clove brand next time.

  335. Anonymous

    If you have tried the djarum cigars in the states. You need to try the originals and these are them.

  336. Keith

    Bold and good taste. Definitely a cigarette to smoke when you have time to relax and enjoy it

  337. Brianna Paskiewicz

    So good…the perfect thickness for smoke, a pleasant scent even nonsmokers enjoy on your clothes afterwards.

  338. Anonymous

    They felt a little flimsy but honestly the cinnamon taste makes up for it!

  339. Jackie

    So Happy that you guys ship to the USA! I’m reliving my old Goth Days with the sweet sweet smoke!

  340. Santiago C.

    The same cigarette that I tried back in 2006!

  341. RaeShawn

    One of the smoothest flavors of clove.

  342. ENRICO L.

    Smooth, tasty, perfect strength balance. Amazing.

  343. Anonymous

    great classic cloves

  344. Bora Mraz

    I have been abroad, so I couldn’t order for several years. I always worry when I order, even though I always receive it. This time was no different. When I contacted them about details related to the order, they were polite and informative. My order is arriving piece by piece (I guess due to regulations, they need to divide the shipment.). They were packed better than in the past. Now they come in paper and a cardboard box. Each box came with a treat! I highly recommend them.

  345. asciibyxoxoxo

    I was worried because of the tar/nic content, and I haven’t had these since 2009 when they were banned in the usa and I’ve aged a bit since, but these are really nice. Not harsh at all, they taste good. I wish we could get Splash, Bali Hai, and Vanilla, but those were export only (not made for Indonesia market).

  346. Chris

    Still my favourite cigarette

  347. A. B.

    Talk about nostalgia! Haven’t had one of these ever since the U.S ban on cloves all those years back. What a lovely crackle and taste. Big thanks as always to CiggiesWorld for fast shipping and great communication.

  348. Anonymous

    Classic , strong, nice to have these in the USA again, can relive the goth days.

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