Gudang Garam Signature Blue

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Gudang Garam Signature Mild

Premium filter kretek cigarettes.

Gudang Garam preserves the Indonesia tradition of creating high quality clove cigarettes using modern technology and the finest quality tobacco. The classic blend perfected by Gudang Garam.

12 premium filter kretek cigarettes.

1.0 Mg Nicotine 15 Mg Tar.

Made in Indonesia.


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Weight37 g

17 reviews for Gudang Garam Signature Blue

  1. Antonello Loddo


  2. antonelloloddo2

    I suggest to buy this product, they are very good,
    the smell as you open the pack and
    what you feel when you smoke are very close.
    Anyway there are 16 cigarettes not 20.
    They arrived in 18 days well preserved.

  3. Max

    I like the crackle of the cloves and the sauce on the filter.

  4. Efren

    Fantastic taste!

  5. ma0u

    These kreteks are my absolute favorite; Gudang Garam’s are my main purchase either way, but the Gudang Garam Signature Lights taste great and actually have 20 kreteks per pack! They seem a little pricey for a carton at first, but again these are full 20 packs- definitely worth it!

  6. Anonymous

    CiggiesWorld is first class. Delivered quickly. All good.

  7. Ryan


  8. Amanda

    The surprisingly unique thing about these kreteks are that they’re regular king size cigarettes, as opposed to other kreteks which are usually 100s and/or slim. They also come 20 in a pack, just like a regular pack of cigs. For those reasons alone, this has become my kretek of choice. The filter paper is a very light blue.
    Tastes like a Gudang Garam; sweet and clovey. What’s not to like?

  9. Andre

    Pleasant taste, very fine.

  10. Matthew

    Quite nice for a mild kretek, not as satisfying as the Signature.

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