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Djarum L.A Lights – Kretek Filters – Triple Blended.

Djarum L.A Lights – Clove cigarettes with made of triple blended cloves and tobacco, L.A Lights delivers a refreshingly smooth, light taste.

L.A. Lights is a low tar low nicotine, machine-rolled kretek clove cigarette popular with the young and modern. Its smooth and satisfying taste comes from the patented Triple Blended™ manufacturing process.

Introduced in 1996 with sleek, stylish, predominantly pearly-white packaging, the slim, clean lines of the cigarette sticks underscore the L.A. Lights image of effortless living. A kretek for the new generation.

20 kretek filters. 15 mg of tar and 1 mg of nicotine.

Made by Djarum Kudus, Indonesia.

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20 reviews for Djarum L.A Lights

Based on 20 reviews
  1. CT

    Very smooth, satisfying and sweet. They are wonderful to smoke in between the regular blacks. you will not be disappointed

  2. jacob

    These cigs are not too bad but are way too light, it felt like i was smoking half a black cig, but on the good side they do taste good and the flavorded filter taste is very nice like mild licorice. There a good cigarette for a special occasion but deffinetly not an every day smoke. i’d reccommend these too conosours.

  3. Solo

    A good smoke, really thick taste and smoke.

  4. Tot Smoker

    I have never been much of a fan of the thought of smoking clove cigarettes but i do love the taste of clove and decided to try a pack years ago.I gotta tell ya off the bat…it’s a dessert smoke,plain and simple.I found no appropriate time to enjoy this except with a shot of liquer such as Jagermeister(with this it’s a nice combination for the tastebuds).I felt childish having a pack of clove cigarettes that taste nothing but sweetness with no tobacco flavor to enjoy and every time you inhale on the cig it goes ‘ snap crackle and pop’ from the burning spices.The 3 little elves from Rice Krispies should endorse this product.

  5. ADAM

    These clove cigarettes are the BEST I have ever tried! They are smooth with a fantastic clove flavor. Some brands have a strong tobacco taste with just a hint of clove. Not so with these. If you’re looking for a true clove experience, L.A. Lights are for you.

  6. Laurie

    For US customers, this product is most like the Djarum Lights that we used to buy in our local shops. The smooth clove flavor is outstanding! I’ve tried other brands & flavors and this is my favorite. Regarding shipping, I usually receive my order (in Florida) about 10 days after submitting it.

  7. Jack

    I prefer Supers to these LA Lights, but if I was smoking cloves everyday I would no doubt smoke LA Lights as my cigarette of choice. It has a great taste and is much lighter than a Super. Same flavored filter as the Blacks but better taste IMO.

  8. Christine

    I was suspiscious about those kretek, because light seems to me less flavour, but I was surprised by that original flavour, more spicy and sweetened than Sampoerna A mild. A very pleasant smoke! Have to try at least once!

  9. kenny

    This was definitely not a bad cigarette, in fact it was quite good. Great taste and aroma and extremely comparable to other “light or mild” kreteks I’ve had – which is the problem for me. They didn’t stand out any different than the other’s I’ve had such as the Gudang Garam Surya Professional MILD and the Gudang Guram Mild (GG Mild). Again, this is not a bad cigarette, but it matches up quite closely to the others, almost identically. It delivered a somewhat weak airy body which came to a bit of a surprise, considering it didn’t have any perforations. Personally, if I had to choose the “best” mild kretek, it would be the Sampoerna A Milds.

    Flavor – 8/10
    Smoothness – 10/10
    Body – 5/10
    Packaging – 10/10

    Would I recommend these to someone? Probably yes.

    Would I buy these again? Probably not.

  10. Christine

    smooth and sweet – burns nicely and slow.

  11. Mateo

    This is one of the smoothest cloves I have ever smoked. if you want a light ciggarette that isn’t heavy on the tabacco taste and has a nice crackling clove these are amazing. not as sweet as the sampoerna mild so if you don’t like sweet filters these are great to chain smoke 🙂

  12. Asmii

    Very nice clove cigarettes with strong clove flavor. One of the best slow burning cigarettes.

  13. Cynthia

    Nice and light, big clover taste.

  14. Serge K.

    Very satisfied! Thanks!!

  15. Casey F.

    Great job! Very communicative and nice to have this option living in the USA. Thanks!

  16. Anonymous

    Desert smoke. Very sweet, such a treat. More clove than tobacco flavour.

  17. Anonymous

    Love those, not too sweet and not too strong. Flavourful!

  18. Angel

    Love these! Great clove taste & not overpowering with tar. Light & perfect!

  19. Anonymous

    Light and tasty. Great with koffee!

  20. MrX

    Pretty good, but maybe a tad overrated. I thought Djarum MLD’s were better. Still worth a try.

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