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Djarum Coklat The taste of excellence. Djarum Coklat is only made with mature tobacco, top grade Srintil tobacco and tree-matured cloves. Blended according to a recipe passed down through generations over 120 years. 38 mg Tar and 2.4 mg Nicotine.

This hand-rolled, unfiltered kretek cigarette blends together top grade Srintil tobacco and tree-ripened cloves, enhanced by a time tested Kudus recipe that results in the uniquely delicious essence and fragrant aroma of Djarum Coklat. It was the first kretek cigarette in the world to incorporate a flavor seal, locking in the taste until the moment of enjoyment.

First launched in 1972, to this day Djarum Coklat remains the best selling hand-rolled cigarette in West Java. An enduring bestseller that provides long lasting satisfaction.

1 carton contains 10 packs. 1 pack contains 12 cigarettes.

Author’s review “These hand rolled unfiltered kreteks are amazing. Even without filter the drag is so smooth and the taste is sweet and very tasty. The good thing about these hand rolled kreteks is that they don’t use additives as oppose to the western cigarettes. But they have way more tar compared to other kreteks due to the non filter factor. So far this is the most exotic unfiltered kretek cigarettes I ever taste in my life, this brand is a local legend in Indonesia. it’s sweet clove aroma and fine blended tobacco has made this kretek popular among the east indies residents including the Dutch since the 1970s.”



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39 reviews for Djarum Coklat

Based on 39 reviews
  1. Burky

    Excluding the occasional pack of something new to try, these are all I smoke. I love them. Unlike standard cigarettes, I find the scent and taste both quite pleasant. I can see the “juicy fruit” scent connection, but the clove scent is quite strong for me to really agree that they smell like chewing gum.

  2. Matt

    I tried Djarum Coklats and was simply blown away with their taste and strength. The cigarette is packed very tightly and i treat more of a cigar so i only smoke 3-4 of these a day. It burns very slowly and produces a thick, dense, very sweet smoke that is silky smooth to inhale. The smoke produced by these goes down so smoothly it is hard to believe they have as much nicotine content as they do, so don’t drag too hard. Remember, they are unfiltered and do pack a punch. The cigarette also takes quite a bit of suction to withdraw smoke from, similar to a cigarillo. These cigarettes produce a fragrant smoke almost unheard of to a traditional all-tobacoo cigarette smoker, therefore they do not stink up rooms/vehicles because the smoke actually smells very good to most people.

    I advise strongly against making this your “work cigarette” as they burned a consistent 20 minutes for me. They cannot in my oppinion be chain smoked at all. They do not seem to be FSC (verified by leaving a butt to burn away, it was all ash in a couple minutes). Overall very fragrant, long burning, and delicious cigarettes that should be smoked after work and/or on weekends, with at least 20 minutes of time foresight to finish one.

  3. Kretek L

    These were really just as disappointing as the extras. Oddly, these have a little more flavor than the Extras, but still not very prominent. Unfiltered, fairly thick and they don’t taper nearly at all. The smoke is pretty smooth, but it’s very much like a regular cigarette. They have the aroma and taste of the 76s- that unique potpourri-like note, except way less assertive. They are a little sweet, and have quite a eugenol effect even though the cloves are largely undetectable in flavor. The packaging is strange- plastic wrapped cigarettes in a soft pack wrapped in plastic. Not my kind of thing, I gave the rest to a friend.

  4. Jordan Russell

    Construction was consistent; like all kreteks the Coklats were packed very densely, had the conical shape iconic of non-filtered kreteks, and had a long burn time.

    Wrapper had a good simple aesthetic; a wide yellow band with “Djarum” written on it and a gramophone needle below it on the paper.

    Packs came triple-wrapped with an outer plastic shell, inner paper box, and cellophane around the kreteks themselves. 5 Stars for effort in maintaining freshness.

    I found the flavor to be wanting. Not as strong as the Djarum 76s nor as complex. Not as smooth as the Bentoel Sejatis. Eugenol effect not very strong. I did find them to be almost too sweet and had a hard time getting through the entire pack.

    If you’ve had the 76s and liked them and want to try the Coklats I think a comparison will leave you disappointed.

  5. SamKretek

    These are the first unfiltered cloves I have tried, and I love them! My first order from ciggiesworld included these, a pack of Djarum Clavos, and a pack of the Dji Sam Soe 234 fatsal 5s. Out of the three, I enjoy these cigs the most (Dji Sam Soes 2nd, Clavos didnt make the cut in my opinion). Dont get me wrong, I wouldn’t consider them “mild” by any stretch of the imagination, the right adjective to describe them would have to be smooth. They were consistently tightly packed and lasted me about 15 minutes when I took frequent drags and even longer when I took fewer drags. These are my ideal Kretek- they last long, taste strongly of cloves but have a good mix of tobacco as well, so theyre not overpowering, and they go well with a cup of black coffee. Djarum really hit it for me this time- and thank you for giving me the opportunity to try these! They might very well become my regular smokes!

  6. Christian

    I’ve been smoking for quite some time now, and I would have to say these cigarettes are the best I’ve had yet. Despite their heavy doses of nicotine and tar, they go down smooth and taste great.

  7. Selectivity

    This is a very, very good unfiltered kretek, and like my headline says, it has one main weakness; it is running around in the Djarum 76 zone. It is unwise to do that.

    Djarum Coklat has a nice, clean and not overbearing honeyish sweetness to it. The tobacco notes get room to play in, with the more muted but still prominent spices, compared to the 76. Coklat is well balanced and very satisfying. I can´t, however, get away from the fact that all the flavours and nuances in this cigarette are present in the 76. They are stronger in the 76 too, and it also manages to have spices not present at all in the Coklat, while being even more balanced and complete.

    If you find the 76 to be too rich, Djarum Coklat could very well be perfect cigarette for you. I wouldn´t buy this again, since it is a restrained, simplified version of the 76, in my opinion. It doesn´t offer anything different either, like a Wismilak Green, a Djarum Clavo or even a Bentoel Sejati does. Djarum Coklat is really a five-star unfiltered kretek; it just gets outdone by the 76, for me. Try it, though, it is a great smoke indeed.

    And Ciggies World is a great webshop indeed; everything runs smoothly. Great packaging of the goods, easy payment, reliability, you name it – oh yes, and speed and efficiency.

  8. Sean B

    These are very good. But have more of a higher tobacco ratio to other ingredients. Taste very similar to normal traditional filter less cigarettes, but with the compliment of cloves and very mild sweetness. More fruit “sauce” and tobacco taste and much less sweetness than a 76 or a gudam garam merah. A nice smoke though. Ordered 2 December, shipped 4 December and arrived 9 December to central united states. 5 days. VERY fast. And ciggiesworld was great to communicate with and replied almost instantly every time via email. You have a lifetime customer.

  9. Conrad

    Hardly any cloves in my pack. I’ll be sticking with the 76s going forward.

  10. MATTHEW R.

    These kreteks are tightly wrapped and have the best taste of any Djarum I’ve had so far, that includes the 76’s. I saw several reviews stating that these were just scaled down 76s, but I find the opposite to be true. When I got my first kreteks it was 3x coklat an 3x 76. I was out of the Coklats twice as fast and only smoked the 76s in an effort to conserve the Coklats. If you want a great sweet clove with plenty of that wonderful sauce Coklats are for you. These smokes are surprisingly smooth given the nicotine and tar content, in fact I’ve smoved harsher filtered light cigarettes. I have some Coklat Extra on the way and I hope they are deserving of the name.

  11. J.

    Excellent and fast shipping from Ciggies World. Similar to the 76 but without the fruity finish. Well constructed kretek with a good burn time. Not a fan of the plastic interior protecting the product but overall very good.

  12. Richard Morris

    Djarum Coklat, great clove flavor, less sauce than Coklat Extra’s but this is offset by my preference for stronger clove flavor. Very satisfying smoking hand rolled kreteks. Kretek to Kretek variation is more noticeable than the Extras. (Tightness varies a little, flavor seems to have a slight variance. As expected in non-filtered, it’s a strong smoke. However, I experience no coughs or irritation in my lungs. Easy to chain smoke (which I do), but try to resist as they are bound to be not good for your health. As much as I like these, I rate them slightly less on my like ability scale than the Coklat Extra’s. This is due to the wonderful sauce on the Extras. Smoke times run 15 to 25 minutes. Number 2 in my choices Coklat Extra’s #1, Coklat #2, Djarum 76 #3

  13. Jeffrey Reichert

    This was the first unfiltered krekek I tried and it surely did not dissapoint. While I didn’t taste much Choklat, the amount of cloves and tobacco was prefect!

    have all ready have 2 packs of left 🙂 along with about 11 other from ciggiesworld.

    I would go to other seller but the supremely fast customer service and shipping service cannot be beat,

    Thanks again from Baltimore, Maryland, USA..

    p.s. wouldn’t hurt if the prices were a tad closer to competitors.

    BUT WITH ALL THAT, MUCH LOVE <3 <3 <3 <3


  14. Steve C.

    Been smoking this product for years and the flavor is amazing.

  15. Patrick

    There a grate smoke I’m looking to get more

  16. Panupan

    My favorite Djarum, very rich and full-bodied, but smooth and satisfying. It has a deeper flavor than the 76, perhaps spicer and a little less sweet, though there is a time and a place for both! I always keep an extra pack of these around.

    CiggiesWorld is the best!

  17. Michael

    These are by far the sweetest I have ever tried. Not just the sweetened paper, but the blend is just incredibly sweet. They have very strong fruity notes and they are fairly smooth. I’m not a huge fan of how slowly they burn though, and they can be hard to inhale because they’re so tightly rolled. Very strong eugenol numbing on lips. I think anyone who’s tried these can agree these are to cigarettes what dessert wines are to alcohol. 4/5

  18. Matt

    Great smoke as always! I want to thank Ciggiesworld and whoever sends with my packages packets of White Koffee! Very delicious bonus. I appreciate nice little gestures like this. It is a sign of good business courtesy.

  19. Kay

    These remain my favorites, though not appreciably different from the 76s. Very good flavor. Payment and shipping went really smooth with no delays. Thanks.

  20. Anonymous

    product taste good I consider them as gourmet.

  21. Rohan Schippers

    Good cigs, smooth smoke, nice flavour

  22. Dema

    An enjoyable cigarette, takes time to smoke though.

  23. Cynthia

    exactly what I wanted!! so happy to have found this vendor!

  24. JOSH

    Very well packaged, shipping was right on time, will definitely be ordering again in the future

  25. Richard Morris

    I am a long time customer and can tell you that I have never had a problem getting exactly what I have ordered. After a couple of years, I have become a great fan of Djarum Coklat cigarettes. The flavor is to me the best of all the clove cigarettes. While they are full strength without a filter, I never cough or wheeze from them. Very strong clove, high tar, high nicotine. These aren’t what I would call a beginners smoke, but a beginner could do a lot worse. I give these a solid 10 on a 0 to 5 scale. And you don’t have to worry about ciggies. It’s the real deal, no ripoffs to worry about. Just enjoy these!

  26. Carol O.

    These were a nice long smoke. Enjoyable. No filter. They last longer than the Djarum Blacks.

  27. Richard Morris

    I am hooked on Coklats, the smoke is incredibly smooth. I am getting 10 cartons at a time and the purchase and delivery is outstanding. I get multiple shipments (with some gifts inside). Never any issues with the deliveries. Can’t ask for better service from CiggiesWorld!

  28. David

    Very satisfied!!

  29. Jaren

    Filterless “chocolate” flavored clove cigarettes. Hard to describe in a way other than.. pointless? No chocolate flavor, bland clove cigarettes with spare shavings often entering your mouth while you smoke. Not worth it.

  30. Ivan

    Great non filtered clove, cant say alot they were just good, nothing special about them.

  31. Anonymous

    One of my favorites, fruity and sweet as well as strong. Surprisingly sweeter than some filtered kreteks

  32. Ariel

    Really enjoyed getting to try these hand rolled clove cigarettes. Strong enough, but not too strong to enjoy.

  33. Nick B.

    Nothing about these stood out over any other unfiltereds I have had thus far. Burns fine, hits hard as you’d expect. If “Coklat” is supposed to be indicative of some kind of cocoa note(s) – I am not getting any. That was a little bit of a letdown.

  34. Maston Hall

    Awesome, just awesome. Surprisingly smooth for a non filter and an amazing flavor. Wish these came with more then 12 but there fairly large and have enough nicotine to hold you over for a bit so i guess that makes up for it

  35. Anthony Seneck

    Okay so these don’t have a strong chocolate flavor it’s almost like a light subtle almost fleeting flavor. Still over all a really nice smoke if you are relaxing smoke. I have to say as of the moment its probably in my top 3 favorite unfiltered smokes (djarum 76 and GG king size deluxe) still need to try the extras coklats but so far an enjoyable smoke will get more soon.

  36. R J D

    My order arrived in record time!

    I placed my order the evening of Jan.4th, it shipped out Jan.7th, and arrived to Ottawa, Canada on Jan.16th! T

    The best part was that there was no notice to go pick them up and pay duty fee’s at the local Canada post office!

    One used to be able to buy this exact brand of Djarum at a Cigar shop in downtown Ottawa, and the SUPER too, but they were banned maybe around 2005 because of the flavour appeal to minors, or the fact the paper doesn’t have a fire retardant.

    I only order these as they are hardcore without the filter, the burning clove crackles (kretek) a lot, and the flavour is amazing!
    The BLACK and SUPER are my next favourite.

    Djarum are the ultimate desert, flavoured smoke, and really do taste better coming from Indonesia than the the one’s available to buy online from the U.S. from website’s like ‘Famous Smoke Shop’, where I found the Black-regular and Special brand might suffice, but just don’t have nearly the same quality of spice flavour as one’s shipped direct from Indonesia!

  37. Robin K.

    Unfiltered kretek cigarette. This I was actually not aware off. A bit too strong for my liking, but a quality kretek none the less.

  38. Jordan D.

    No filter. Intense but good.

  39. Verified Buyer

    My favorite clove cigarette. It has just the right balance of clove and tobacco.

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