Djarum Black Menthol

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Djarum Black Menthol are discontinued. You can get the original Djarum Black here.

The other menthol clove cigarettes you should try is the GG Shiver.

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Djarum Black Menthol are discontinued. You can get the original Djarum Black here.

The other menthol clove cigarettes you should try is the GG Shiver.

Djarum Black Menthol – 16 Kretek Filter.

Djarum Black Menthol incorporates a richer, more powerful menthol for a more refreshing smoking experience.

A new innovation on the Djarum Black experience, Djarum Black Menthol is infused with a special, more powerful menthol for a menthol smoking experience that truly fits your lifestyle.

16 menthol kretek cigarettes. 25 mg tar and 1.6 mg nicotine.

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Weight 30 g

37 reviews for Djarum Black Menthol

Based on 37 reviews
  1. Saheed

    The black was the first cigarette with original menthol taste

  2. A BLAIS

    Just wanted to thank you guys for an outstanding customer service and swift delivery. I did read a lot of comments on other kretek sites saying that it was not safe and a shady business. But the staff at certainly dont fall in that category. I would recommend anyone looking for fine clove cigarettes to use your services in a heartbeat.

  3. Dapung

    Great addition smoke. If you’re already feeling pretty good and you smoke a Black Menthol, then you’re gonna be awesome. Also leaves your lips tasting sugary

  4. Exlipse

    Djarum Menthol was actually the first pack of menthol cigarettes that I smoked. Since then, I’ve bought them a couple of times before, just to see if they’d be as good as I had remembered them years ago. Sadly, they never are. I don’t know if they changed the way they make them or if my tastes have changed. Also, they look like something a goth would smoke (no offense). Anyway, they aren’t bad, but considering that for the same price you can get one of many other menthol clove flavors that taste better (e.g Gudang Garam Signature Menthol) means that this one might not be an ideal flavor. If they were priced like a pack of Camels though they’d probably be the only thing I smoked.

  5. Smoker66

    the best flavoured smokes i’ve ever smoked. they’re not cheap, and not very strong, but their taste makes up for their price.

  6. Wesley

    not bad…stronger then the Djarum Lights and lasts longer as well, very tasty, mmmm and very pleasant after taste

  7. WWW

    these are good as long as you get a fresh pack. if the pack is stale you will not taste the menthol taste. the price isn’t bad, they are less then normal cigarettes and they deliver a nice buzz rush and do not stink like normal cigarettes.

  8. Cathy

    ~the DJ Menthols are in my opinion the Best and the service that I have received from Ciggies World has been Fantastic.I received my cigarettes in just over a week with no problems what-so-ever…they are actually fresher then the nasty ole cigars that I buy here in the U.S. I am so grateful that I am able to buy these. Thank You Ciggies World!

  9. Austin – 19 of age.

    These cigarettes are INCREDIBLE let me tell you… if you are a Menthol smoker and live in the US, do not buy anymore Newports or anything else ANYMORE.
    Order these.. just give them a chance honestly.
    because after i ordered 1 pack, that was it.
    i’m never smoking american cigarettes ever again.
    it took about a week for my order to ship which was a little annoying, but than again i live in the us and they’re coming from Indonesia
    Best Menthol cigs by far, thank you Ciggiesworld!

  10. SamKretek

    I would have to vehemently agree with all of the current reviews on this product, though I can’t help but put my 2 cents in as well. I smoked one of these for the first time around 9:15 in the morning and WOW! Don’t let their small size fool you! I was concentrated how slim and seemingly small they are compared to other cigs and I forgot that they have 1.6mg of nicotine. Literally the first drag got me buzzing right off the bat! These are a real bad-ass and versatile smoke- I could imagine having them with a coffee and relaxing with friends, or having one to start the day and pump me up! I think Djarum uses awesome sauce in these.

  11. xion

    I smoke Camel Menthol Greens and djarum Blacks. SO im a big fan of strong menthol ,I admit I prefer the plain blacks better but these are are a good kretek

  12. Scott

    I love that these come in packs of 16 and they are slimmer that the ones I have purchased in the states. Much smoother. The delivery times was a bit long, but that was understandable due the unfortunate flooding. I am now a customer for life and will only order from CiggiesWorld.

  13. paul

    Been smoking djarum black menthol for years, these are way better than the u.s version i can tell a significant differance! Overall great product.. my only complaint is shipping time, it took a little while but it was all the way from indonesia so no big deal

  14. Christine SPOSITO

    I give 3 stars because is a black djarum, good cigarette, but mixing menthol with black djarum is not a really pleasant taste. Only for those who like really strong clove cigarettes, but not tasty, for me!

  15. Scott

    The quality of Djarum Black Menthols is superb. The cigs are slimmer, come in packs of 16 rather than 12, and the taste is much smoother than the U.S version. I have smoked them for years, and I am so happy to be a client of CiggieWorld! Their service is outstanding.

  16. Selectivity

    Djarum Black Menthol seems to be a straight Djarum Black with added menthol. “Special power menthol”, it says on the back of the box. I could certainly feel a powerful menthol effect, but I couldn´t really taste it. Instead, the menthol taste blended with the, in my opinion, pretty harsh and unbalanced DB smoke to form a foul, vile, disgusting chemical mess. Every puff of smoke was repulsive. I don´t really have any enemies to give them to, so I forced myself to finish the pack. I tried everything; long drags, medium drags, short drags, smoke-mixed-with-lots-of-air drags, leaving a cigarette out of the pack for 3 days to weaken it… nothing helped. I could even taste “rodent section in a pet shop” at times. This cigarette made me consider giving up smoking. In fact, it is so bad that I will probably order another pack at some point, because I just can´t believe that it actually tasted that repulsive; smoking them must have been a dark, evil dream, possibly the worst dream I have ever had, and I have yet to actually try a Djarum Black Menthol.

    As I sit here writing this, there are 15 reviews of Djarum Black Menthol, and 14 of them are very positive, giving 5 stars. The remaining review gives 3 stars. I think that maybe my opinion on this cigarette should not be given much weight at all, then. It certainly shouldn´t discourage you from trying DBMs. If nothing else, the Djarum Black Menthol does its own thing. Its own horrible, horrible thing…

    Ciggies World, on the other hand, offer perfection and excellence. Order from them with confidence.

  17. Sev

    The DBM’s have a bit of a personality disorder. They don’t really feel like a clove cigarette but they also don’t feel like a menthol cigarette. I am not a heavy smoker but I do enjoy a cigarette at the end of day or with a cup of tea in the morning and I usually smoke menthols. I would say its definitely worth trying and making up your own mind and I would recommend it if you were feeling a bit adventurous. Love Ciggies World great service, great product definitely worth the wait.

  18. Brendan J

    Wonderful taste! very smooth best Kretek Menthol Ive had to date!

  19. ken

    for smokers who like a cigarette with a different taste i would recommend nicer than the standard menthol cigarettes

  20. Anabel

    Its hard to find menthol kreteks, and if your primarily a menthol smoker like me, it can be a challenge.. The Djarum black menthol are definitely in the top tier of menthol kreteks.. they have a nice spice unique to Djarum I’ve noticed, the menthol seems just right and combines very well with all other aspects of the kretek. the filter is slightly sweetened and adds a nice touch (i like a bit more sweetness of the filter but these are still nice) all in all the Djarum black menthol are probably the best menthol kretek from djarum and are for sure top tier out of all menthol kreteks, so definitely worth a try if you enjoy menthol. These aren’t my top favorite menthol but are second on my list to the Sampoerna A mild menthol. Ciggies world however is the top of my list as far as buying cigarettes online goes. they have a great responsive staff and are trustworthy. definitely go with the faster delivery method if you live in the states.. it makes a huge difference and youll probably be surprised at how quickly you get your order.

  21. Candice

    far to strong for me I am a smoker but to strong

  22. DS

    I already love Djarum blacks. So I knew I’d like the Djarum Black Menthols. 50% black kretek flavor and 50% menthol. Really good quality as you might expect from Djarum. I already like menthols but if you haven’t tried these you owe it to yourself to buy one pack. 16 per pack sweet tipped and delicious. I really like them. Will order them again. Djarum always has high quality items. This is no exception. If you aren’t a menthol smoker you could try the plain Djarum Blacks. I love them because the paper they use. Tastes different then other kreteks I’ve tried. Amazing flavor with menthol added. Savor the flavor, smoke them slowly to get full pleasure from them. Great kretek and I’ve smoked a lot of them!

  23. Li

    cheap menthol taste.. i discovered that i’m not a Kretek fan.. tried to gave it to all my smoker friends but after tasting it they refused…lets say its unique

  24. James

    Fresh and amazing, never a disappointment.

  25. Cr34npc

    After smoking one i really didnt care for it. In fact i was going to write my first negative review on here. But just like he says in description, by the third one i was starting to really enjoy these. They are different than the other menthol kreteks like the la light a mild menthol and gg mild shiver. These are a bit stronger menthol and not as sweet. With that said its a good tobacco clove blend and easy to chainsmoke because the other ones can get to be too sweet at times. Definitely will buy these again and if you like menthol kreteks they are worth a try. Just like he says dont give up on them right away. Not really sure why the first one seemed so unpleasant though.

  26. KB

    Very Good Product. Will Reorder Soon. Thank you.

  27. Codeine

    Probably the best cigarette I’ve smoked. My packaging experience wasn’t that great, but I’ll exclude that in my short review.

    They have a sweet, seasonal smell. With a dry pop, there’s definitely a cooling menthol flavor that instantly makes your tongue numb. Smoking it isn’t entirely different. I wouldn’t say there’s a full, sweet taste, as it’s still a cigarette, although it’s definitely present to some degree. The menthol gives the cigarette a cooling sensation, but also a “buttery” type of taste. They’re like little treats.

    Small cigarette, very thin, only 16 in the pack. However, the burning is so slow and it’s incredibly potent. It took me twice as long to smoke this in comparison to a regular menthol. I don’t recommend smoking this like a normal cigarette unless you want to be knocked on your ass. 4/5 stars because nothing deserves a 5/5.

  28. fkdagain

    Tastes and smells just like Christmas. It’s hard to believe these small cigarettes have more tar and nicotine than a normal cigarette. They’re a little bit shorter and thinner than what you might expect. Even the pack is.

    My pack entirely came apart. Not constructed very well. None of the cigarettes were damaged, although they were visibly banged up a bit and the pack was mildly banged up as well. This might not be the fault of the provider, but it still sucked. Also took nearly a month to get across the US.

    Overall: decent experience.

  29. Stephen

    Really good smoke very unique flavor.
    Sidenote, Ciggiesworld fulfilled my order perfectly again!

  30. David S.

    Djarum menthol are great. Menthol is mild. Still tastes like Djarum blacks.

  31. Milán

    This site is great! They delivered earlier than I was expecting

  32. Elliott

    Good quality smoke, strong clove and menthol taste.

    It should be noted that these are not sweet tip filtered.

  33. Joey M.

    These are a little too minty for my tastes. They still taste good but it feels like I brushed my teeth after I smoke one!

  34. Rodrigo

    You guys are brilliant! Excellent products and attention to the customers

  35. Madeline

    Ok these are soooo good

  36. Mark

    Menthol isn’t a good mix with kretek

  37. kate

    The menthol is strong. Still delicious but the mint overpowers the taste of the cloves. This is a once in a while treat for me.

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