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The stylish Djarum lighter to pair with your favorite clove cigarettes. You can find more Djarum products at

This cigarette lighter is an embossed metal surface with the print of Djarum Super at the front and back.

The Djarum icon that evoked a sense of pride. Djarum Super is a blend of Superfine Clove and Tobacco, with a fruity aromatic flavour. With 32Mg Tar and 1.8 Mg Nicotine, let the pride of Djarum Super bring you a distinctive smoking experience.

Djarum Super, a machine-rolled kretek cigarette in the Regular Premium class, is made from top-grade Javanese and Madurese tobacco, blended together with premium quality cloves that have been rendered extremely fine through Djarum?s Superfine Clove? process. The finished product is distinguished by its fruity, aromatic flavor.The distinctly masculine red-and-black packaging bears a gold accent that represents the premium quality of the Djarum Super cigarettes.

First introduced in 1981, by 1989 Djarum Super was the number one best selling high-end cigarette in Indonesia. Djarum Super continues to be known as a premium product in Indonesia thanks to careful efforts to maintain its quality and image.

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Weight100 g

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  1. Jack

    Firstly, this is a badass lighter. No doubt. Can be flicked open like a zippo and definitely has a great design. Butttttt… the flame is pretty small and you may need to buy some lighter fluid for it after receiving. I haven’t done so yet so I can’t say that it’s not a 5 star product but… ya I don’t know, I figured a lighter that’s brand new might have enough lighter fluid. Beats me. Lighter still works and I imagine it just needs more fluid to get consistent flames.

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