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GG Filter International – 30 Mg Tar and 1.8 Mg Nicotine. One can contains 50 cigarettes.

Gudang Garam Filter International Merah, filter kretek cigarette, is the top-selling cigarette compared with any other kretek cigarettes in the world. This most popular cigarette brand is the evidence of Gudang Garam high quality products. Its excellent taste and flavor is a result of expert selection of ingredients and rigorous processing – expressed as the character of Gudang Garam International: Pria Punya Selera (“Taste of the Gallant”). In line with this concept, this cigarette is made for men having a tough personality, modern style and good appreciation of the real art of smoking. This kretek cigarette is available in 12-cigarette and 50-cigarette packs.


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Weight150 g

44 reviews for Gudang Garam International Canned

Based on 44 reviews
  1. Selina

    Thank you for the quick shipping, I guess I can always use more kreteks! Glad I found your site and I now have access again to the cloves I once loved.

  2. Steve

    I truely love these cigarets of all the varieties this is the perfect clove cigaret

  3. Penny Proctor

    I love the clove scent and the sweet taste, my home smells like incense burning .
    I appreciate the swiftness in which my order is processed and that I feel secure in the payment procedure.

  4. Terry L

    This is one of my favorites. Strong, with a good balance of tobacco and clove.

  5. Daniel

    Excellent product. Real deal !

  6. jpo


  7. Erik

    It’s good one

  8. GARY

    not evreybody ‘ s liking, but I really enjoy a cretec sigarette from time to time.

  9. dirk willems

    not everebody’s taste, but I love the spicyness one and a while.

  10. DutchPride

    This site is for real,
    Cigs are really good, strong flavour.
    Original product.
    Fast delivery and packing material sufficient

    From The Netherlands The Hague

  11. Sean

    Great ciggs! Not suited to everybody’s liking.
    If you have had it before, I need not say anything else.

    100% legit!!

    Delivery takes time so you have to be patient.
    Ordered from Canada and delivery took about 50 days.

    Thank you ciggiesworld 🙂

  12. troyluck08

    Worth the wait. Authentic and Very happy with this product. Don’t delay, make your purchase today. Not imitation, the real clove ciggies for that hint of Indonesia.
    Thank you Ciggiesworld for fast delivery and perfect packaging. Will buy again : )

  13. Wnd Davi

    I was impressed with the service. When I had a query the reply was prompt and courteous. Highly recommended.

  14. slcmikata

    These babies are for true GG
    Pro-Clove cloned smokers!
    Although I’ve been waiting 5weeks for my greedy order of 4cans! There’s still hope & I’ve actually received my 2nd order of other GGs First!
    These are all round the finest quality for taste strength & flavour.
    They are built & packed superbly: Yes I’ve had these before:
    Mike in London UK*

  15. Matt in England

    If you enjoy a rich full flavoured smoke and are fond of cloves then these are the cigarettes for you. They also have a pleasantly sweetened filter tip. They are also much slower burning than regular tailormade cigarettes and are the perfect compliment to a cup of good quality coffee.

  16. Mal

    What happen when you post in Australia????….. Can???

  17. Anonymous

    Quick ship.

  18. Anonymous

    Definitely ordering these again. Simply amazing.

  19. Timothy M.


  20. Gabriel Cauduro

    Perfect! Fast and security! recommend

  21. Timothy M.


  22. Markus C.

    Best cigarettes

  23. jose manuel

    Los mejores cigarrillos…perfecto envio, gracias

  24. Gabriel Teodor

    Excellent vendor. Order arrived even earlier and top quality!

  25. Anonymous


  26. aeriemonks

    These are really fantastic kreteks! They’re right up there with 76’s and Coklats, and perfect for when I don’t have enough time to commit to my favourite, the Gudang Garam Klobot. Ciggies World provides such a great service! Thanks as always!

  27. Terry L.

    This one’s definitely a favorite.

  28. Anonymous

    I like them

  29. Vic

    Yep, it’s real.
    I ordered it, it arrived fast, it was super straightforward and now it’s here, in Florida.
    Thanks for sending these fantastic cigs all across the world!

    The tin can came with a dent on the lid, but I guess they sent it that way and made sure to include a sample of a tea and a biscuit to compensate for it.
    I don’t know if that’s what really happened, but I was happy with the extra surprise!

    Thanks again guys.

  30. Anonymous

    great stuff, nicely wrapped 😀

  31. Edward


  32. Anonymous

    Yum Yum

  33. Anonymous

    CiggiesWorld is first class. Delivered quickly. All good.

  34. Jose Manuel Diaz Romero

    More expensive every month. I dont buy more

  35. Mariana C.

    Very good

  36. Ivan

    Absolutely brilliant smokes, ratio of clove to tobacco is excellent!

    Also they are dirty cheap and very good quality!

  37. Frank

    a best choice in the jar

  38. Anonymous

    Solid basic cloves. Strong and very cinnamon tasting.

  39. NICK

    Wish these could be sold in the states, but this method works as an alternative. The flavor of these are incredible.

  40. Brandon Obaza

    The last shipment of these I received was good quality. Favorite clove, enjoy them very much.

  41. Anonymous

    Always love getting the GG Internationals in the can of 50, but best by far I find for taste are the Apache.
    Tried some 76’s (non-filter black honey kreteks) and found them to be a little too heavy for me
    CiggiesWorld absolutely brilliant ! As always !

  42. Lourdes Cabañas Gonzalez

    Pensaba que era más grande

  43. Kyle B.

    This is an amazing product. Well worth the try and a repeat buy.

  44. kfranv

    Not my favorite but it does the job.

    CiggiesWorld is the best!! Shipping was super fast.

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