Marlboro Filter Black – Clove Cigarette

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Marlboro Filter Black

Philip Morris’ first attempt on manufacturing clove cigarette under the Marlboro banner in Indonesia.

This Marlboro Filter Kretek feature a Smooth Flow Filter and automatic ProSeal to keep the cigarettes fresh.

28 mg of tar and 1.9 mg of nicotine

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Weight30 g

38 reviews for Marlboro Filter Black – Clove Cigarette

Based on 38 reviews
  1. Greta KG

    Order arrived to my mailbox today. I appreciate the great service and awesome quality of this kretek marlboro. Very grateful I am and I will put another order in soon. I still have another to arrive from you so I will keep in touch. I have provided a couple more reviews also on your products.

  2. Rob

    I was very curious to try these Marlboro clove cigs as I have been a long time Marlboro customer although I usually smoke their cheaper brand, L&M, and still love them.. but I just could not pass up trying these. They are not bad.. unique packaging and I like the stay fresh seal on the pack. They are fairly smooth.. a very little harshness in the draw but over all I like them. I think when it comes to kreteks I still prefer the Djarum Super’s though. But for a Marlboro attempt at clove cigs.. these were good. good flavor. I would probably buy them again. Thanks guys for help with the payment issue.. always tops in my book guys.

  3. Kristian

    First of all, I have to admit that I am kind of a Marlboro guy and when I heard that there will be a Marlboro Kretek I really freaked out! I tried them today and they’re great! Very good blend, makes the tip of your tongue slightly numb and the sweetened filter enhances this tobacco-clove blend. They have a pleasant fruitiness. I love these ones and I would always recommend them!

  4. Spencer Bainter

    We all know that P.M. (USA) acquired Sampoerna some time ago. Oddly, my X-Tra’s disappeared promptly.(Before US smoking act/ ban) Have you ever caught a smell or taste that triggered a strange memory? Well, I’m pretty sure these are Sampoerna X-Tra’s with a different look.
    Perfect. Also, ciggiesworld never drops the ball.

  5. DS

    These are really good. Mild and good start for Marlboro’s first attempt at a kretek. Only downside for me was the recessed filter. Really don’t need that. I like a normal filter to filter out all the bad stuff. No reason I can see to put a recessed filter in there. Other than that, it tasted smooth and mild. Clove smooth and satisfying. Sweetened tip. Good quality and construction. Plus 20 per pack which is nice. I’ll be ordering these again!!

  6. Oliver

    Took a few weeks to ship to The Netherlands as expected but received the product without a problem. Very nicely packaged with bubble rap and did not look like a pack of cigarettes. The box was in perfect condition, still sealed. Opening the box, you will instantly notice a lovely medium strength clove Oder. Very good smoke, strong strength (not for beginners) and a long duration of enjoyable smoke. Overall a very good product 10/10.

  7. soispasignunt

    I was not expecting much, as I don’t associate Marlboro with kreteks, but I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised. Definitely a strong raspberry (or something equally as sweet) scent and flavor. Great value as these come 20 to a pack, which only a handful of kreteks do.

  8. joe

    Nice clove not my favorite but very good sweet taste interesting design overall great cigarette

  9. jorgeromariz89

    So awesome, one of my favorites from this site, it gives a really nice nicotine hit and the sweetness is delicious.

  10. jorgeromariz89

    A Great tasting kretek cig, loved the taste. 🙂

  11. usman

    Very nice but not as smooth as the Djarum. Would order again.

  12. Michael mullans

    weren’t bad a bit stronger since the filter is half hollow

  13. Marek


  14. Anonymous

    These are Kreteks from Indonesia. Incredibly strong cigarettes and they smell gorgeous. Flavour is good but not the best in my opinion. Towards the end they’re so harsh that you feel that you’ve got sore throat. I would smoke one cigarette from this pack a week. Definitely not an everyday smoke. Don’t buy more than one pack of these. 9/10

  15. Tausif


  16. Timothy M.

    Amazing filter and yet high quality smoke. Awesome !

  17. Timothy M.

    Great Filter…smooth.

  18. Luciano H.

    Very unique filter contributes to the smooth and flavorful experience.

  19. Anonymous

    Very nice

  20. Kris

    I was pleasantly surprised by these – they come in a resealable pack of 20 which is nice. The taste is pretty strong with flavors that are more prominent than in other kreteks. A very good smoke.

  21. Antanas Montvidas

    I like em. Good cigaretes. Not a big smoker so one cigarete is too much for me but sharing one with a friend is nice. Would recommend to anyone who smokes

  22. Anonymous

    Quite spicy and delicious.

  23. Ivan

    On of my favorite, probably the most advanced clove out there, recessed firm filter and long size makes for quite a unique aroma and flavor, definitely a regular purchase!

  24. Anonymous

    A good cigarette with a sweet clove taste, if you like a throat kick from a clove cigarette a good brand to smoke.

  25. Spencer B.

    I miss my X-Tra from the ‘90’s but these are close.

  26. jennyrcoleson

    An amazing clove. The pack smells so sweet, it blew me away. Gets harsh near the end because of the Flow Filter, but still delicious. Thanks CW!

  27. jennyrcoleson

    An amazing clove. The pack smells so sweet, it blew me away. Gets harsh near the end because of the Flow Filter, but still delicious.

  28. Anonymous

    I love these. The smell Emanating from the pack is sweet and the flow filter is awesome for flavor, although is a little harsher towards the end.

  29. Steven

    Sweet with lots of clove. Like the old Djarum specials

  30. Justin Neef

    These Marlboros are always consistently fresh with a strong clove taste. I’ve ordered them a few times and have loved them.

  31. Nick B.

    Love the filter on these. They make the hit smoother, to me at least. These could very likely become a regular for me. Fantastic flavor, burn, hit, and a great option for an everyday kretek.

  32. Anonymous

    Sehr gut

  33. Rob B.

    Way better than expected. One of the top 3 kreteks in my opinion. Sweet, mouth numbing goodness. Full body smooth smoke. Very similar to GG surya 16.

  34. Anthony Seneck

    Fantastic smoke barely realize you are taking in smoke with how smooth that hit is. Has an almost jackfruit flavor and scent kinda reminiscent of djarum 76 but a lot smoother and having a filter. Amazing smoke plus you get 20 to a pack I will be buying more of these debating on making these my normal smokes as most of the 12 packs don’t last nearly long enough for me and with how smooth they are doesn’t burn my throat as much.

  35. TODD A.

    clove with a little extra tobacco

  36. Anonymous

    I love these Marlboro Kreteks.. they’re amazingly more’ish. I try to have just one a day butsometimes I’m yearning for more later once I’ve got that sweet clove taste.. mmm yum

  37. Rajat K.

    Love these. Robust clove taste and last much longer than usual ciggs.

  38. microlet2

    Interesting taste almost like gingerbread.

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