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A joy to savor. Djarum 76 is the result of a secret, sacred recipe with a history stretching back over 120 years. Made of mature tobacco, top grade Srintil tobacco and a variety of traditional Indonesian spices.
Product Description

Djarum 76 is a hand-rolled, unfiltered cigarette whose recipe for success remains unchanged from its initial launch more than 25 years ago. Djarum 76 is comprised almost entirely of tobacco from the Temanggung area in the highlands of Java, which produce some of the best tobaccos in Indonesia and the world. To this the barest minimum of natural enhancement is added, preserving and bringing out the natural fragrance of the tobacco.

Upon introduction in 1976, Djarum 76 rapidly gained a loyal following throughout Java, Bali, Kalimantan and Sumatra, particularly East and Central Java and Bali. Today, these cigarettes are available in 12 and 16-stick packages as well as in Twin Pack form. The latter came out in 2008, a recent innovation designed for customer convenience. This classic product continues to enjoy strong sales today, testimony to its enduring taste.

2.5 mg of nicotines and 38 mg of tar.

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Weight30 g

41 reviews for Djarum 76

Based on 41 reviews
  1. Morton Campbell

    This is the Monte Cristo of cigarettes with a perfect blend of fine tobacco and spices. A very consistent smoke. For fans of the old Djarum Original this will please you. I am now a huge fan of Ciggies World. My order shipped on the 21st and I received it on the 29th in Tennessee, USA. When I had trouble tracking my order I received a prompt email response with the solution. I can finally get the smokes I love worry free. Thanks!!!

  2. Frootloop

    Good, smooth smoke and strong, good hint of spiciness too it.

  3. Relico

    This is my favorite cigarette from the Djarum brand. The cigarette paper itself has a pleasant aroma, and the flavor from smoking it is likewise pleasant. There is some fruity flavor, but also some nutmeg taste as well. The downside is that this brand is without filter (although that might encourage one to smoke fewer cigarettes). Also, the clove flavor is rather intense, which may or may not be a good thing for whoever smokes it. Still, I recommend it.

  4. FeatherLite

    I started with Djarum Blacks, and those were my cigarettes for a long time. I recently tried 76 by accident… they’re absolutely delicious. They are non-filtered, and thus a lot stronger than Blacks (plus there’s the tobacco-in-the-mouth problem)… but they have a strength superior to other Djarum styles, not to mention a taste similar taste to Blacks while lacking their occasional harshness. If you never thought you’d smoke a non-filter, try these. They might change your mind.

  5. TheOne

    These clove cigarettes taste like Eggnog in cigarette form to me. I love the flavor because I am such a heavy tobacco cigarette smoker that I can replace plain tobacco cigarettes with these to satisfy my nicotine addiction.

  6. Kev

    2nd order and all went well received
    my order in 9 days from input awesome
    will continue to do business with the

    c- world thanks again kev.

  7. Andrew

    Service and express shipping have been excellent and fast.

    What can I say. This kretek sealed the deal and made me a clove smoker for the first time in my life. I never smoked tobacco either.

    On my quest for the real authentic clove / kretek experience I first tried filtered cloves of different brands but ultimately they were too harsh or mediocre tasting.
    I decided to try something different and got these without realizing they were hand rolled unfiltered. From the first couple puffs I was hooked and floated away in clove clouds.
    They should have a very addictive caution label. The quality and consistency of the flavor is excellent. They are rolled/packed tight and can be a tougher draw at first but they last forever. Two or more people can share one if desired. By myself I smoke half of one

  8. Kretek L

    Djarum 76- These are by far the sweetest I have ever tried. Not just the sweetened paper, but the blend is just incredibly sweet. They have very strong fruity notes and they are fairly smooth. I’m not a huge fan of how slowly they burn though, and they can be hard to inhale because they’re so tightly rolled. Very strong eugenol numbing on lips. I think anyone who’s tried these can agree these are to cigarettes what dessert wines are to alcohol.

  9. Steve

    Very good, and much like a Mr. Brown, only fruitier flavor. More dense flavor, too, in the unfiltered version. I hope the 76 filters are in soon, as I would definitely order them.

  10. Niran Perera

    strong body and great aroma…smooth if you are a clover smoker…….have it with a hot beverage always help with the numbness in your mouth.great service.

  11. Duane

    What a great smoke πŸ™‚ Smooth and easy to enjoy.

    If there is anyone looking for a nice strong beautiful cig then this is the one.

    Now go hit the add to cart button and enjoy.

    Cheers from the cold country


    Ontario Canada

  12. Gumby Damnit

    If you’re looking for something that is like the old Djarum Internationals these are the ones to buy. Sweet taste of clove with a big body coupled with the flavored paper and you remember why you loved them. Snap,crackle and pop!

  13. Crapnell Gates

    These are a great smoke. They have a cinnamon/nutmeg flavor that sets them apart from many other clove/kretek smokes. Pairing these with a good cup of coffee or cappuccino is perfection. I did find that a couple of them burned uneven down the tube, but taking a couple quick drags or relighting it resolves this. Ciggiesworld delivered in good time and perfect condition. Very happy with the service.

  14. Patrick M O’Donnell

    I have been smoking 76s for 6-7 years now and I have yet to find a better Kretek. Their taste is sweet and fruity. They are beyond a typical Kretek in that they have a fruit compote added to the cloves. The taste they leave in your mouth and the lingering smell on your clothes is exquisite. Try the rest if you like but the real deal is right here and thank you Ciggiesworld for making it a continued part of my life.

  15. Rob

    My last clove cig was about 20 years ago… thought I would relive some of those memories and that just wasn’t going to happen for me here in the States, since the ban.

    I was so glad to find this site and see all the great text and video reviews. This is my very first order from Ciggiesworld and so far I am VERY pleased with the service.

    Just bought my first, single pack order to see how things went. Great tracking info from start to finish. I’m from the east coast USA and used the cheapest, slowest shipping method offered (registered mail) and it took 20 business days, counting Saturdays too (or 23 total days counting Sundays) to ship, from sort facility there to my door here in the USA. I thought it would take 30 days or more so I was very happy with the shipping time. Packaging was perfect. Double packaging, gift wrapped twice and sealed in plastic.

    I highly recommend these guys… great job all around and I will be buying again! Thanks guys, you are #1 in my book.


    I had to review these because the reviews were so beneficial I felt it was only right to pay it forward.
    I smoked cloves periodically in the late ’90’s and early 2000’s. I began smoking Kreteks (Djarum Specials) in2007 until 2010, I was able to find retailers who still had stock).
    I considered buying internationally a couple of years back but wasn’t confident with the delivery and the payment option was too much of a process. I puns ciggiesworld and I was confident that I would receive my order and paying with a debit card option was right up my alley.
    As far as the 76’s, I like them, they are more tobacco flavor than the Specials, I could taste the cloves. They don’t have as big of a body as the Specials or what I would expect from a non filtered smoke. I would compare them to the Dharum Black. If you are looking for that nostalgic clove experience I would definitely go with the Supers.
    I will add, once I bought all the stock Kreteks I befan smoking Djarum Blacks, cherry flavors. I like them but I miss a more clove taste that I enjoyed so much with the Dharum Specials. I purchased 5 different Kreteks and as I smoke them I will review them under the specific Kretek.
    I went with the most expensive delivery option. I’m glad I did because for my first time I was anxious and concerned and that delivery option eased my anxiety and my concerns. I was sent emails the moment my order was processed, When they shipped ( w/ shipping number). I was able to start tracking my package 3 days after it shipped, on the 15th up until it was delivered on the 22nd of January. It was in customs for 2 days. I will definitely order more stuff from Ciggiesworld. This is the place to shop.

  17. Alcala

    So for the djarum 76 I for myself happened to love it a lot it was a really strong cig. That just blew my mind away becase for me the stronger the better . Now lighting them takes a bit and it takes well for me about 6 to 7 mins. Smoking it depending on Circumstance and don’t happened to like the fact that there only 12 packed in there that’s my bad thing to say other then that I love them , one thing I did find funny was when I finally received mine which took about 26 days the little package it come in was all torn up so I took that one off next was the regular djarum paper that protected it and finally the last paper they were warped in was a Princess pink warping paper which I found hilarious. All in all it was worth buying and I will continue to buy again

  18. John R.

    Back in the late 90s I used to smoke a clove called “Jakarta” which was a non-filtered “class-B” cigarette. I’ve tried no less than 15 varieties attempting to duplicate that (at least what I remember) flavor. So far, this is the closest thing. No filter, so yes, you will get the occasional tobacco on the tongue and seemingly hand rolled. I really enjoy the sweet and aromatic flavor but strangely, it’s not a harsh cigarette. With each order from I try a few new varieties and order a small stack of favorites. I prefer a very sweet clove flavor and wrap. And for better or worse, these guys last 15 minutes. Great for taking a relaxing smoke but not so much if you’re out with regular smokers as they’ll have to burn 2 or 3 for the duration of your 1. πŸ™‚

  19. Sean B

    Ordered a carton of these, along with an extra pack, a pack of koklats, and a pack of This Random5. I’ve had these before over 6 years ago from a local specialty tobacco shop and they used to be my regular smoke until the USA ban on “flavored” cigarettes. One after each meal of the day. Right out of the pack they smelled just like how I remembered them. Strong scent of chai, pear, apple, cinnamon, nutmeg, and rich tobacco. They have a huge body, secondhand smells like burning snickerdoodle cookies and incense, VERY mild on the throat and lungs which gets lighter due to the numbing. Leaves a continuous sweetness on your lips and has a very flavorful and spiced body. Imagine an original unfiltered chesterfield king with a whole lot of clove in it. Lots of nicotine. I usually smoke unfiltered lucky strikes and these gave me a nicotine buzz like crazy. And on average they were finishing being smoked after 20 minutes and thats with pretty consecutive drags. Ordered and shipped October 2nd, got here in arkansas USA on October 13th from Indonesia. Very well packed. Wrapped up tight with packing wrap. I love ciggiesworld. Recommended them to all of my friends. Great cigarettes, great prices, fast shipping, great communication, overall fantastic A++

  20. Conrad

    This is the clove cigarette that all others try to emulate. Give this pack a try. Just do it.

  21. VP

    These are the standard by which all other Kreteks are judged.

    5/5 service from CiggiesWorld. Even when I had issues with the local postal company, Jeff was quick to reply. Packaging was perfect, as always.

    Two thumbs up to CiggiesWorld.


    This is perhaps the strongest unfiltered kretek out there in terms of clove taste. This is very fruity and bubble-gummy and is packed very tight. This is so tight, in fact, that it acts as it’s own filter making for a really soft hit.

    I don’t like the draw to much, I prefer cigs with more airflow like GG Djaja and Sukun Orange.

    Excellent for a toothache though.

  23. Chados

    Everyone said they were the gold standard; they were right. Thick, tightly rolled and beautifully sweet clove cigs, that’s Djarum 76s. Def. better than blacks. Wow.

  24. Richard Morris

    Djarum 76 (the standard according to some, not me). Wow, great clove flavor, never harsh. Some tight some not so (hand rolled variation). Had some slight lung irritation. Unfiltered really great,smoke times run around 15 minutes. Rate as #3.
    I have smoked several cartons, so this is not a 1 pack review. While I rate as #3, differences between my top 3 are minimal and reflect my personal tastes. This could easily be your #1!

  25. Jesus

    The 76 is sweet and smooth, less rich in spice and tobacco than the Coklat, but just as balanced and delicious. As with most hand-rolled kretek it has an impressive burn time — one lasted 30 minutes the other night, though the average is 15-20. It is time well spent.

    Thanks for 100% excellent service as always, CiggiesWorld!

  26. Michael

    These were really just as disappointing as the extras. Oddly, these have a little more flavor than the Extras, but still not very prominent. Unfiltered, fairly thick and they don’t taper nearly at all. The smoke is pretty smooth, but it’s very much like a regular cigarette. They have the aroma and taste of the coklat- that unique potpourri-like note, except way less assertive. They are a little sweet, and have quite a eugenol effect even though the cloves are largely undetectable in flavor. The packaging is strange- plastic wrapped cigarettes in a softpack wrapped in plastic. Not my kind of thing, I gave the rest to a friend. 3/5

  27. Matt M.

    Best tasting smoke I have ever had. Even before its lit.

  28. Gordon Bouchard

    Great service and prompt delivery!

  29. Dema

    Very good product. I reccomend setting some time aside to enjoy these as they do take a while to smoke in their entirety.

  30. Anonymous

    Excellent service. Under 2 weeks delivery.Strong aroma. A most enjoyable smoke. Will be ordering more. Thankyou. .

  31. Anonymous

    LOVE the flavour of these, and they burn so slow!

  32. Anonymous

    These are my favourite – great flavour, super smooth, long lasting

  33. Gordon B.

    Fast shipping!

  34. Matthew

    Damn, these are nice. These are a sometimes smoke, very nice way to end the day. There’s a nice fruitiness to these too.

  35. Anonymous

    They were delivered within 2 weeks, all the way from Indonesia. Mighty impressed by this company. It was packaged nicely with some authentic tea too, which was a nice touch. Thank you so much, will definitely be using you again.

    Djarums are super delicious unfiltered cigarettes. I already have a craving for more. Though, if you can’t handle a harsh cigarette, maybe it’s not for you.

  36. Anonymous

    Dissapointed, overally fruity rather then clove. I found the cigarette paper too thick to smoke. Makes me cough and very hard to drag. Quite dissapointed

  37. Anonymous

    One of the best cigarettes you can get in the world, and I’m honored to be able to try this spicy, sweet, relaxing stick.

  38. Anonymous


  39. Nick B.

    Compared to other unfiltered kreteks, I found the 76s to be harder to draw. The flavor was decent. A fine one to toss into the cart just to try and see if they are for you, but these also tended to burn the longest for me so keep that in mind. A nice after meal smoke for sure, but not one for a work break.

  40. Anthony Seneck

    For an unfiltered smoke this is amazing I notice each time I smoke one I get between 11-14 mins flavor is amazing kinda has a jackfruit or juicy fruit flavor to it. These things are rather smooth for an unfiltered. Will probably buy some more of these for special occasions.

  41. Andrew Waldbillig

    The flavor of these is phenomenal. They are naturally fruity and have a good deal of clove content. The draw is rather tight, and the paper is prone to tearing, even for an unfiltered cigarette. I can’t be too harsh with the rating because the flavor carries them through to a great smoking experience.

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