Gudang Garam Merah

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This hand-made non-filtered kretek cigarette has the biggest sales volume in Indonesia. The blend of discerning clove and tobacco create a distinctive original flavor and taste compared to other cigarettes in its class. Widely known as Gudang Garam Merah (merah = red).

The history of kretek is identical with the history of Indonesia. Gudang Garam Merah is a hand-rolled kretek cigarettes brand with a commitment to preserve the tradition of the country?s processing and savoring kretek. Ever since it was launched in 1958, Gudang Garam Merah has positioned itself as the top kretek brand and received Top Brand Award in 2013.

The hereditary recipe using mix of high quality tobacco and clove makes Gudang Garam Merah the right choice for those craving for high taste kretek. Get the spirit of Gudang Garam Merah from each cigarette, which is rich in taste and quality preserved.

38 Mg Tar and 2.2 Mg Nicotine. 1 carton contains 10 packs. 1 pack contains 12 cigarettes.

Author’s review ” Out of them all Gudang Garams, the Gudang Garam Merah is the best. Solid, hand rolled non-filtered smokes that last about 20mins and have a numbing effect due to the cloves. The scent is way better than any of the kreteks I’ve smoken.”

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27 reviews for Gudang Garam Merah

  1. Brandon

    Great cig; -Smooth/ soothing, very strong, delicious, affordable and smoke for 15 minute.
    They dont leave you ill like Australian cigarets do

  2. David

    these clove cigs have been my favorite for many yrs,,,lots of people always want to know what these are,,,once i share them,,they are hooked,,,try these,,u will love the smooth character and the large smoke that these cigs give,,,im a happy user,!!

  3. J Mac

    I remember the Gudang Garam brand when it was available in my area of the U.S. back in the late 90’s. It was my favorite clove cigarette back then. Tried these, and they have that same GG scent I was looking for. I think I’ll try another GG type next time, but the Merah’s have the flavor I was looking for.

  4. TC

    I mostly smoke filtered milds and regular strength cigarettes, but of the three unfiltered I’ve tried dji sam soe, Djarum 76 and these Merahs..I liked these the best. Surprisingly smooth and easy. Quite tasty. Yep they do last a long time.

  5. Mark S.

    I ordered a bunch to try out other than the different Kreteks other than the imported Djarums available in California. I was sceptical about these non-filtered cigarettes but was I impressed. These were nice, smooth and very tasty. This is my favorite out of the different kretek brands and types.

  6. Kretek L

    These are unfiltered king size, and they are pretty thick. They don’t taper like most unfiltered kreteks. The smell of these is amazing. So densely sweet and spicy. Definitely the most unique smelling and tasting out of all of the kreteks I’ve had. If you’ve ever burned Himalayan rope incense or Bhutanese Yolmo incense, the unique spicey note in that incense really comes through in these cigarettes. The eugenol numbing effect is incredibly strong on these too. They taste top notch, but they are pretty harsh on your throat because of the density of the smoke and the thickness of the cig. They burn remarkably fast for an unfiltered cigarette, let alone king-sized.

  7. jennyC

    These are nice tasting kreteks, but I will say that there was less clove than what I desire. If you want a light clove taste get this cig.

  8. Sean B

    These were great. A just like djarum 76 but with less “sauce” taste and more tobacco. It has 2.5mg of nicotine compared to 2.4mg from a 76. If you want less spice and fruitiness and a slightly higher tobacco taste in the blend, go for these. I loved them

  9. Francois

    Smooth ordering experience. Excellent support. Could be improved further if credit card payment would be applicable.

  10. Adam

    These had a good strong flavor. I liked these quite a bit. I have not developed much of a palate for kreteks, so I am unable to describe much nuance. But these are recommended.

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