Djarum Black Mild

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Djarum Black Mild. Innovative Double Filter by Djarum

16 Mild Kretek. 0.8 mg of nicotine and 10 mg of tar.

Made in Kudus, Indonesia.

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23 reviews for Djarum Black Mild

  1. quentin

    These are faster burning than the regular Black, and they don’t have quite the same rich taste, but they are still better than your average cigarette!

  2. Niran Perera

    great clove cigarette from djarum…..very smooth and mild can smoke regularly without getting harsh and numbness in the throat….with unique filter it one of the best.

  3. Karen

    I was really impressed with these. I have smoked Blacks, Bali Hai, and Splash, but I wasn’t sure where these would fall in that line up.

    They’re awesome. Same flavor as Blacks, but much smoother, even more than Bali Hai or Splash. Really nice cigarette, and easier on the throat. Glad I got a few packs!

  4. Josh

    Good but I can not feel I smoke. Very very MILD.

  5. Telutano Herdens

    Just ordered a few packs – Definitely the smoothest kretek I’ve ever smoked (And believe me, I’ve had quite a few!) If you want a mild cigarette but without compromising on the flavour or smoke density, then these are for you!

  6. Ned

    This cigarette has ruined all others for me.

    Easiest way to cut down on smoking? Order two packs/month and allot yourself 1 per day. Normal cigarettes start to repel you, and taste like charcoal.

  7. Chris

    These are AWESOME I will NEVER smoke anything else! I just wish I could buy them in the states!

  8. Andrew

    I really enjoyed these cloves because of the light flavor and filter. I think its great for someone who enjoy cloves but not the strong hit it gives you. These are perfect for solo smoking with other cloves they need to be shared because their so strong. Great Product will for sure be ordering these again.

  9. Kwasi

    I am not a heavy smoker so this was right up my alley. Mild, smooth taste.

  10. TC

    While I normally don’t smoke DJ blacks and prefer Gudang Garam or Sampoerna cigarettes over Djarum, I could be quite happy with these. They are nicely balanced in terms of flavor, smoothness and body. They do have that distinct Djarum taste, but it’s not over whelming. My only gripe and it’s a very minor one, is that I wish they were packed a little tighter, so they would burn a bit longer. Give these a few good whacks before opening the pack.

  11. Shane

    I’m not a smoker and never have been, but occasionally smoked Djarums (Supers) back in college (the 80s). Once in a blue moon I get a craving for a kretek only to find that they’re now illegal in the US. Fortunately there’s a company like Ciggies World around to fill the void.

    Thought I’d do myself, lungs and throat a favor by ordering some mild products, but these turned out to be somewhat of a disappointment. They smell nice unlit and lots of crackle from the cloves when smoked, but the flavor doesn’t come through much and I found something a little harsh about them. If you’re looking for something mild, the Sampoerna A Mild are better imo…smoother, richer and closer to the experience to a full strength kretek without feeling like you swallowed glass the next day, lol.

  12. jan

    I like the fact, that these are very light smokes.

  13. Jan

    These are very light, but still very good in terms of taste. Would definitely recommend.

  14. Cr34npc

    The filter is really interesting but i think the double filter mutes the flavor alot. I think it would be perfect for someone new to kreteks… Just a tiny hint of sweetness to me, I taste more tobacco than clove but its definitely there. These are a chain smoker and i found a place for them smoking in between my supers and gudang garams as sometimes the sweetness in full flavor kreteks can be a bit much. If you like light or mild kreteks or never had one before definitely should try this one. I will definitely buy this again to throw in my rotation and recommend trying it but its not even close to a favorite.

  15. Jason (Australia)

    These would have to be the best of the best if you enjoy a very mild kretek. The flavour is still there, but the style is very light and breezy and they burn fast compared to an average or full strength kretek. One of my favourites as they are nice and easy on the throat and lungs!

  16. DJS

    These are Djarum blacks, but white in color with sweet tip. WIth a triangular inset filter as the photo above shows. They are light and very mild. Really like them a lot. 16 to a pack. Top quality, something you would expect from Djarum. Really smooth smoke. Yes I’d recommend them!!

  17. Mateo

    out of all the light cloves these are one of the best. The packaging and cig look is absolutely beautiful. Has a nice body for a mild cig. You can chain smoke these all day. no chemical taste like the ones here in Canada. I buy these and Sampoerna mild (sweeter filter) now. Very sleek and classy smoke. BUY SOME!

  18. Anonymous

    Excellent for when you want something that burns fast.

  19. Anonymous

    Took around 3 months to arrive, but it did arrive after all.

  20. Shrikrishna Asarkar

    Its light and nice clove cigg

  21. Karl M.

    Very Good

  22. Anonymous

    My go-to cigarette.

  23. Sam

    Mild and smooth with a great taste when you in a mood for something light.

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