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Djarum Super – with Superfine Clove.

The Djarum icon that evoked a sense of pride. Djarum Super is a blend of Superfine Clove and Tobacco, with a fruity aromatic flavour. With 32Mg Tar and 1.8 Mg Nicotine, let Djarum Super bring you a distinctive smoking experience.

Djarum Super, a machine-rolled kretek cigarette in the Regular Premium class, is made from top-grade Javanese and Madurese tobacco, blended together with premium quality cloves that have been rendered extremely fine through Djarum’s Superfine Clove process. The finished product is distinguished by its fruity, aromatic flavor. The distinctly masculine red-and-black packaging bears a gold accent that represents the premium quality of the Djarum Super cigarettes.

First introduced in 1981, by 1989 Djarum Super was the number one best selling high-end cigarette in Indonesia. Djarum Super continues to be known as a premium product in Indonesia thanks to careful efforts to maintain its quality and image.

Djarum Super – 16 Kretek Filter. 32mg tar and 1.8mg nicotine.

Made by Djarum Kudus, Indonesia.

Author’s comment “This review concerns in the American version of Djarum Supers. Well, what can I say? Out of all the Djarum cigarettes I have tried, these are by far the best tasting. The tastes of the Djarum Super are light, fluffy, and very sweet. They are certainly the most clove-tasting of all of Djarum’s cigarettes. The nicotine hit is respectable, but the smoke itself is not heavy or strong. The red and black packaging is quite attractive and classy. Overall a very pleasant smoking experience.

If what you’re looking for a clove cigarrete in the sense that the ciggarete is made of clove, Djarum Supers are right up your alley. They even contain less tar than Djarum Blacks. On the other hand, they’re more costly.”


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113 reviews for Djarum Super

Based on 113 reviews
  1. Arturo

    I recoeved my order of Djarum Super & Djarum Black Cappuccino after about 22 days they finally arrived in the mai. I tried a Djarum Super, Wow, the smell when you open the pack is intoxicating & the pack comes with two gold foil wrapped packets of 8 cigarettes each in a 16 pack, man these are so sweet, fruity, aromatic, and smooth with a great buzz. Well worth a try if you love a good quality Kretek, bout an 8 min burn so it’s for savoring, I’d easily buy a carton. Wish these were sold state side.

  2. clover

    I’ve tried smoking regular cigarettes, and the taste always made me want to vomit…and then I discovered Djarum Super. The cloves are really great, they keep the tobacco from becoming overpowering, and actually leave you smelling pretty good if you dislike smelling too much like tobacco smoke, or don’t want parents to find out, haha. The taste is nice and smooth and strong at the same time. They’re really relaxing and a little bit more elevated in style than your run-of-the-mill cigarette…you’re not one of the countless Marlboro smokers… Really great for smoking when you’re driving or just want to chill…except they are hard to keep burning unless you keep dragging. Definitely for the hardcore smoker…also nice for those of us who like a cigarette a couple of times a week. 🙂

  3. picolo

    To me these cigs are a great after dinner dessert. I love the way they make your tongue numb after smoking them. The appearance of the stick just shows how unique and desirable the experience of smoking one is. The flavor is much better than the rest of the djarum blends (especially Splash). If you want a cig to smoke once in a while this is the way to go. However, it can really give you a headache if you smoke too much of these in one day.

  4. Swight

    The US produced versions of Djarum always paled in comparison to the Indonesian made ones. Super edges out Djarum Black in my opinion. A strong taste and high content means you won’t (and probably shouldn’t) chain smoke these. But they are well worth the price in every way. The only problem is, like all cloves, they burn very slowly. These aren’t really meant for a quick break.

  5. ToothFairy

    These are the first tobacco product I ever smoked, so I may be biased- but I must tell, you they ROCK. After these, “regular” (non flavoured/mentholated) cigarettes seem disgusting. They are an extremely rich Kretek with an indulgently sweet “sauce” – Richer but less cinnamon-y than a Djarum Special. If you like Specials, try these. You’ll be converted forever. If you like Djarum Supers, don’t bother. Blacks are too cool for you.

  6. Matthew J.

    Compared to the bali hai’s these are the next best thing. Although i wish you had bali hai’s clove cigs..these are surely flavorful and satisfying!

  7. Brossovitch

    I’ve missed these since the flavored cigarette ban here in the US. These have always been my favorite Djarum along with the Special SUPERSMOOTH. I’m so glad to have gotten a pack of these. Great flavor, strong, sweet, white paper. These have been comparable to the Gungang Garam surya which has always been my number one choice in kretek smokes.
    Fast shipping too! Thanks Ciggiesworld!

  8. Alyssa

    Djarum clove cigarrette always give me a pleasure to smoke. It smell like a chocolate,it does not stink like other tobaco, and it does not make to addicted like other ciggarrtet. I reside in US and I don understand why did US goverment ban this Djarum cigareyte

  9. Astut

    I just received my order today!!! I must admit that I was skeptical, but Ciggies World definitely came through…thank you so much!!! You will definitely receive my repeat business! 🙂

  10. Kevin

    Just received my 6th order today!! All oreders have came through great and fast. ship time has been around 8 days.
    The supers are a awasome smoke sweet and longlasting, and come 16 to the pack full smoke
    my smoke before the no sale in USA. DJ speacial

  11. Kretek L

    These are probably the most balanced kretek I’ve ever had. The spiciness is assertive yet minimal, the sweetness is assertive yet not cloying (like Gudang Garams often are), the tobacco taste is very assertive, yet these are still unmistakable kreteks. This balance is what i think makes them so extraordinary, even though the clove flavor isn’t as high quality as the cloves used in GGs or Sampoernas. But that’s okay because they are better balanced in these. They burn quite a long time and are slightly thick.

  12. kevin T

    Have smoked about all the Djarum smokes,The super are out of this world great 1. long lasting 2. TASTE IS GREAT . 3. Nice clove flavor that is not over bearing.



  13. Jamie

    Thank you from Ireland. Product received. Great packaging and didn’t have to wait too long. Will definitely order again and will recommend you. The Super are a great compliment with a cup of coffee in the morning. Absolutely love ’em!

  14. Debbie

    Thanks to our wonderful President I am no longer able to get my Cloves here in the US. I placed my first online order and was able to track it. My cloves arrived in a week and I’m very happy. Will be placing another order soon. I’m no longer a skeptic. Thank you!

  15. John B

    My cloves arrived 15 days, from order to doorstep! Great service, fresh cloves and they made it thru! ;)The cartons were quadruple-wrapped in plastic bags and gift paper, so customs was no problem like I’ve had in the past with other companies. (I’ve had two 3-carton shipments stolen at N.Y. customs before finding this company) Highly recommended, let’s give these guy’s the business! Let freedom ring!

  16. Clark

    Seller Shipping: 10/10 Excellent. 20 days to east coast USA, and the seller was on holiday for part of that time!

    Product: I prefer a stronger clove flavor but still, great fresh product.

  17. JR

    US East here. First time order (1 pack of Djarum Super) and the entire process was flawless. I received the product after 16 days, and it was in pristine condition with outstanding packaging. Can’t go wrong with the authentic Indonesian clove cigarettes! Highly recommended and would definitely order again!

  18. Jay

    Recommend you smoke Djarum Supers with a large cup of coffee and fire-hose. These snapping, crackling cigarettes are full flavored and definitely keep you on your toes. Should only by smoked by the bold and daring.

  19. Jack

    For someone who smokes Reds, Southern Cuts, NAS, etc normally I think Djarum Supers are the best of the ones I’ve tried (LA Lights, Blacks, Cherry.) They are actually my favorite cigarette period tbh. Definitely recommend to those who like a full flavored cigarette.

  20. Jack

    Supers are actually the best cigarette ever made. Only complaint is they don’t last infinitely. For someone who loves nicotine and a good tasting smoke, Supers are the triple beam dream.

  21. Lovin Johnson

    A lot of reviewers will say five stars and I agree. The strong flavour, construction, fit into filter and how long they last should make it five stars. I just found an overpowering nasal that was interfering the enjoyment of the perfect blend.

  22. Luca

    this cigarette is top quality. full flavoured, very intense clove, but goes down smoothly. inebriating like dji san soe unfiltered. recommended

  23. Yeiayel

    Packaging : paquet magnifique / 2 lots de cigarettes x 6 / plus longues et épaisses que des normales / couleur classique

    Odeur : trés sucrée (malabar ou barbe à papa)

    Goût : filtre trés sucré laissant un goût agréable sur les lèvres / dosage parfait tabac-girofle / côté “euphorisant” bien présent

    Fumée : sucrée / avec une présence d’odeur de tabac / épaisse

    Durée : 15 minutes

    Les Gudang Garam Professional sont excellentes, les Djarum Super sont le TOP ! la cigarette ultime pour une soirée.

    Ciggiesworld : réponses au mail, envoie en France rapide (<1 mois), avec suivi, sécurisé, et discret (pas de douanes). Le TOP !

  24. S. Queen

    delicious! these aren’t sold anymore where I live and I was happy to order them here. love them!

  25. Raul

    Having lived in Indonesia for 2.5 years and then moving back to Australia, the thing I missed most besides the food was the cigarettes that you cant get here. Much to my surprise I found this website and to my everlasting joy you have fulfilled my dream of smoking this wonderful cigarette again! The perfect blend of cloves and Indonesian tobacco is second to none because nothing comes close. Thank you for this great opportunity and reasonable price.

  26. Monique

    I love these ciggs and the order was sent very fast.

  27. Michael H.

    I’ve been smoking Indonesian kreteks, in one form or another, for over 35 years. I wonder what ever happen to Krakatoas, those were the days. Anyway, being in the USA, Djarum Specials were my smoke. The only problem with the Specials was the danger factor when you first light them up. I’ve got more than one shirt with a hole in it from an exploding clove when lighting a Special. Driving is more fun than it should be when that happens. Then the ban happened, Djarum Supers were my replacement for the Specials, and you know what, they are actually better than the Specials. It’s just a good full flavored smoke, very close to the Specials, but without the danger factor when you first light them up. I’m happy and my shirts are happy!

    I would also like to mention that ciggies world gets 5 stars out of 5 stars from me. Their prices are fair, shipping is speedy, packaging of the kreteks is outstanding, and the customer services is excellent!
    I’ve been regularly ordering from ciggies world for 3 years now, and it’s actually a pleasure doing business with them. Thanks!

  28. Selectivity

    Djarum Super is a rich and very balanced cigarette. The filter paper is generously sweetened, seemingly without any artificial sweetener. The cloves, the tobacco, whatever other spices are in there – everything is rich and unashamed, yet elegant, without ever being sharp, overpowered or out of place. There is a delicious fruity note in the smoke, and the Super leaves a taste of some luxury fruit preserve – no idea of which fruits, but there would be dark and fully ripened plums in such a preserve. The pattern on the filter paper, the length and width of the cigarette, the length of the filter paper in relation to the whole cigarette – it all looks just right, just perfectly designed.

    These cigarettes should be smoked when you have enough time for them. If you really have to have “a quick smoke”, or smoke when stressed, get some other, lesser cigarette.

    I found that I smoked fewer per day of these, simply because they are so satisfying. You know that the next one, and the one after that will deliver. You can wait; Djarum Supers will be there, and they will not fail you. Find the right time, or make it, for these cigarettes.

    As for Ciggies World, they are as good at doing their thing as… well, as Djarum Supers. 8-10 days from payment to smoking them here in Sweden? Yes, that is indeed the right stuff. Fast, reliable, perfect packaging, communication, information – if you are looking for kreteks, you need look no further. Just order from Ciggies World; you will not regret it.

  29. N.N

    Firstly, I would like to thank CiggiesWorld for their…existence. Competitive prices, fast delivery, and solid packaging; I am one happy customer! A carton of these were my very first order from them, and it had to be these tasty smokes. Djarum Super is one of the smoothest cigarettes I have ever smoked, and they pack quite a luxurious taste as well. They’re quite strong, and they do indeed last a while, which makes these something to savour. As other reviewers have expressed before me, Super’s are well built and sweet, but not extremely sweet. They have a delicious black licorice type smell and taste to them, and the balance between the tobacco, cloves, and other spices is just right. No particular ingredient overpowers the others when smoked, they all blend together in perfect harmony. I can’t emphasize enough just how smooth these Super’s are. Fantastic smooth body, which goes down like a smooth magical elixir, which is then followed by a uniquely delightful, flavourful and unmistakably kretek after taste. I would suggest trying out different kinds of kretek’s before you settle down on your own favourite(s), but if you’re after a strong, smooth, flavourful and sweet kretek to savour and enjoy, I highly recommend these astonishing cigarettes. They’re great on their own, as well as with a cup of coffee or even with some hot chocolate pimped up with some whiskey/Bailey’s. These could very well be the only kretek, damn the only cigarette you’ll ever reach for when you want a smoke. Smoke them up and see for yourself! Thanks once again CiggiesWorld. Cheers!

  30. Val

    First, like many others here I want to thank Ciggies World for doing what they do. I’m no longer a regular smoker, quit 10+ years ago. But I had a hankering for a clove cigarette to celebrate my bday. To my utter dismay the US no longer sells “real” clove cigarettes thanks to the stupid ban. I searched online and found Ciggies World. I hesitated a little, never ordering cigs online before….even doubted they would really come. 14 days later my pack of Supers and Specials arrived.

    The Djarums Specials were my fav until I smoked these luxurious cigs. I purchased these after the many positive reviews I read. They are smooth. A perfect blend of spice and sweet. Packed in a nice long smoke.

    The perfect smoke for relaxing after a long work day.

    Will def order again !

    Thank you again Ciggies World and fellow reviewers !

  31. Nick

    Mild yet pungent. Lightly sweetened tip. Smooth burn and wonderfully smooth. The best.

  32. Nita

    I had to review these because the reviews were so beneficial I felt it was only right to pay it forward.
    I smoked cloves periodically in the late ’90’s and early 2000’s. I began smoking Kreteks (Djarum Specials) in2007 until 2010, I was able to find retailers who still had stock).
    I considered buying internationally a couple of years back but wasn’t confident with the delivery and the payment option was too much of a process. I puns ciggiesworld and I was confident that I would receive my order and paying with a debit card option was right up my alley.
    As far as the 76’s, I like them, they are more tobacco flavor than the Specials, I could taste the cloves. They don’t have as big of a body as the Specials or what I would expect from a non filtered smoke. I would compare them to the Dharum Black. If you are looking for that nostalgic clove experience I would definitely go with the Supers.
    I will add, once I bought all the stock Kreteks I befan smoking Djarum Blacks, cherry flavors. I like them but I miss a more clove taste that I enjoyed so much with the Dharum Specials. I purchased 5 different Kreteks and as I smoke them I will review them under the specific Kretek.
    I went with the most expensive delivery option. I’m glad I did because for my first time I was anxious and concerned and that delivery option eased my anxiety and my concerns. I was sent emails the moment my order was processed, When they shipped ( w/ shipping number). I was able to start tracking my package 3 days after it shipped, on the 15th up until it was delivered on the 22nd of January. It was in customs for 2 days. I will definitely order more stuff from Ciggiesworld. This is the place to shop.

  33. Demetrio

    Djarum Super 20, was, in my opinion, the absolute best kretek in the galaxy. R.I.P.! Nevertheless, I think this product, Djarum Super 16, is quite good when I want strenght. And ciggiesworld deserve five stars for the service.

  34. 5. Kwon

    Ordered from Korea, Seoul. Ever since my American introduced me djarum cigs I’ve fell in love with them. Can’t get these in Korea which sucks so I’ll rely on ciggiesworld! Shipping took 7 days, so quick! Thanks a lot!

  35. michael

    The Djarum Super is the ultimate clove. It’s flavor and strength are superior to any other I have tried. The blend is perfect – sweet, aromatic and spicy. Well worth the effort and price!

  36. Demetrius Patsiatzis

    I thought Id give these a shot based on their reviews and well I was shocked because I absolutely didn’t like them. They smell strong and have a very very strong crushed peppercorn taste and sweetness on the filter something I hated. I am just warning others if you do not know what you are ordering based on other reviews beware if you don’t like peppercorns! Im sorry to say this because I know a lot of people love these things but I have been smoking for many years and I just couldn’t smoke this I absolutely hated it. lol
    I want to say this has snothing to do with QUALITY – they were of HIGH QUALITY just so strong flavor and they spark when you drag on them totally not for me.. wish I had gotten a review like this before I purchased them but I expected something different maybe cloves are closely related to peppercorn and Im just not aware ?

  37. melissa

    Exceptional aromas from the DJARUM SUPER. It took a little longer than expected to reach me but well worth it!

  38. Michael

    I like the Djarum brand and especially the Super line. This cigarette has flavor while not being too heavy. However, I seem to remember these as being tastier, whereas nowadays most of the Djarum cigs have a cardboard taste quality that permeates the smoke, even though it is subtle. It seems there has been a change in manufacturing, even in Indonesia. But I don’t know for sure.

  39. Trevor

    My order was fast, cheap, and totally reliable! I used to be a big fan of the Djarum Blacks, but after trying this cigarette I have a new favorite! Very smooth draw, and an incredibly flavorful taste. I will be buying from Ciggies World again!

  40. Justin

    best cigarettes for once or twice a day smokers

  41. Sharlene

    These are my favorite clove cigarette s, by far. Very tasty and smoothe. Give them a try!

  42. Evan

    These are super smooth, and otherwise good in every regard, except that the sweetness on the filter is so disgustingly strong and distracting. If you’re into that, you’ll probably enjoy them. But these are pretty strong, so definitely a 1-2 a day cigarette.

  43. Michael

    I used to smoke this brand and type for years and then suddenly I couldn’t find them around anymore. Most enjoyable smoke with a fruity finnish, will order this again!

  44. Mark

    It was want I wanted. What was listed and it arrived ahead of schedule. Will be ordering more soon. Thank you.

  45. Spencer

    Exactly as they were 20 years ago here in US. Closest thing to what we had before the draconian ban. Pedsonally, Suryas are my fav. Supers are very sweet, higher grade raw materials for sure. If X-tras were still around, they would be my first choice by a long shot, but, Supers are the only original filter cig brand by Djarum still going strong.
    ciggiesworld is the ONLY way you will get the fine kretek you crave. They are the best in the biz.

  46. Eidh Lakewood

    These are wonderful. It’s so nice to smoke a REAL clove again & not the crappy cigars we have here in the states now. Thank you for making these available to anyone.

  47. Spencer Bainter

    Djarum Super is one of the finer selections available. I was a strict X-Tra and Surya smoker. That said, since certain regulations challenged our freedoms over here in the U.S.S.A., Ciggiesworld has given me and the Mrs. Our wonderful kretek back. The super is the closest to the ultra sweet imports no longer available. Sweet, perfect body and terrific aroma.
    Thank you Jeffrey!
    Spencer (Ohio U.S.A.)

  48. Tez

    I am no longer a kretek fan because I’m no longer a fan of the numbness which masks the strength and lingers in your mouth for hours at a time. Also, the sweetness has lost its novelty. But credit where credit is due, Supers are quality. A gigantic body and goes down very smoothly. And that’s my issue. If these were regulars, I’d gag and splutter, but because the eugenol numbs the mouth, throat and lungs, you don’t get the same bodily reaction. I feel that too many of these given their potencey coupled with their pure pleasure will lead me to an early grave. Whilst they are the best kretek in my opinion, they’re so good their taste and superior experience may take their toll on the body. So I’m sticking wth Marlboro Reds which aren’t as trying on the lungs and brain.

  49. Rob

    This was my second order at ciggies and I must say they always deliver! Good packing, shipping and service all around. I highly recommend this site. The Djarum Super is a very flavorful and smooth kretek. If you have not tried them yet, give it a go.

  50. Suzy-Q

    These are a great alternative to my favorite, which is no longer available. A full flavored hit that is smooth. Will order again.

  51. David

    I just discovered ciggiesworld, and these came in the variety pack that I ordered. I only smoke kreteks, and in Canada, the only kreteks that I can find are Djarum Blacks and Djarum Specials. The Supers are a couple of notches above and are delicious. Big clove flavor, nice spices, excellent sweetness, and a big full-bodied smoke. Too much tar for regular smoking for me, but a great treat. I will definitely order these again.

    And 5 stars for ciggiesworld. Payment is very easy, the owner answered all my emails promptly and kindly (even after he had made the sale), and my package came gift wrapped. Order with confidence.

  52. Angelee

    best cigarette I’ve had in years

  53. Debbie

    I’m so glad that I found Ciggies World so that I could get my clove fix. Saves me from driving to Canada and trying to explain why I’ve only been across the boarder for less than 1 hour. I like the Super’s better than the specials anyway, especially the price. The specials in Canada are $18/CN per pack and that’s a bit costly. I’ve been buying from CW for 3 years and I’ve never had a problem. Order always comes quicker than I expect and it’s well wrapped. I usually order a couple cartons every year.

  54. childoftheworld

    The taste is a bit mild but the clove flavour is yummily strong.

    You can taste the sweetness too!

  55. Abe

    I ordered a few different packs to try out (Blacks, Supers, Professional, Guadang Garam, and 76), and these were the obvious winners, with 76’s coming in close second. If you’re after the cloviest, spiciest smelling option, the Supers are what you want.

  56. Ruins

    I received my carefully wrapped and shipped package of cigarettes and you could smell the wonderful clove aroma from the mailbox. Each layer of packaging was like unwrapping a gift. Te fragrant smell of the very fresh Djarum Super’s wafted through the house even inspiring me to smell them like a cigar in anticipation.

    It had been a long time but these had to be the best Super’s I’ve had; just the right blend of bold tobacco and sweet cloves.

  57. marc e.

    If you’re looking for medium taste kretek, look no further.


    Great cloves! Great taste!

  59. lou

    the ordering and delivery of this company as always was perfect

  60. Harley

    Shipping was crazy fast. Thank you. The supers are by far the tastiest of Djarum’s selection. To me anyway. Been missing em since that obama character did away with em. Glad ciggiesworld exists!

  61. Rob

    These are always a great pick and still one of my favs when it comes to cloves. Also Ciggiesworld is top notch. I usually order with credit card but found out they could no longer accept them when I placed the order and the support went above and beyond to come up with a payment method that I could use. You guys are amazing as always! Thanks again.

  62. Mateo

    These I find have a very high amount of clove making them crackle like crazy with a extremely slow burn. you can tell the high clove as the clove oils seap through the paper. One of the BEST! They are also a standard cigarette diameter unlike a lot of the other clove cigs. Easy draw and a stronger cigarette as the tar and nic levels suggest. I do like these a lot if you want your satisfying nic fix.

    –I ordered 11 packs to Canada with tracking-sent email money transfer with a little hesitation. It took exactly 18 days to deliver from date I ordered to Ontario, that includes the 7 days to process at the Canadian boarder in Vancouver. There was duty and tax. Canada post took credit card or cash at the door as payment with signature. VERY HAPPY with this company.

  63. MRD

    These are the perfect Djarum kreteks. I regularly smoke the 76 and Coklat, which may be my tied for my favorite, but the Super are just as rich and balanced and satisfying in their own way, yet not as much of a time commitment as the unfiltered Djarum are. Still, they have an excellent burn time, you shouldn’t rush them, and are good from start to finish.

    It must be said that CiggiesWorld is top-notch!

  64. Cameron Bickford

    These are imo the best kreteks available. They are the epitome of flavor and what a superior rich kretek should be. I used to smoke kreteks in america before the distribution ban and I had tried every flavor I could get my hands on but I always went back to the Supers. I haven’t smoked a kretek or a cigarette for that matter in over ten years and after trying my merch I’m very much assured it’s forever worth the indulgence, nostalgia and incredible flavor. If you’re looking for lighter kreteks this probably isn’t for you but if you want full flavored perfection this kretek is the right one. Thank you ciggies world for making sure I received my package!

  65. Frederik

    Great smell, fantastic flavour and such a dense body of smoke from this cigarette. The room even smells nice after smoking it, which is a first for me with a cigarette. It’s too strong for me to smoke every day, but once in a while after a big dinner this is excellent.

  66. Andrew

    I really enjoyed these plus this company is great to deal with

  67. Michael

    These are probably the most balanced kretek I’ve ever had. The spiciness is assertive yet minimal, the sweetness is assertive yet not cloying (like Gudang Garams often are), the tobacco taste is very assertive, yet these are still unmistakable kreteks. This balance is what i think makes them so extraordinary, even though the clove flavor isn’t as high quality as the cloves used in GGs or Sampoernas. But that’s okay because they are better balanced in these. They burn quite a long time and are slightly thick.

  68. Nat

    They come in 16 packs. Normal-sized cigarette, white paper, very sugared filter. Smoke smells only like cloves with no tobacco scent – but not over-powering or sickly sweet. (I do not know clove/tobacco ratio) These burn a bit longer than a regular ciggy but faster than most other cloves. Easy drag – easy to smoke (almost too easy!) and not numbing or burning but you do get that nice clove buzz. Definitely a hit with other clove smokers & ppl who don’t normally like them, too. Non-smoker friends of mine with non-smoker cars let me light up with them. Bring a lot if you take them around a group of people – everyone will be asking you for one! These often throw a cherry, so watch your hair & clothes.

  69. Marcus

    Une des meilleures cigarettes au clou, mais les Super étaient encore meilleures avant (il y a plus de 10 ans), tout simplement parfaites. Cette nouvelle version vaut cependant la peine. Merci ciggiesworld. Vous êtes irremplaçables!

  70. Jamie

    Admittedly only my second Kretek cig experience. and my First was a Djarum Black, which went down a treat at a house party I went to.

    These are really very good! Not sure I want to share them! When I open the pack I get a smell that reminds me of Bananas. The pack I got had two separate compartments of foil like a dunhill international pack, a favourite non kretek of mine. But this pack is not as wide as one of those.

    White paper with a very cool marble effect on a cork coloured filter. With the blacks I found the paper had a tendency to crack and split slightly as you smoked it down. Not so with these, you can see the oils from the clove come through.

    Smelling these you got a moderate amount of clove smell. You could happily sit and dry draw the filter for a bit as it has a very sugary taste.You get the sugary aftertaste in your mouth as you draw once you have lit up. Lots of smoke production and the clove is not quite as sharp as the black, which is good for me. Burn time is also really good at roughly 10 minutes?

    Quite possibly my favourite cigarette ever at this moment in time! They are indeed super.

    Side note. Love the Coffees that have come with the packages I have received too!

  71. Thom as W ilkinson

    Smell is incredible as with all clove cigarettes, these were very smooth going down, Would be 5 stars if the cloves were a little bit stronger but overall a very solid smoke

  72. Mustafa Naji

    Good clove cigarettes

  73. Andrew

    They’re nice but totally overrated

  74. Efren

    Delivery was quicker than I thought! Great service! Wish they had Djarum Specials in stock

  75. Janice

    Djarum Supers are my favorite! Just the right combination of sweetness and and tobacco. Not too strong but very satisfying! I’ve been doing business with CiggiesWorld for many years they are simply the best! Great communication , fast shipping and Jeff is great!

  76. Shelley Lister

    Great company to work with!

  77. Anonymous


  78. Tom

    Best tasting cigarette I’ve ever had, although that’s compared to the normal non-flavored cigarettes available in America. Tastes like a Djarum Black but the width of the cigarette is much thicker. I mostly vape now and whenever I try a normal cig it tastes like ash but I will definitely buy these Djarums again from Ciggiesworld. Great service, replied to all my emails, product arrived on time.

  79. Janice

    Light, sweet, simply wonderful! CiggiesWorld is the best… great shipping and customer service 5*

  80. Kris

    These have a STRONG aroma and taste that’s unique, definitely richer than most other kreteks and heavy on flavor with really thick, heavy smoke that gives a great buzz. I only gave it 4 stars because the flavor and aroma is a little too much for me – but it’s not bad at all.

  81. Terry L.

    The quintessential kretek.

  82. Rob

    As promised! Great exchange!!

  83. Tanya

    Not as spicy as the Bkack!

  84. Scott Taylor

    I haven’t had a Djarum in yrs. Found out that I could get them from Ciggiesworld, that made my day!!! Since my first order, I have made 2more orders. I will Always deal with Ciggiesworld. A Blessing from Heaven! Thank You!!!

  85. Scott Taylor

    Since I have been with Ciggiesworld, I’m Very, Very Satisfied with their products and business! Great people! Thank You!!!!

  86. Anonymous

    CiggiesWorld is first class. Delivered quickly. All good.

  87. Scott Taylor

    Super cloves are a nice smooth flavored cigarettes. I’m very satisfied with them.

  88. Aleksandra

    The shipping was faster than I expected (2-3 weeks for everything to arrive to Germany). Next time I’ll definitely order more. I love the taste of Djarum super, so smooth and delicate. It actually doesn’t make my throat as harsh as regular cigarettes do 😉

  89. Douglas R.

    Best of the cloves (yet to try Marlboro or Dunhill). Very sweet, somewhat harsh, strong clove taste. Will buy again.

  90. david

    Good up untill the near end then I get a unpleasant tatse

  91. Scott Taylor

    Very Satisfied with my purchase of Djarum Supers!! Love them very Much! Thanks!

  92. Kimberly Rather

    These were good not the best but better than some of the others I ordered

  93. Anonymous

    The best!!!!

  94. Michael

    Djarum Black’s were my favorite for many years, but I love the Djarum Super’s much more now. Many of the Djarum cigarettes are good with awesome flavor.

  95. Anonymous

    This is a nice fancy tasting clove. So sweet. Far better than DJarum Black.

  96. Scott Taylor

    Best cigarettes I have smoked. Very Smooth taste. Very Satisfied with them.

  97. Jeramie G.

    Since menthol Black is no longer available, I decided to try a few new kreteks. Out of my order, these were my least favorite.. though that is not to say they are bad! They are the size of a typical cigarette so they burn longer than a typical Djarum Black. They have less of a crackle and less sweetness in my opinion. However, they are smooth, and if you prefer something longer burning you may like them. The cigarettes themselves come divided into two foil packs withing the main pack so they stay fresh longer.

  98. Kimberly I.


  99. Nick B.

    These are now one of my faves. Fantastic, flavorful, and robust. I would say these are more on the sweeter/sauced side than others, and I prefer that.

  100. Anonymous

    Didn’t like these at all, cloves are not my thing.

  101. Anonymous

    Simply the best!

  102. John

    The best.

  103. Anonymous


  104. Scott Taylor

    Very Satisfied!

  105. Laura C.

    Reminds me of Renaissance faires in my 20’s. Or a baked ham. Yum

  106. Mark

    Very smooth

  107. Anthony Seneck

    These right here are an amazing smoke. Me being an American I don’t get these kreteks often but always a consistent flavor and aroma. Much stronger than anything you can buy in the states. The amount of time I’m getting while smoking these from start to the butt of the cigarette is usually around 8mins for me. These Djarum Supers satisfy my nicotine craving leaving me not wanting to chain smoke like a lot of American brands. Thanks again ciggiesworld I’ll be sure to buy more of these down the road. Well after trying more of the full flavor and full body kreteks you have in stock.

  108. John

    The best there is a available.

  109. Anonymous

    Very very sweet flavor, great taste with a full body.

  110. John B.

    The best!

  111. Anonymous

    The classic and most premium clove cigarette. The oil stains on the paper say it all for me. High quality.

  112. Sorin F.


  113. Anonymous

    Not bad but I think I prefer the blacks

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