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Djarum Brown packaging has been changed to Mr. Brown Coffee

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Djarum Brown packaging has been changed to Mr. Brown Coffee

Djarum Brown The taste of excellence. Djarum Brown is only made with mature tobacco, top grade Srintil tobacco and tree-matured cloves. Blended according to a recipe passed down through generations over 120 years.

This hand-rolled kretek cigarette blends together top grade Srintil tobacco and tree-ripened cloves, enhanced by a time tested Kudus recipe that results in the uniquely delicious essence and fragrant aroma of Djarum Brown. It was the first kretek cigarette in the world to incorporate a flavor seal, locking in the taste until the moment of enjoyment.

This day Djarum Brown remains the best selling cigarette in West Java. An enduring bestseller that provides long lasting satisfaction.

33 mg Tar and 1.9 mg Nicotine.

Image of Djarum Brown coloured wrapping cigarettes.
Djarum Brown are famous for their unique brown colour wrapper that are flavored with secret sauce to enhance the aroma of this blend.


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Weight33 g

40 reviews for Djarum Brown

  1. Aidan

    My favorite cigarette of all time. Seriously, give them a try.

  2. Shakey (aka Richard)

    This is the first Djarum kretek that actually was revolting in almost every aspect. I tried it since it was said to be like the old Djarum Specials (metal box). Nothing is further from the truth. I say they are made from dredges of tobacco, they smoke very hot, no sauce so part of the kretek Magic is simply missing. Slight clove with cumin on flavor. I don’t like the paper, maybe the tast of paper contributes to the horrible flavor. If you want to smoke as close to the old specials, buy Coklat Extra. See my review on them. These also don’t have but a 7 minute or so smoke time. Don’t waste your money on these..

  3. Selectivity

    Djarum Brown is pretty unique (I have tried 19 different kreteks so far). It seems to be not sweet, not flavoured and not spiced, beyond tobacco and of course a lot of cloves. It is the simplest possible kretek, in a way. There are several rich, interesting tobacco notes in the smoke, and every time I passed the halfway point, the Browns started to remind me of GG Surya 16 Exclusive, only without much sweetness. Which is a bit weird, obviously, since GGS 16 E is mainly about sweetness.
    However, it feels cheap. A few of the Browns in my pack had literally inch-long pieces in them; those pieces did blacken and burn, yielding smoke, yet they were still stiff and unwilling to bend: not exactly ashes from regular tobacco or cloves. No idea what that was: a piece of stem from the oldest, most stubborn tobacco plant in all of Indonesia? A slice of a twig from a clove tree?
    Furthermore, while the tobacco is pretty full and rich, it feels a bit… well, dirty, for lack of a better word. The clove taste is also very noticable, yet at the same time it lacks a lot of the nuances and the details found in the clove taste of other kreteks, like the cloves have been stored far too long, and far too hot, or something. I get the impression that Browns are sort of a dumping place for scraps: “Right guys, let´s dump all these leftover bits and pieces of tobacco and cloves in the blender, mix em up, and make some cigs. Nah, no spices or sauces or anything, just the ´bacco and cloves, there you go. Hey, give em some brown paper. Hey, call em Browns!”.
    Nevertheless, these are balanced, tasty, satisfying, and unique. I definitely recommend trying a pack of these at some point, just to experience a really different, uncomplicated kretek.

    Ciggies World are the best as usual. Fast, effective, great packaging, easy to pay, no nonsense, no problems. 100 points out of 100 for CW.

  4. Mark

    Great taste; very similar to Specials

  5. Andrew McCaig

    great favour

  6. DJS

    I really like the Djarum browns. Sweet tipped but very slightly. Good, smooth flavor. I thought they were mild to smoke. I like the brownish/red color of the paper too. The filter is a little cheap but that’s just being picky. Overall a really good smoke with smooth flavor. Enjoyed very much!!

  7. Paul

    I just didn’t realise they were flavoured with cloves when I ordered them.

  8. TC

    First off, my review might be a bit skewed as I normally prefer other brands over Djarum, that said I actually give these only 2.5 stars.

    These seem to me like what cigarettes would have been like when they first started making them, sort of primitive and unrefined. Flavor was ok at best, I found them to be a tad harsh, with a bit too much smoke. They are nice solid packed cigarettes, but otherwise seemed cheaply made.

  9. J Eds

    Word of caution: do NOT smoke these while walking around, under any circumstances. I was VERY close to puking my guts out, lol. Still, overall a ridiculously tasty cigarette. The mini-cigars in the States don’t hold a candle to the original ones, you owe yourself to try this!

  10. Lee

    Absolutely adore Djarum Brown. The original, that is available in the Indo, not the cigarillo kind in the US. The only problem is that I can’t smoke them standing up they give me such a hit. Taste amazing, they are slimmer and more tightly packed than most cigs. They’re ‘petite’. But they last a little bit longer than most cigs because they burn longer. They have a pleasant crackle from the cloves when smoking, and a sweet taste on the filter. A strong, distinctive flavour that hits the spot. Many people are put off by the price, but you can’t chainsmoke these all day. They’re just too intense, too strong. So they tend to last, and one pack will go a long way, if you’re smoking something milder in between. My favorites by far.

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