Dunhill Black – Clove Cigarette

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Dunhill Fine Cut Filter. This is the second clove cigarette made by Dunhill International!

This modern filter kretek cigarette features finely cut Dunhill tobaccos and Indonesian clove to deliver smoothness and full taste satisfaction. The modern way to smoke a filter kretek cigarettes.

Sealed for freshness and aroma with Reloc – Exclusively Dunhill. A perfectionist in tobacco.

Dunhill Fine Cut Filter clove cigarettes. 1 pack contains 16 Fine Cut clove cigarettes.

1.5mg of nicotine and 21mg of tar.

Made under authority of Dunhill Tobacco of London Limited.

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Weight33 g

28 reviews for Dunhill Black – Clove Cigarette

  1. Anonymous

    Got 2 packs so yeah, still a bit cheaper

  2. dprnknorthkorea

    I found this Dunhill Clove Cigarette when i was with my uncle house. I dont know where he get it! But the taste was unique and pretty mild, which i guess is suitable to satisfy my taste on tobacco product!
    Only two word to describe this cigarette: “Hot damn!”

  3. Jordan D.

    Decadent smoke. Slight chocolate.

  4. blackbird55

    Dunhil Fine Cut Black Is Most Definitely The Best Cigarettes I Smoked In My Entire Life, Perfect.

  5. Adam

    These are smooth and flavorful with a nice sound (the trademark crackle sound that kreteks are known for). The right balance of tobacco and clove, though not as “robust” as, say, Djarum Blacks. They are “premium” cigarettes on the “slimmer” side, so a quicker smoke than Djarums. I even like the slim, sleek package, minus the imagery of dying cancer patients and their organs (which is unavoidable).

    I would purchase these again through Ciggiesworld. Well-priced, fresh, and arrived at my door sooner than anticipated.

  6. Matthew Wrightson

    Very good ciggarette gives a nice buzz one downside there’s this fluid that comes out might just be the kretek tho anyway amazing service

  7. Anonymous

    This is my third time buying it. love the taste. props to ciggies for great quality and delivery.

  8. Anonymous

    Didn’t like these at all

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