Sampoerna Dji Sam Soe Super Premium

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Dji Sam Soe Super Premium is Blended from selected Madura tobacco and America tobacco with high quality clove and special sauces, deliver consistent taste from many generations.

With 39 mg Tar 2.3 mg Nicotine. One pack contain 12 non-filtered kretek cigarettes.

Dji Sam Soe Indonesia is the largest tobacco in terms of revenue. Dji Sam Soe Indonesia worthy of the title as the best Long-Life Brand. It can be difficult to explain Dji Sam Soe with modern concept of branding. Traditionally, it has a very strong heritage, but able to grow and continuing to the present.


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22 reviews for Sampoerna Dji Sam Soe Super Premium

  1. dave lethhbridge

    I wish it had a better draw but the flavour is top of the line. Two thumbs up will be ordering again.

  2. Ken Simpson

    It seems to me that these clove cigarettes don’t have the intense clove flavor from years ago. It’s hard to say if the problem is lack of freshness or just they way these cigarettes are made

  3. Selectivity

    Right, let me see.
    1. Ultra-stylish, raised gold lettering on a classy, matte, black, textured box that is
    2. extra broad and
    3. opens in an innovative way, revealing some
    4. posh gold/bronze text and a signature on the inside of the box, like in the box of a vintage single malt whisky, also exposing the
    5. container section of the box that proudly puts its contents on display,
    6. while leaving them inaccessible until you
    7. crack open the container along the perforated lines, with said contents being
    8. individually enclosed in golden paper tubes.

    When you do it like that, Sampoerna, you are clearly making a few statements, statements like “this is an amazing cigarette”, “whatever you are smoking now, you really need to try this”, “this is truly a quality product”, etc etc. If you go around making statements like that, you better have grounds for making them, or people are going to be sorely disappointed.

    Dji Sam Soe Super Premium suffers from being overly subtle. It is like a less-is-more mentality has broken free, escaped, and invaded the collective Sampoerna hive mind, resulting in this cigarette.

    The paper is sweetened, but not much. The cigarette itself is of course solidly made, however, when smelling the unlit cigarette, there was an dubious note that I haven´t smelled on any other cigarette, which I think came from the gold wrapping paper and/or the glue used on the wrapping paper. This note didn´t affect the taste of the smoke, though.
    The unlit cigarette doesn´t smell very bold or spicy or unique in any way.
    Smoking it, I found a overly subtle note of toffee sweetness, some overly subtle/bland honey notes, and a few other overly subtle notes. Not much spicyness or anything else that you expect to get from a good, unfiltered kretek. I will say that DSS SP has a tasty, and different, tobacco blend that surprised me by managing to get my attention while I was busy being attacked by a flock of enraged subtleties. If they ever take this exact tobacco blend, which they won´t, and put it in a clove/spice-free filtered cigarette, I would certainly try a box of that.

    So, good tobacco, weak on sweetness, weak on clove taste, weak on spices, and weak on other notes. I am not marking this cigarette down because of the box design and the ensuing disappointment; I am grading it in comparison with other unfiltereds, and also on its own, as a smoking experience. It is entirely smokable, and it lasts long enough, and has enough fullness and richness in the smoke to be what I call a True Kretek (filtereds can´t be that, for me). You can sit down on your own with this, smoke it slowly, and have a good, calming 15-20 mins, and be satisfied. But apart from the tobacco, everything else is too streamlined and too toned down for its own good. In this case then, less isn´t more; Wismilak Green is more. And Djarum 76 is very, very much more. If you are attracted by the box design, well give in then, buy it now, get it out of your system. Maybe you will like it a lot more than I did, but for me, this was just a very good tobacco blend paired with mediocrity. Unless they change the recipe in a radical way, I won´t buy Dji Sam Soe Super Premium again.

    Ciggies World is more, though, more of all the good things, like speed, reliability, solid packaging, easy payment and everything else that you want from them. Buy with confidence from Ciggies World.

  4. yudhik

    the best unfiltered cigarettes in Indonesia bro … you have to try … Indonesian cigarettes are the best cigarettes in the world

  5. WWW

    i smoked one of these one night at work…omg i was in a rush and it was soooo strong. i was buzzing for like a half hr. it was so strong. the taste was fruity and good. 🙂

  6. Daniel

    Aromatic premium cigarettes that last a long time. Very pleasant.

  7. $pence

    Dji Sam Soe Super Premiums are an excellent smoke. The packaging is very nifty, but I also really enjoy the product. They don’t pack the same punch as GG Merahs or Wismilak Specials, but in the evening, these really hit the spot.
    From the range of unfiltered kreteks available from Samporna, Dji Sam Soe Super Premium are the best in my opinion.

  8. Duane (Canada)

    Well what can I say but WOW… The smoke was amazing by far the best. Thanks CW for making my order a great one once again.

  9. hans c.

    The cig is soft and the cloves are fresh. Perfect.

  10. Gumby Damnit

    Remember the old Djarum Internationals? Well, this is nothing like those. I could barely taste the clove and the paper wasn’t very sweet either. To me it seemed like I was smoking a Camel nonfilter that was a little off. Don’t buy these if you’re looking for strong clove flavor and the sweet taste on your lips.

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