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32mg of Tar and 2.2mg of Nicotine

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  1. TC

    These were a bit stronger than I am accustomed. A strong but not overwhelming nicotine kick. They left a bit of an oily feeling in my mouth afterwards, but for some that may suit your palate. The packaging was good (I love the design). They felt like they were made inexpensively. I think the niche market for these, is for someone that likes a stronger filtered smoke for a cheaper price.

  2. john lee

    despite the freakish tar content, it goes down rather soothing with a morning coffee, nicotine is a thing of a beauty if you dont get those morning buzz anymore, filter has a mild sweetness that kinda makes your lips/tongue sting or numb, clove is somewhat low profile unless you retro hale compared to djarum black. however, if you like to retro hale your smoke, these have a beautiful balance of clove and tobacco and leaves behind a beautiful aroma

  3. DS

    I really liked these. I thought the quality was good on them. I’d had a lot of kreteks and these are right up there in quality. Love the package design and the cigarette itself. Taste is smooth and clovey. Sweet tipped. These are not a mini kretek but a full kretek cigarette. 12 per pack. Solidly built and comparable to other good quality kreteks I’ve had. Nice flavor and aroma. I’ll be purchasing again.

  4. DJS

    Love the package too. This are smooth made by GG. Good quality and easy to smoke. These and the GG signature blacks are my favorite full size kretek by GG. But I haven’t tried all of them either. GG makes a great product. These are no exception. Indian on package is awesome as well. These are powerful yet smooth at the same time. I recommend at least trying a pack for yourself!

  5. AGTN

    Hi! I received my 2 pack order this morning. I just tried apache and they were fantastic. I’m so glad I ordered from ciggiesworld 🙂 I might be ordering a carton’s worth next time!Thank you again.

  6. Alexander

    After having tried the Djarum Blacks, Djarum 76, Gudang Garam Internationals and the Djarum Supers (all filtered), I think I have found my favorite kretek in the Apache. Not as sweet as the Supers but more so than the 76s, the Apache has a great tobacco/clove flavour balance. With a sweetened filter and tones of dark chocolate it is a delicious and satisfying smoke. The red Indian motif is the icing on the cake for this lovely kretek! Perhaps I was lucky with my carton, but each cigarette had plenty of clove oil blotches, which in my experience is always a sign of a good kretek.

  7. Conrad

    Bought a pack of these a few weeks back. Real nice rich body, and a really good flavour with a nice aftertaste on the lips. For the price you cannot go wrong. Great service from ciggiesworld as well- would order again. They also keep really well.

  8. Mustafa Naji

    Best than djarum black

  9. David S.

    Cheap and good quality. These are 12 to a pack. So they are thicker. Love the Indian on the package. They are high quality at a low price.

  10. Carolee W.

    These are full of flavour but sadly ‘not my thing’. Ciggies World itself gets top Mark’s tho 🙂

  11. Crumz24

    Omg these are so underrated… they are bomb!!!! They are not in the top like very best category but they are good enough to try at least once. Yea they are different slightly… kinda in a good way… if you want something different dont judge a book by its cover… I just ordered more right before this review haha. Been with cw for very long time… for what worth… I Reccomend them to anyone that likes djarum, gudang garam, and sampoerna…

  12. Anonymous

    Delicious !

  13. antonelloloddo2

    A delicacy, with lots of cloves.
    A good starting point to taste a strong kretek, buy it!

  14. Terry L.

    Easily my favorite.

  15. David S.

    These are great for the price. Smooth and inexpensive.

  16. Mustafa Abdullah Naji

    nice clove smooth cigarettes

  17. Jorge

    A good clove cig, a bit harsh bit still like it.

  18. Lourdes Cabañas González

    Muy bueno

  19. francescomarratzu

    Thanks to my cousin, I could smoke this excellent kretek,
    now he stopped smoking, but in the next months,
    I will surely buy this and other kreteks.

  20. Anonymous


  21. Anthony Seneck

    A strong smoke not quite as strong as GG international but better if you like the less sweet kreteks. The light up is heavy cloves without having more sweetness its feels spicier than other brands but not to bad goes down pretty easy. I’ve had 3 issues with this one though. First is about half my pack of smokes seemed to be light on the clove about half way though and got a lot more of a tobacco flavor. Second is the filter is a little softer than the other brands and as I get close to the butt of the cigarette it starts to get smaller cause the harder to smoke. Third is the picture of the pack is a 16 count the one I received was a 12 count pack.

  22. Anonymous

    Absolutely delicious !

  23. Anonymous

    These are the best ! Absolutely ! A real good packet of smokes.. excellent with a coffee

  24. Anonymous

    Very flavorful, a bit harsh and lower quality filter.

  25. MrX

    I like them, the smell and taste is vibrant, but there’s better to be had (Surya pro or Surya 16 , for example) and they’re only 12 to a pack. Not 16 like the picture says. Some people say they’re harsh but I didn’t find that to be the case. Definitely worth checking out if you’re testing the water. GG used to own this brand but they sold it off, no idea why.

  26. Angel

    Nice change. Strong clove flavour but a little less sweet than Gudangs.

  27. Verified Buyer

    Very tasty.

  28. Josh Stables

    Decent Strong Kretek, nice sweet taste on the lips real nice strength overall, decent little crackle on top a that.

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