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GG Filter Surya 12 is a filter cigarette created to reflect the dynamic spirit of youth, that is full of enthusiasm and loves life’s challenges. It is not surprising that Surya 12 bearing the slogan “Selera Pemberani” (The Taste of Gallant) has been acknowledged as one of the prime cigarettes in Indonesia and the world. The taste of the fine blend of tobacco and clove in modern packaging is a perfect reflection of the smokers’ lifestyle. Surya 12 is available in 12-cigarette packs.

Surya is a combination of high technology and traditional heritage of kretek cigarette processing that passed through generations. As the first full-flavor machine-processed kretek cigarette in Indonesia, using the mainstay recipe and high-quality tobacco and clove, every stick of Surya full flavor cigarette provides a unique and irreplaceable smoking experience. Surya is available in 16 sticks packs (FSC) and 12 sticks packs (FSC and FSM), also 50 sticks in can packaging (FSM). Surya is the best choice for today’s kretek cigarette lovers.

32 Mg Tar and 1.9 Mg Nicotine. 1 carton contains 10 packs. 1 pack contains 12 cigarettes.

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16 reviews for Gudang Garam Surya 12

  1. SamKretek

    I think that my headline says it all. I much prefer the Gudang Garam Surya 16s to these. Comparatively to the 16s these are like the sibling who aspires to the greatness of the older brother. In other terms, as they’re from the same direct lineage, they maintain a fantastic flavor, taste, and aroma- BUT I would almost consider these a step down from the Surya 16. If it’s within your budget I would suggest purchasing both these, and the 16s to compare for yourself- you will definitely not be disappointed. The Surya 12 stands on it’s own as a fantastic Kretek, but again it falls a tiny bit short of the Surya 16. On its own, sure 5 stars, but compared to the 16, 4 stars.

  2. Khairul2148

    the only cigarretes that give me high n kick just after a first inhaling rather than other cigars recommend it…try it u will fall in luv at first inhale lol 😉

  3. Selectivity

    Gudang Garam Surya 12 is a good smoke, but at the same time, it is eclipsed by many other kreteks, and even more so by two specific kreteks.
    Surya 12 has a lot of Surya 16 in it. The “Gudang Garamness” is not at all strong in Surya 12, though, like it is in the Surya 16 (as for what Gudang Garamness is, well, smoke a few different full-strength GGs and you will know). This isn´t necessarily bad, since the GG taste is good, but not optimal for me. Surya 12 also has hints of the fruitiness and style of the one and only Djarum Super. Surya 12 could have been better than Surya 16 for me. The problem is that Surya 12 is comparatively muted and toned down. It is as if they took 85% Surya 16 and 15% Djarum Super, removed most of the GG-ness, then carefully took away the finest nuances of each of those cigarettes, and then lowered the flavour intensity of the resulting blend with 25% or something.

    It´s too bad, really; Djarum Super probably won´t be beaten, for me, but this could have been better than the Surya 16. If I hadn´t tried Surya 16, or the (again, for me) superior Surya 16 Exclusive, or, of course, Djarum Super, the Gudang Garam Surya 12 would have been very impressive. As it is, though, it´s just a good smoke that is slightly lacking in flavour and style, and ultimately pointless.

    Ciggies World, though, has style, and ultimately makes other online kretek shops pointless. Great packaging of the goods, easy payment, total reliability and speedy processing of the order – full points to Ciggies World.

  4. TC

    These are packed very tight and heavy like some American cigarettes. They are definitely on the strong side and the nicotine packs a wallop if you’re used to smoking milds or lights. The box actually states 2.2 mg of nicotine (not 1.9). A better cigarette in the morning to get you up, maybe not so good before bedtime. The nice thing about them is they last a long time. Only 12 in the pack and some may find them a skosh harsh.

  5. Michael

    It is a good intense kretek cigarette but not overwhelming. I remembered it different than it was in the 1999…

  6. Ryan K.

    While these taste amazing I have not been able to figure out why they have such a tight draw. Truly a shame since they taste so good.

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