Sampoerna 234 Magnum Blue

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Sampoerna 234 Magnum Mild. 16 Lasermild kretek. A distinctive Sampoerna 234 magnum flavor, blended with high quality tobacco and cloves for the delicate taste sensation in a modern and exclusive package. Putera Sampoerna

Balanced blend of high grade Java aromatic, American and other high quality tobaccos. The distinctive flavour, taste and aroma come from the addition of fine natural cloves. This quality cigarette is brought to you with pride and an uncompromising dedication from the House of Sampoerna.

Sampoerna 234 Magnum Mild – 16 Filtered Clove Cigarettes.

1.0 mg Nicotine 18 mg Tar.

Made by HM Sampoerna Surabaya, Indonesia.



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Weight33 g

5 reviews for Sampoerna 234 Magnum Blue

  1. Anonymous

    They’re ok. Maybe a little milder.

  2. Lourdes Cabañas González

    El que más me gusta. Es el más dulce

  3. MrX

    I’d rate these as average. Nothing special, but not bad either.

  4. Selectivity

    Sadly, Sampoerna 234 Magnum Blue was a disappointment for me. The tar/nic values above (2.3 mg nic and 33 mg tar) are wrong. The correct values are 1.0 mg nic and 18 mg tar. It is also a slim, which I don´t like, and I think the paper is slightly thicker, maybe to give stability. In taste and smoking experience, it is very much like Dji Sam Soe Magnum Filter, but toned down and muted in the important areas. Still sweet, still smokey, still that fairly unique (when writing this, I have tried fifteen different kreteks, and DSS MF certainly has its own identity) spice/kretek/marshmallowy smooth richness, but lessened considerably. This is a good, tasty cigarette, but at the same time, DSS MF does what this does, and three times richer, fuller and more satisfying. I would choose smoking half a DSS MF, putting it out, and smoking the other half later, over smoking one of these.

    I´ll point out once more that slims in general just don´t work very well for me, although Premiex Coffee and Premiex Green Tea were pleasant surprises. It may be that you like slims over regular or thick cigarettes, and in that case I would recommend these. They will probably be very impressive to someone who has yet to try a kretek. A quality smoke then, but pointless for me.

    Ciggies World – fast, reliable, solid packaging, easy payment, everything. The perfect internet company, full points indeed.

  5. Leland

    Amazing products, easy reliable paying method. I’ve been ordering for a couple months now and haven’t had an issue yet.

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