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L.A. Lights Menthol

For those who truly enjoy a refreshing experience. L.A. Lights Menthol with its 100% natural mint leaves extracts gives you the best tasting menthol kretek cigarette.

First introduced in 1999 as a product extension of L.A. Lights, L.A. Lights Menthol is a low tar low nicotine, machine-rolled kretek cigarette. L.A. Lights Menthol has refreshing menthol taste which is derived from 100% natural mint leaves extracts that adds an invigorating lift to the smooth and satisfying taste.

L.A. Lights Menthol – 20 Menthol Kretek Filters. 15 mg of tar and 1 mg of nicotine.

Made by Djarum Kudus, Indonesia.

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Weight33 g

15 reviews for Djarum L.A Menthol

  1. Clarence D

    I’m a Brazilian living in US, when I arrived 3 months ago I had this unpleasant surprise that my dear cigarettes LA are not sold in US anymore. I’ve been ordering from this website since then. I really love them and there is no other similar. It sweet and fresh ! I wait my packages anxiously and every time is like being back home !!!! The only thing is take too long to arrive !

  2. Lisa N.

    Too expensive

  3. Ivan

    And equivalent is Sampoerna menthol, cant notice much difference tbh…

  4. Martin

    wonderful flavour with a good menthol taste

  5. Anonymous

    Well balanced and smooth

  6. Carlos

    Of all the kretek cigarettes that I’ve tried, so far this one is by far the best. Nice and smooth. Great menthol flavor and that sweet taste from the filter makes the clove just awesome! When I order, I always order these. I’ve tried others, but nothing compares to this one. Great company also, always super helpful and orders normally always arrive when expected.

  7. Happy Customer

    Ok, firstly. For anyone who hasn’t made a purchase from ciggiesworld, 100% legit, best customer support I think I have ever seen online, and fast delivery. It took 3 days to arrive in australia, unfortunately customs took their sweet time and held it for 2 weeks; after i paid import tax it was released and arrived in 2 days.

    The L.A. lights menthols are not for the average taste buds, I like them because they are almost bitter. The sugar on the filter makes the bitterness feel like a little bit of an extra kick when smoking these. I recommend trying a pack if you like menthols, the menthol flavour is there but it is not overwhelming. This is truly a light cig.

    10/10 service
    8/10 product

    Very happy.

  8. christiane sallade

    I’m very satisfied with this company. I’ve been ordering my cigarettes every month and this last time they surprised me, the package arrived in a week !!!! Thank you very much

  9. Daryl

    So unlike most djarum products I’ve tried that have quite a robust, intense flavor.. The LA lights are in contrast very toned down and mild. This is definitely a light kretek. The kretek is triple perforated which to me is a bit excessive, and its noticeable during the smoke. It almost feels like a drink with water added to dilute the flavor. Thats the best way to describe the LA lights in my opinion.. The flavor itself is pretty good, and the menthol is combined well. If you enjoy blatantly light cigarettes or kreteks you may enjoy these.. I however do not, and therefore didnt really love this kretek

  10. DS

    These are mini kreteks. Menthol very light and smooth. Good quality. Djarum is a great brand and once again produce a high quality kretek. Menthol is smooth, not overpowering. Sweet tip and good body to it. Overall excellent cigarette!!

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