Djarum 76 Gold Filter

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Djarum 76 Filter Gold.

Djarum 76 is a hand-rolled, filtered cigarette whose recipe for success remains unchanged from its initial launch more than 25 years ago. Djarum 76 is comprised almost entirely of tobacco from the Temanggung area in the highlands of Java, which produce some of the best tobaccos in Indonesia and the world. To this the barest minimum of natural enhancement is added, preserving and bringing out the natural fragrance of the tobacco.

Djarum 76 Filter is the result of a secret, sacred recipe with a history stretching back over 120 years. Made of mature tobacco, top grade Srintil tobacco and a variety of traditional Indonesian spices.

Upon introduction in 1976, Djarum 76 rapidly gained a loyal following throughout Java, Bali, Borneo and Sumatra, particularly East and Central Java and Bali. This classic product continues to enjoy strong sales today, testimony to its enduring taste.

32 mg tar and 1.8 mg nicotine.

12 Kretek Filter. Made by Djarum Kudus, Indonesia.


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Weight33 g

20 reviews for Djarum 76 Gold Filter

  1. Silvi

    I have loved the Unfiltered 76s for a long time and this is the first time I have been able to order the filtered. They are and amazing kretek, very smooth with the best clove flavour available. Highly recommend to anyone who loves kreteks!

  2. Anonymous


  3. Nickolas

    Ok so first of all, these are 12 to a pack not 16 like the size per pack states. They also contain 1.8 MG of nicotine not 1.6, and concurrently have more tar as well but I’m not sure. But wow are these a kretek. They pack a massive punch and are so smooth.. the flavor is great, very spicy and numbing. I like how they are more of a regular size cigarette compared to most kreteks which are quite slim. The filter is dipped and has a great taste.. these kreteks leave quite a nicotine buzz! these aren’t a kretek i would smoke everyday due to how potent and strong they are, but they are very enjoyable. Probably the spiciest and stronger kretek I’ve ever smoked. its important to note however that they also have a nice sweetness and most of all are extremely smooth. for how strong these are, they are the smoothest cigarette I’ve ever smoked.

  4. Bryan T.

    I thoroughly enjoyed these!

  5. Robert B.

    So smooth, sweet.. A true pleasurable experience.

  6. Anthony Seneck

    Not quite what I was expecting as I’ve tried the orginial 76 unfiltered and find them to be sweeter and more fruity than these filtered 76 golds. Not to say its a bad smoke but if you are looking for that 76 fruity richness these have about ⅔ or ¾of that. All and all still an enjoyable little smoke. Glad these had a good bit of that ever so loving clove flavor and crackling the whole time.

  7. Cr34npc

    To me the 76 filter gold is like gudang garam signature blacks big brother. Slightly bigger, with more flavor. While its a bit strong to be an all day. Its not harsh and is really good while not being too sweet. Ive yet to try the 76 unfiltered but should be receiving it soon. Ive tried over a dozen different types on this site by now and have yet to find one i dont like but this is definitely one ill remember to buy again.

  8. Anonymous

    These are quite tasty, always enjoy one of these with a coffee.

  9. Anonymous

    Same great flavour as the non-filter, but lighter

  10. Michael Farfan

    My new favorite clove cigarette.

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