Djarum 76 Gold Filter

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Djarum 76 Filter Gold.

Djarum 76 is a hand-rolled, filtered cigarette whose recipe for success remains unchanged from its initial launch more than 25 years ago. Djarum 76 is comprised almost entirely of tobacco from the Temanggung area in the highlands of Java, which produce some of the best tobaccos in Indonesia and the world. To this the barest minimum of natural enhancement is added, preserving and bringing out the natural fragrance of the tobacco.

Djarum 76 Filter is the result of a secret, sacred recipe with a history stretching back over 120 years. Made of mature tobacco, top grade Srintil tobacco and a variety of traditional Indonesian spices.

Upon introduction in 1976, Djarum 76 rapidly gained a loyal following throughout Java, Bali, Borneo and Sumatra, particularly East and Central Java and Bali. This classic product continues to enjoy strong sales today, testimony to its enduring taste.

32 mg tar and 1.8 mg nicotine.

12 Kretek Filter. Made by Djarum Kudus, Indonesia.


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Weight33 g

19 reviews for Djarum 76 Gold Filter

  1. Jorge

    A bit strong in flavor, I got a bit sick of them half way trough but good for die hard clove fans.

  2. Spencer Bainter

    As a kretek lover, the ’76 is of great balanced flavor. Great sweet to clove & tobacco ratio. Like most from this side of the pond, X-Tra’s were my love, the ’76 is different, but just as sweet, delivering a great blast of clove finely minced, along with the unmistakable Javanese tobacco.
    Thanks guys!

  3. Anonymous

    These kreteks (76’s) are unbelievably tasty !

  4. Alexander

    Compared to the other kreteks I’ve tried (Gudang Guram Internationals, Djarum Super, Djarum Black) the Djarum Gold 76 filters are notably less sweet, with no sweetened filter and a dryer, slightly bitter citrus like aftertaste. Though I enjoy a sweet kretek, these are a great alternative if you’re looking for something less sweet, but which still has that deep, flavorsome quality clove taste.

  5. DS

    Very smooth sweet Kretek. Not a mini, they are a full size kretek. They will not fit in a king size cigarette case, only a 100’s case. Slightly sweet tip very smooth yet powerful taste. Really enjoy them. There are many mini kretek’s out there, this is not one of them. It’s more like a 100 cigarette which I really like. Slow burning, numbing and great flavor! Only 12 per pack due to the size. Yes I’ll be ordering again. Great kretek smoke!!

  6. Anonymous

    Absolutely Ddelicious !

  7. TC

    These were pleasant enough, but the flavor wasn’t strong enough for my taste. A subtle and surprising undertone of cotton candy flavor on these. Smooth airy and very easy to smoke. You could feel the Nicotine and the box states 1.8 mg. Perhaps a nice smoke for someone looking light flavor and a bit stronger nicotine punch.

  8. Anonymous

    These are my new personal favourite! They are the most flavourful of all the stronger (filtered) kretek I have tasted yet!

  9. Thom as W ilkinson

    Smell is incredible as with all clove cigarettes, these were very smooth going down, Would be 5 stars if the cloves were a little bit stronger but overall a very solid smoke

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