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Minimum Order 3 Packs!

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Philip Morris introduced Marlboro Ice BURST to replace the Ice Blast. You can buy Ice Burst here.

Marlboro Ice Blast – Enhance your icy taste sensation by crushing the ICEBALL.

The ICEBALL – Marlboro Ice Blast is a special, unique kind of menthol cigarette mainly because it has this special technology A green ball called the ICEBALL which is at the upper part of the filter which you have to press to break before lighting and smoking the cigarette, to enhance the menthol taste and flavour of the cigarette. As quoted from a paragraph at the back of the cigarette:

Supercharge your icy cold taste sensation by crushing the ICEBALL. When you choose.

Without crushing the Iceball, the cigarette will have a similar taste to Marlboro Menthol Lights or Ice Mint. After crushing, it adds a cooling taste, similar to that of when you pop a Mentos Spearmint in your mouth.

How to Crush the ICEBALL

Well, it’s very easy. There’s a mark on the upper part of the filter of the cigarette showing an illustration of the Iceball. Press hard using your thumb and index finger (it’s easier if you use your nails) and you’ll hear a faint pop sound. A cooler way to crush it is to bite the area where the ball is using your upper and lower front teeth. It’s crushed Now light up and enjoy your cigarette!

20 Menthol Cigarettes. 5mg of tar and 0.5 mg of nicotine.

Flip-top box of selected premium tobaccos. American blend Non-FSC cigarettes.

Marlboro Around the World

Marlboro Ice Blast is exclusively available only in Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong. Other countries have their own unique Marlboro flavours too, for instance Egypt has Marlboro Flavor Mix and Indonesia has Marlboro Filter Black Kretek!

All Marlboro sold in store are FSC Free.

Minimum Order 3 packs!

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124 reviews for Marlboro Ice Blast

  1. Anonymous

    If you prefer a menthol dart that isn’t too mentholy, go for this one! It’s pretty good, a good “go-to” when I don’t know what else to get. Not as strong as the “double burst”, but still as satisfying!

  2. DeBrogoli

    Thanks alot!! i will get to the post office tomorrow for the parcel.

  3. MLRYS

    Got it !!! It was appropriately wrapped as it is my birthday on saturday.

  4. Dawn from Canada

    This was my first time purchase, I am very pleased, the staff treated me like I really mattered to them, making all efforts for a great experience.
    Great tasting cigarettes, you will not be disappointed.

    Highly recommend ciggiesworld!

  5. Jared

    CiggiesWorld are brilliant. Wish I had have “found” them years ago. Extremely professional, fast dispatch and extremely friendly and prompt with queries. *****5 stars CiggiesWorld!! Keep up your excellent service.

  6. Sigi

    Ich habe diese Woche meine Bestellung erhalten und bin begeistert 🙂
    Ice Blast ist eine leichte Zigarette, die anfangs schon einen Mentholgeschmack hat und nach dem Klicken auf die Mentholkapsel bekommt der Geschmack noch einen Schub hinterher.
    Die Abwicklung war sehr zu empfehlen, der Versand hat 10 Tage gedauert und ich musste nicht einmal Zoll nachzahlen.
    Die Verpackung war sehr originell und ich werde auf jeden Fall wieder bestellen.
    Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland

  7. Shannon

    I ordered 1 carton of ice blast three weeks ago, and received it in two weeks. Product is good, I like the ice ball so much especially in summer! Shipping is awesome too, no extra charging when arrived. Thank you for providing this amazing cigarettes!

  8. Andrea

    Loved these cigarettes. I live in Australia and was worried about getting taxed, so I only ordered one carton. I didn’t end up getting taxed, so it made each pack super cheap – about half the price I normally pay. It’s true though, once you’ve smoked these, it’s hard to smoke normal menthols again. They taste harsh and not menthol-ey at all. Was super impressed by this website and how quick it was posted – about 5 or 6 working days. Will defs buy again.

  9. Lorraine

    I was pretty impressed at how fast I received my order in the event the possible Canada Post Strike. I that in the future I will receive my orders just as fast as I do pay for the delivery service.

  10. cn.kyriakidis

    by far one of my favourites, tried over seas and could never find them in australia

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