Marlboro Ice Blast

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Minimum Order 3 packs!

Philip Morris introduced Marlboro Ice BURST to replace the Ice Blast. You can buy Ice Burst here.

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Philip Morris introduced Marlboro Ice BURST to replace the Ice Blast. You can buy Ice Burst here.

Marlboro Ice Blast – Enhance your icy taste sensation by crushing the ICEBALL.

The ICEBALL – Marlboro Ice Blast is a special, unique kind of menthol cigarette mainly because it has this special technology A green ball called the ICEBALL which is at the upper part of the filter which you have to press to break before lighting and smoking the cigarette, to enhance the menthol taste and flavour of the cigarette. As quoted from a paragraph at the back of the cigarette:

Supercharge your icy cold taste sensation by crushing the ICEBALL. When you choose.

Without crushing the Iceball, the cigarette will have a similar taste to Marlboro Menthol Lights or Ice Mint. After crushing, it adds a cooling taste, similar to that of when you pop a Mentos Spearmint in your mouth.

How to Crush the ICEBALL

Well, it’s very easy. There’s a mark on the upper part of the filter of the cigarette showing an illustration of the Iceball. Press hard using your thumb and index finger (it’s easier if you use your nails) and you’ll hear a faint pop sound. A cooler way to crush it is to bite the area where the ball is using your upper and lower front teeth. It’s crushed Now light up and enjoy your cigarette!

20 Menthol Cigarettes. 5mg of tar and 0.5 mg of nicotine.

Flip-top box of selected premium tobaccos. American blend Non-FSC cigarettes.

Marlboro Around the World

Marlboro Ice Blast is exclusively available only in Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong. Other countries have their own unique Marlboro flavours too, for instance Egypt has Marlboro Flavor Mix and Indonesia has Marlboro Filter Black Kretek!

All Marlboro sold in store are FSC Free.

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Weight38 g

120 reviews for Marlboro Ice Blast

Based on 120 reviews
  1. DeBrogoli

    Thanks alot!! i will get to the post office tomorrow for the parcel.

  2. MLRYS

    Got it !!! It was appropriately wrapped as it is my birthday on saturday.

  3. Lester

    Thank you very much! I’ve received the parcel few days ago.Thanks for all that and I will order from you again when I run out of Ice Blast.

  4. David

    I ordered these about a month ago, all went smoothly, payment was fast, service was prompt. Only mix-up was actually the post office’s fault, they seemed to have “delivered” my package when they clearly didn’t. However, straightened everything out with the post office, then received my package. Thanks! Loving these icy, smooth cigs.

  5. Ziliang

    i ordered 2 cartons but what actually arrived was only 1 carton, it seems that they only allow first time users to purchase a maximum of one carton. Even though, the carton came and it was exactly what i expected besides the quantity. This website also allowed me to realize this website is not a fake which is awesome because i ordered from this other website and they told me some BS about the Ukrainian holding the parcels.

  6. Shannon

    I ordered 1 carton of ice blast three weeks ago, and received it in two weeks. Product is good, I like the ice ball so much especially in summer! Shipping is awesome too, no extra charging when arrived. Thank you for providing this amazing cigarettes!

  7. Rachel

    This cigarette is the best. Its has such an amazing cooling sensation with the ice ball. It is like chewing winterfresh gum or a spearmint gum. I feel like I dont even have to brush my teeth after one of these.

  8. Bryan

    Great taste. Had these in China and coudn’t find them anywhere in the States. Ordered through Ciggiesworld and they quickly straightened things out for me. Order these and you’ll love the refreshing sensation.

  9. Wendy

    Why not just smoke camel crush?

  10. Avon

    shipping was actually really fast, it came as stated on the website. It was hard to find these cigarettes but ciggiesworld had it and i got it. definitely will order again, thanks.

  11. j

    I am from hong kong and i used to smoke these when i am back at home. but studying in the us, seriously us cigs all suck compared to this. this thing is the coolest menthol cig i have ever had. and to those who ask why not smoke camel ice, because camel cigs have a weird smell in which i dont like and menthol ice blast have a cool menthol that is sweet like toothpaste.

  12. Frost 27

    I’ve smoke marlboro blast and it really has a very smooth and icy sensation. it is worth the price i’ve paid for.

  13. Kulion

    Marlboro Ice Blast is the best cigarettes in the world, but i’m from poland and in my country they cost something about 4 dollars.

  14. W Tsang

    Hi! Just to let you know I just received the second package today thanks for the speedy delivery, will definitely recommend!

  15. Leanne

    I just wanted to let you know how im pressed I am with your service especially delivery. I have ordered items from Indonesia previously and have had to wait weeks to receive them. Despite there being a delay in me having to direct deposit instead of visa payment I still received the items within 8 days of placing the order – impressive.

    They were also incredibly well package. Whoever went to the time and trouble to pack them so well should be commended. I really appreciate the care that was taken. You may like to know that even though it clearly stated on the package that I was to sign for it, it was left on my front door step while I was at work. Aust Post not keeping up there end of the bargain! The tracking system was accurate and up to date. Unfortunately I may not have the need to order from you again but a lot of other companies could take a leaf out of our book in regard to online ordering.

    Thank you for the attention my order received. Leanne

  16. Dave

    i am so pleased with yalls customer relations. most definitely will be purchasing in the future.

  17. Vagner

    Yup! The headline says it all. That would be your first impression after one drag. The cigarette itself is pretty good (if you like menthol that is) but once you break the ice ball, the whole game changes, it’s so refreshing and minty, as if you just brushed your teeth with whole lotta toothpaste and it is definitely good for those having sinuses, it will clear it up! But beware, you will get hooked onto it and if you smoked too much of this, you won’t be able to taste any menthol from other cigarettes, they will just taste like light or regular.

  18. kathleen

    Love these. The ice ball is so awesome and minty and refreshing. The cig itself seems a little light and I feel like I have to smoke more of them to get a buzz. Shipping was so fast. Thank you!

  19. John

    Found these in a shop in Glasgow, Scotland actually. It’s the first time I’ve tried. I normally smoke marlboro lights and thought i’d give these a go as i like other “pop” cigarettes. I was a little disappointed smoking them without the pop, and i normally smoke the lights.. The pop part was refreshing however. Very smooth. Definitely my favourite of the pop cigarettes, although would prefer it to be a bit heavier without the pop.

  20. Sigi

    My order arrived today…..not damaged, complete and very quick 🙂
    I had no extra charges in Germany
    Love the Ice Ball and I sure will reorder if I am running out of them 🙂

    Thank you very much

  21. Sigi

    Ich habe diese Woche meine Bestellung erhalten und bin begeistert 🙂
    Ice Blast ist eine leichte Zigarette, die anfangs schon einen Mentholgeschmack hat und nach dem Klicken auf die Mentholkapsel bekommt der Geschmack noch einen Schub hinterher.
    Die Abwicklung war sehr zu empfehlen, der Versand hat 10 Tage gedauert und ich musste nicht einmal Zoll nachzahlen.
    Die Verpackung war sehr originell und ich werde auf jeden Fall wieder bestellen.
    Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland

  22. Paul

    Got these as a safer alternative (NON FSC) for my girlfriend who liked the Camel Menthol Lights (which are a menthol cigarette with a menthol enhancement capsule) just like these. She loves them. I also tried them as well. They are a great menthol cigarette as is. When you burst the bubble they are intensified 10 fold! It’s almost too minty; so if you enjoy a mint taste in your smoke this is perfect for you. I am purchasing a carton right now as a matter of fact!

  23. Rachmaninov

    The flavour hit is like whoooaaaaaa…. haha
    The menthol is nice and cool straight off the bat, even on the cold draw. Crush the ball and dayuuum…refresh your tastebuds with a mint blast!
    Great tobacco too!
    Marlboro and CiggiesWorld living up to their expectations!! Cheers from Australia

  24. Mimi

    Pretty addicting taste, it’s easy and not too rough for a novice smoker like me!
    One error in the review is that the Ice Blast is also available in South Korea too.
    Keep them lighted 😉

  25. James

    if anyone one knows where to get these in glasgow please comment it would be much appreciated thanks.

  26. Stephan B. Reisig

    I bought a regular package of Marlboro Light ciggies, smoked half the package and suddenly I pressed the filter of a normal M. Light Ciggy and suddenly it tasted very minty!! It was nò Ice ball sigaret. So there are some ice Ball ciggies in nòrmal Marlboro Light packages! WHY?? Publicity-stunt??

  27. Andrea

    Loved these cigarettes. I live in Australia and was worried about getting taxed, so I only ordered one carton. I didn’t end up getting taxed, so it made each pack super cheap – about half the price I normally pay. It’s true though, once you’ve smoked these, it’s hard to smoke normal menthols again. They taste harsh and not menthol-ey at all. Was super impressed by this website and how quick it was posted – about 5 or 6 working days. Will defs buy again.

  28. Zay

    These cigarettes are amazing I wish they started selling them in the US because they’d become my number one cigarette I recommend these to all menthol lovers & even non menthol smokes just to try. You won’t regret buying these, the taste is amazing.

  29. Telutano Herdens

    Great everyday cigarette on their own. If you’re feeling adventurous, click the ice ball, then BOOM!!

  30. Sonja

    Really good smokes…. With a nice menthol flavor…. Absolutely convince that this are the best menthol cigarettes out therr^_^

  31. Natasha

    Awsom smokes.. I love crushing the ice ball. And wow its like a breath mint…You cant go back to normal menthol cigs after trying these..Its just unjustifying.. Here I thought that the tobacco companies were trying to get us off smokes, with the Australian advertising sooo bad… Well why did they make these then?

  32. Gerardo Hernandez

    I was a fan of the Marlboro Smooth, best tasting cig ever had. The only problem I had with the Smooths is that, I don’t smoke too much so a pack lasts me about a month, when i got half way through the pack the Smooths started getting stale and the awesome peppermint was almost gone. With Ice blast i found that the menthol by itself stays pretty fresh and cracking that little ball just makes everything better.

  33. Conner

    These are by far the best cigarettes I’ve ever smoked. They taste amazing.

  34. Alex E

    Speedy, and great service. You guys are the best and for a damn good price! Thank you

  35. Natasha

    These are by far my fav smokes.. The ice ball is amazing.. It gives u a real rush of ice cool minty blast. You would swear they were breath mints.. I always crush the ball before even lighting up..

  36. Senor Tree

    The cigarette aside, Ciggiesworld has always done me good in shipping these to me. Always got it in less than 3 weeks and avoided taxes (a few times) It’s a shame canada doesn’t sell these.

    Smoke is very smooth without the ball but once you crush it…Oh man. It’s refreshingly minty. Best on a warm evening/night and always clears up my nose lol.

  37. Mark

    Tried these first when I was in Japan and since then I have been hooked, so thank you ciggies world for providing me a way of continuing to enjoy this great cigarette

  38. Xavi

    Best Menthol flavor…..i just dont like this Cigarettes…..i Enjoy them…in my opinion a very good Product:)

  39. Natasha Zaicov

    I ordered them once with another carton of other ones.. They were amazing.. This order I got two cartons of the Marlboro ice… There the best smokes, and I always squeeze the little iceball.

    The shipping was quick and love the packaging..

  40. Tony

    These cigs are truly amazing, there’s two level of menthol unlike in any other mentholated cigarettes: first level with a smooth, light but noticeable amount of menthol, for a relaxing experience, then when you crush the ball, you enter the second level: a real blast of menthol for the most refreshing experience ever. You can order these with your eyes closed.

  41. Vince

    Is it me who is not normal?!? I recieve them today, i was excited to try them since they have a high rate review…

    Nothing to say about the packaging, it was like receiving a birthday gift… Took 3 weeks before I get them in Canada, and I guess I was lucky cause the custom didn’t open the package (Canada custom are very strict when it’s time to inspect packages)…

    What I can say? They taste so horrible. The tobacco smell and taste very bad. The menthol taste is so chemical…. And when you crush the filter, the taste become very intense but in a bad way. I wasn’t expecting such a bad taste…

    It’s too strong for my taste. I like to smoke a menthol cigarette once in a while but those one just taste very bad!

    I’m not sure where they are made but the tobacco seem to not be a good quality one…

  42. Chris

    Marlboro Ice Blast is a very enjoyable menthol cigarette, the best thing about it is the two options of how strong you would like the menthol taste to be.

    Before popping the ball, these have a nice classic menthol taste. The tobacco tastes quality, and the menthol has a nice medium kick, without the chemical harshness some menthols have.

    After popping the ball, you get a huge menthol blast. It really clears your sinuses and leaves your throat with a cool minty feel, which lingers for about 10 minutes after you smoke the cigarette, like a breath mint. Just like before popping the ball, there is no chemical harshness whatsoever.

    Marlboro made a quality menthol cigarette here, this is definitely something I’d recommend as for a menthol or non-menthol smoker. Would buy these again.

  43. Eduardo Mendez

    you can get this cigarretes in USA, this company has made it possible for people to get this product, wich is amazing!

  44. Simon

    A very enjoyable cigarette, would recommend.

  45. Megan

    These are actually best menthol, they are from Indonesia.

  46. David

    its so powerful its like smoking a peppermint i advise menthol smokers to try

  47. Fiona Chung

    The product is good and the service is awesome.I will continue purchase from this website.

  48. John

    First time I had these Cigarettes was at a rave. Found an open pack outside the venue and there was about half a pack left. Thought they tasted amazing. So then I had to try them sober. Didn’t know where to find them but then I came across this site. Very good smokes if you’re into menthol. Seriously like smoking a candy cane. They’re like a better version of Marlboro Smooth.

  49. Sam

    Doesn’t taste good at all! The box made me not even want to smoke it! Which is good because after I smoked 2 I gave them to the trash can and quit smoking ever since! Thanks for making me to NEVER want to smoke any cigarette again.

  50. Yusuf

    Since I have been ordering Marlboro Ice Blast. I have a treat once in awhile. I like the smoothness of the cigarette. I have had great customer service with Ciggies World.

  51. Oscar

    I will be shopping with Ciggiesworld again, and again. They promise to deliver and they do.

    However, do note that Australian Customs have now employed sniffer dogs for tobacco.

    I have been caught a couple of times.

    Perhaps if Ciggiesworld could freight the item(s) directely to my local Airport,I might get through customs. My local Airport is much, much smaller than the states airport. And I don’t think we have tobacco sniffing dogs.

  52. Jared

    CiggiesWorld are brilliant. Wish I had have “found” them years ago. Extremely professional, fast dispatch and extremely friendly and prompt with queries. *****5 stars CiggiesWorld!! Keep up your excellent service.

  53. Zman

    Brings back the memories of smoking Ice Blast before the govt brought in the plain packaging in Australia. Definitely worth a try. They so cheap too.

  54. Lorraine

    Good morning,

    I have been ordering this product for about 6 months now. I love the Ice blast best menthol flavor I have every tried.

    I want to keep ordering but I have noticed recently that there is not an option for delivery of 21 – 35 days anymore. Is there a reason why this option has been voided. Please let me know.


  55. Poring

    This is my first time trying the much beloved Ice Blasts and I am in love! From the bat, this is a very minty menthol. Like a cough drop amplified times five. Then, I popped the capsule in the filter. …??? It somehow became less minty? Whatttt?

    No, that was a trick, lol. After two more puffs, I guess the true strength of the cigarette revealed itself. Instantly, my sinuses were cleared up. Actually, I felt like a wind tunnel on full blast or something, haha. The capsule imparted a very pleasant taste: not just straight up menthol, but more like slightly fruity spearmint. It’s a double shot of mint. Absolutely invigorating. I almost broke into a jog, seriously! Oddly enough I think this is so good in this chilly fall weather. I’m glad I decided to try these. Definitely recommend.

  56. Jared

    These cigarettes are awesome. Here in the US, Obama outlawed flavored cigarettes, including those with cloves. That is what promoted my search on the Internet for clove cigarettes, and how I found this site. I saw Marlboro Ice Blast and thought, hey I’ll order a pack. Here my regular smoke is Marlboro NXT which have a menthol capsule in the filter. I thought what the hell, I’ll get a pack of the Ice Blast to try.

    I unwrapped the pack and opened the top, put it to my nose, and inhaled deep and started salivating at the invigorating peppermint aroma.

    Upon lighting and taking a drag, it tasted slightly like mint. Upon popping the capsule and inhaling my palette was hit with literally a blast of bold peppermint. After eating it is like smoking an after dinner mint. These cigarettes met my expectation and then surpassed them. Everybody is bugging me to try them, which means I guess I will purchase more!

    Ciggiesworld was also a pleasure doing business with. Upon checkout I paid with Google wallet and got a 10% discount. The only downside was having to sign for the package (I was at work when the post office attempted to deliver which meant I had to go to the office to pick up and sign). The post office here in the US is a bitch to deal with, but I guess one does not have to worry about losing customers when the government holds a monopoly on the service.

    If you are considering these, it is well worth your money to try them. I do not think you will be disappointed.

  57. Fiona Chung

    This product is good, highly recommend people to buy. Also Ciggies World is the best seller.

  58. Sean

    Fantanstic company to deal with. Always shipped on time. Always correct product.

  59. Mike

    Wow i love menthol cigarette and these are the best. a nice menthol taste at first but when you crush the ball.. BABOUM the ice mint hit, its so refreshing.. Ive got hook up these cigarette pretty fast. cant go wrong whit these

  60. harry

    This is defiantly one of my favorite cigarettes to smoke with a good taste of menthol pre ice ball burst and the ball just adds to the menthol flavour

    Will be buying again

    Would recommend to any menthol fan

  61. Liam

    Not great, very chemically. It’s alright though. Nice menthol, if the methol wasnt as strong as it was this would havr got a two star just cause i love strong hitting menthol. Wouldnt buy again though.

  62. Danny

    Shipping is faster than I thought. The quality of the cigarette is pretty decent.

  63. Aaqib

    Not going to buy again.

  64. Antonio

    Strong chem taste but still a good rich tobacco with a nice mint blast

  65. James

    This is a decent menthol, it’s powerful, not subtle.

    I think this is a good product if you like a strong gum flavoured menthol, rather than a more subtle natural flavour.

  66. Shaun Comyn

    OK I went into buying these thinking hey cool this will be cool to try “as I had never had a menthol with the additional option of a mint” and was bloen away, the taste is great before you even pop the mint, I would buy these even without the option of the mint, and then you pop it and its so refreshing. Can honestly say these are one of my all time favorite’s

  67. Joseph

    First off, I’ve tried these cigarettes in the UK. Easily my favorite kind, now these are the US version, they’re tonnes better. I’m absolutely in love, my delivery came just under a week early and I got a free 20g pouch of Indonesian coffee, which was delicious. 100/10. I’d go as far as to say I love you guys.

  68. Lorraine

    I was pretty impressed at how fast I received my order in the event the possible Canada Post Strike. I that in the future I will receive my orders just as fast as I do pay for the delivery service.

  69. Rail

    Smooth icy menthol. I love menthols and this one takes the crown , pure mint as you inhale almost makes you think you’re eating a mint. I buy these cigs whenever I can just because Ciggiesworld is the only place that has them. If strong menthols is what you want them these are for you !

  70. Mel

    Bought for a friend and she really liked them. I have placed two orders and both came in a good amount of time and will be continuing to order from ciggiesworld my friend loves all flavors she has tried so far.

  71. Lorraine

    Very pleased with the product and service. Ciggiesworld’s website is easy and shipping is usually on time if not sooner. I will continue to order from Ciggiesworld until I quit smoking.

  72. BRUCE

    A cigarette that tastes good. The capsule in the filter gives it a real flavor burst. Thoroughly recommend them

  73. Dawn from Canada

    This was my first time purchase, I am very pleased, the staff treated me like I really mattered to them, making all efforts for a great experience.
    Great tasting cigarettes, you will not be disappointed.

    Highly recommend ciggiesworld!

  74. Gerald

    I really love the smoothness and deeply mint flavor of these cigarettes. If you like menthol, then these are definitely a Must Have brand.

  75. Linda

    the delivery service was quick! the cigarettes were great i love strong menthol and thats what i got one i pushed the ice ball. i will definitely order again!

  76. Luis

    Took 1 week and 4 days to get to Sydney, Australia! And I used the cheaper shipping option.

  77. pjspanhel

    Excellent service and quality, I am have been a customer for over a year now

  78. MakerMike

    Honestly the greatest service I’ve recieved, Indonesian/American cigarettes are so much better than Australian, it’s honestly worth the tax if they get caught by customs here in Australia.

  79. itzacharmander

    Great cigarettes. Just the cigarette has a regular menthol flavor but after crusihig the ball it tastes kinda like smoking a piece of gum. I love it, tho I’ve heard a few others say the mint is a bit too much.

    After payment was received the package took 2 weeks to arrive (Western Europe)

  80. Jennifer

    Arrived a little late but really nicely wrapped and really satisfied!!! ^^
    Thank you!

  81. stephrolland35

    Quality tobacco and nice menthol taste.
    Not too light, not too strong.
    Smooth transaction, shipping was quite fast (around 10 days). No problems with customs or whatever. Impressed by your services. Will definitely order again !

  82. conkhon

    After trying it out, the pull of the cigarette is a bit lighter than the Marlboro Menthol or the NXT version. It has a lighter sensation and is less on the pull. Hopefully can order more of these.

  83. Mandy

    The menthol is good, even better when you pop, does taste like a very minty chewing gum and like the all white design but not sure what nicotine they contain. It doesn’t state it anywhere on the box and feels to me like there isn’t any, no hit whatsoever. I smoke them really quickly cos I think I’m drawing on them so hard to try and get that nicotine that doesn’t exist. If they have any nicotine at all it must be very low. If anyone can enlighten me to the mg I would be grateful. I’m used to 0.9mg and these just don’t do it, end up smoking twice as many and still no effect.

  84. ejams

    While they are better than a regular cigarette, these burn down incredibly fast and give little buzz.

    The taste is what keeps this at a 4/5, I really like it once you click the “ice ball”. I don’t think I’ll get this again unless the next Menthols I order burn even faster!

  85. Jeff L.

    Ice Blast the strongest menthol ever.

  86. Leroy

    I like these because of the taste with or without crushing . They are a light cigarette though and you need to really hard smoke it and quickly as the burn is fast to get anything out of it . That suits my smoke style and lack of time to smoke with restrictions but will not suit everybody . So good tobacco taste smooth draw fresh taste but light airy feel and great for a quick hard smoke .

  87. Anthony

    Fast delivery, great taste!

  88. sumaya Hussain

    So good product

  89. Matt Wolfe


  90. Michael Power

    These were old, damp and stale. It took over 90 days for me to receive my order. I will never order from ciggiesworld again!!

  91. Andrea

    Some of the cigarettes packs came crushed.

  92. Anonymous

    Love these cigs. They’re not available in my country so I’m sure to buy them from here whenever I have the chance.

  93. Jessica K.

    These were a nice strong menthol, my second favorite.

  94. Anonymous

    Excellent product! Highly recommend to methol smokers

  95. Anonymous

    If you prefer a menthol dart that isn’t too mentholy, go for this one! It’s pretty good, a good “go-to” when I don’t know what else to get. Not as strong as the “double burst”, but still as satisfying!

  96. sumaya Hussain

    So good

  97. Thanh Le

    Excellent service. Very happy with my purchases.

  98. Mark

    Amazing cigarette and packaging quality. The taste is much stronger than normal menthols. Price is really good

  99. Taylor H.


  100. Jerome Herlehy


  101. Sally To

    Very tasty and Refreshing on each puff! Highly Recommended!

  102. Anonymous

    Great product. Shipping should be cheaper. Went up 40% overnight!

  103. Mark

    A lot better and stronger than normal menthols

  104. Kevin

    The taste is there, but the ciggie is a bit to airy and doesnt have much smoke draw, making the smoke not as dense. Otherwise still a easy to smoke cigarette

  105. Anonymous

    Flavor was a bit harsh for my throat but overall not bad.

  106. Anonymous


  107. Andries B.

    Good. But not my favourite

  108. Jessica K.

    Fresh enough for being in transit for over a months time to Alberta Canada. Always wrapped very well. Thanks again.

  109. Angela Butler

    Ciggies World have been fantastic over the years I have dealt with them.

  110. Gary G.


  111. Anonymous

    Didn’t like the brand.

  112. Anonymous

    Seemed to be a little more stale compared to previous orders. Maybe it’s getting phased out?

  113. Anonymous

    Excellent service

  114. Anonymous

    Customer service was incredible and quick to reply. I was worried about there being an issue once at my PO Box, but everything went smoothly and package was in perfect condition.

  115. cn.kyriakidis

    by far one of my favourites, tried over seas and could never find them in australia

  116. Erica

    I enjoyed the refreshing flavor. It does burn down too fast.

  117. Jaren

    Best menthol cigarette I’ve ever had! How I wish I could replace Camel Crush with these in the US.

  118. James Roberts

    Discounted. But they are still great. Haha. Ice Burst is what they are called now. Tastes the same to me. Non-FSC.

  119. Anonymous


  120. Lori F.

    As per usual wonderful ,a smooth menthol great flavor.

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