Marlboro Ice Burst

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Marlboro Ice Burst – Burst the Iceball for an extra cold sensation.

This is a special kind of menthol cigarettes because it has this ICEBALL in the filter which you press to enhance the menthol taste and flavor.

Supercharge your icy cold taste sensation by crushing the ICEBALL.

Without crushing the Iceball, it tastes similar taste to Marlboro Menthol Lights. After crushing, it adds a cooling taste, similar to that of when you pop a Mentos Spearmint in your mouth.

Selected premium tobaccos. Flip top box – American Blends.

20 Menthol Cigarettes. 8 mg of tar and 0.8 mg of nicotine.

Made by Philip Morris.


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Weight36 g

64 reviews for Marlboro Ice Burst

Based on 64 reviews
  1. Karenmcd1

    Very nice taste. Great value
    Better than what we get in Australia love it and will keep ordering from you.
    I just wish the list was quicker.

  2. Jade

    These when clicked are unlike any Methol I’ve ever tried. Fills your whole mouth with minty freshness. Feels like eating a mint candy.

  3. Brent W.

    Great thanks!

  4. Anonymous

    These cigs are great. Great menthol and leaves you feeling fresh. Definitely will purchase more soon.

  5. sumaya Hussain

    So good

  6. Karen C.

    Wonderfully refreshing

  7. Jessica K.

    Nice menthol burst – One of my favorite clickers.

  8. Teri

    Definitely has a very strong burst of menthol when you click the tab and is icy fresh, but tastes more like a mild blue cigarette with not much hint of menthol when not clicking the tab.

  9. Anonymous

    Great website to buy from, since I’m from Australia I can’t get any of these premium ones at a local tobacco store. However I’ve been told that these pack may be a fake as the printing of the paper didn’t seem authentic. Wish the shipping was faster. But overall, would buy again only because I can’t get these packs anywhere in Australia. Some side goods like lollies and tea was packed which is great (:

  10. Carolee W.

    Favourite 🙂

  11. Jonathan Ongman

    I retract my previouscomment, they showed up today and they are the best ive smoked yet

  12. Anonymous

    It’s smooth and minty!

  13. Anonymous

    Great service. Delivery time is about 4 weeks, which is normal. Product is also very good.

  14. Anonymous

    Awesome smoke. Probably the best menthol I’ve ever tried.

  15. jessiechan333

    Great service. Took a little over 2 weeks to get here & I had to sign at the door. Best taste I’ve ever smoked, this website’s definitely the best, highly recommended

  16. Anonymous

    Very good product and taste

  17. Anonymous

    Beth loved this ones taste ,cums second to only one.

  18. Anggia T.

    I got all my order. It came in 2 times small packages. It took more than 14 days. Ill order it from them again. Thanks so much!!!!

  19. Anonymous

    Amazing flavor and always a great service

  20. sumaya Hussain

    Best company and best cigarette

  21. Adrian W.

    Bit dried up

  22. sumaya Hussain

    Best service and best cigarette

  23. Anonymous

    Quality is good. Price is so much better than purchasing in stores in the U.S. I chose this one because the cost of the one I’ve purchased in the past went up.

  24. sumaya Hussain

    the best company and the best ciggerates

  25. Bryan

    Top Quality

  26. P & J S.

    very good

  27. PM S.


  28. Lori F.

    Nice menthol flavor crush the ball for extra menthol.

  29. Peter & Jo S.

    Very good service & product

  30. Jesus A Orozco

    Where can I find the coupon codes the system always ask before i order? And I’m sending you more clients as well. Carlos.

  31. Erica

    I enjoyed the refreshing flavor n fragrance.
    It did burn down too fast.

  32. James Roberts

    Taste just like the Ice Blast but cheaper. Not FSC

  33. sumaya Hussain

    Super nice

  34. Daniel S.


  35. Anonymous

    Loved these! Super minty and fresh

  36. Alex Ngai

    Thank you CW! Being in Canada, our access to menthol is non existent. I’m happy I’m able to get my preferred smoke at relatively the same price as a carton here.

  37. Kevin

    For a menthol lover it’s just pure menthol. Didn’t even have to eat a listerine strip before hand.

  38. Nishat Rumali

    Most favourite one

  39. Anonymous

    A pleasant menthol flavour from the ball and the tobacco can hold its own very well without crushing the ball, despite having the same tar and nicotine levels as the camel purple mints, it feels significantly lighter.

  40. Lori F.

    I like the taste of these can’t tell the difference tastes like Canadian menthol used to.

  41. Damian

    Product as advertised, reasonable delay and thank you for the cookies and tea 🙂

  42. Jonas

    Great Product! Shipping was unexpectedly fast!

  43. david

    Not a huge fan of these when not clicked but clicking the bead and adding the extra menthol actually make this a good cigarette although they burn quite fast.

  44. Lori F.

    smooth and minty

  45. Justin O’Connor

    Almost best menthol out there at least the Aussie one.

  46. sein.imsofly6

    best, icy as hell

  47. Jose Dohnert

    Same Mint

  48. Bran

    Greetings! Just a friendly note to let you know that my order arrived today here in Tampa, Florida. It only took 10-days from my placed order too!!!

    I couldn’t be happier. The Davidoff Classics are delicious, fresh, and everything I hope for! Just so you know, I’ve already placed my second Order #145785 of Davidoff Classic’s with you, but for 2 cartons this time!

    Thanks for providing OUTSTANDING service!

  49. Paul

    These are not as good as the “Ice Blast” that used to be produced but they are close enough.

  50. Dee

    Hi, I just want to say that I received my order, earlier than what I expected. And thank you for the extra goodies! I will be ordering again. Very happy I found you.

  51. Anonymous

    Not bad good price

  52. Anonymous

    Amazing flavor

  53. Anonymous

    Another first timer, tastes sweet and smooth!

  54. Martin Müller

    Great tasting tobaccos, refreshing menthol. Would recommend !

  55. David

    The taste is perfect, natural menthol taste prior popping the ice capsule, strong and fresh menthol taste after bursting the bead. 10/10

  56. Levi C.

    Delivery was slow, but it was worth the wait

  57. Toby P.

    One of the strongest menthols I’ve had, definitley helped when I was recovering from a cold

  58. Erol Celik

    I was actually quite disappointed with these myself compared to what I was hoping. They are a slow burning harsh hitting menthol and isn’t that sting if that makes sense. Even popped. All around nice menthol but will stick to my option 8’s

  59. Tara

    Minty and good

  60. microlet2

    Great cigarette, would recomend!

  61. Anonymous

    Great hit of coolness!

  62. Elizabeth Barry

    They are great

  63. Josh Stables

    Really nice menthol like almost chewing gum intensity that I like, had a lotta compliments from these, very nice.

  64. Verified Buyer


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