Bohem Cubana Double Apple Mint

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Bohem Cigar Cubana Double – Cuban Inspiration No.6

Bohem Cigar Cubana is inspired by passion of Havana City, the heart of Cuba. Blended 20% of cigar leaves with distinctive scent of cubana will take you to the exotic scenery in Havana in this moment.

New Cuban Freshness. Crush the capsule, double your inspirations. It delivers an exotic fresh taste by blending 20% fine cigar leaf.

Bohem Cigar Cubana Double – 20 class A cigarettes. 6 Mg of tar and 0.5 Mg of nicotine.

Made in Korea KT&G.


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Weight33 g

32 reviews for Bohem Cubana Double Apple Mint

  1. hugo_soarez

    It´s 100% a normal menthol cigarette, if you like normal menthol cigarettes its a good smoke, but if you bought it for the ” Apple capsule” like i did you will be dissapointed because there no fruity flavour or of any other type at all , just 100% menthol.

  2. Zachary

    Package in great condition from crossing half the world!

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