Lucky Strike Switch

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Lucky Strike Switch – Click the capsule to change the taste

And then just roll it around to turn it up.

Sometimes, always, never, it’s up to you.

It’s Luckies. Enjoy.

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Weight35 g

10 reviews for Lucky Strike Switch

  1. david

    Nice luckystike when not clicked but when you click it in my opinion the menthol is to strong and completely takes away from the tobacco flavour. Its like smoking a pack of gum but then again I hardly ever consume menthol cigarettes. Id still recommend to anyone who enjoys strong menthol taste.

  2. James Yates

    Extremely good and smooth cigarettes. Best in the world. 10/10

  3. Simon Edwards

    Very good, I’d say these are my favorites,

  4. Andy

    Great. Came from Indonesia. Took about a months time.

  5. Justin O’Connor

    Don’t click lol

  6. NathanMar

    Sveiki, aš norėjau sužinoti jūsų kainą.

  7. Jessica K.

    not bad, but there are better, stringer menthols out there.

  8. Tara

    Good flavor

  9. Erol Celik

    Beautiful light regular smoke with a hint of bubblegum ice and when pressed menthol is beautiful medium bubblegumy flavor to me. Not to stong.

  10. Manuelle

    Menthol is powerfull men

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