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Dunhill Menthol- Fine Cut International.

The Dunhill Fine Cut International features finely cut tobacco crafted with pride by our master blenders since 1907, added with a touch of crisp menthol to deliver a more refined experience and cooling sensation.

Sealed and protected for freshness and aroma with resealable Reloc. Exclusively Dunhill

Dunhill Menthol – Fine Cut International. 20 Fine Cut Non-FSC cigarettes.

9 mg of tar and 0.8 mg of nicotine.

Made under the authority of Dunhill Tobacco of London.

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Weight33 g

24 reviews for Dunhill Menthol

  1. joe

    Love them enough said. Here’s why I live in the states here Dunhill international menthols in Chicago are almost 14$ where I go not only can I get these for a fraction of the price but at least the one pack I got was so smooth and fresh not sure if the ones at the place I go have been sitting for a while or if it’s purely like a completely different cigarette for the better. The fact I can get 3 packs for cheaper then 1 pack here these cigarettes are much smoother and taste much more fresh I get the convenience of not needing to carry a wide pack like the internationals which I don’t mind but for convenience it’s nice to have the smaller pack with resealable cover the only problem the wait so my suggestion buy at least a few packs so when you get them you can be set for a while or order more when you’re almost out wanna buy a carton of these but wanna try other squares so for my next order getting at least 3 of these

  2. Josh Stables

    Sealing pack is cool, menthol pretty nice but the tabacco just ain’t for me almost fruity taste just ain’t my thing sorry.

  3. carol

    I am sitting with huge problem. I liked my Dunhill Menthol Finecut. Log Down in South Africa and cannot buy this awesome siggie. For those around the globe that do have the privilege to buy this super sigge, think about me.

  4. Diana

    Such great ciggies ??

  5. Anonymous

    The smokes were fresh, and arrived in a decent amount of time. As of writing this I already have another order on its way, I would highly recommend πŸ˜€

  6. Lori

    You guys are wonderful. Customer service is awesome. Smokes are so much cheaper.

  7. Diana

    Great service ?

  8. Anonymous

    Nice smooth smoke, self sealing pack is cool.

  9. Diego Pocasangre

    Premium menthol taste

  10. Anonymous

    These were one of the best cigarettes I had tried. They were a perfect blend of menthol not too harsh with a nice smooth consistency and their unique filter is what I believe seem to make it a great smoke.

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