Sampoerna U Mild

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The first independent clove flavoured cigarette under Marlboro/Sampoerna. U are U!

Experience the new unique smoking sensation of U Mild – the perfect blend of low tar and low nicotine mild clove cigarettes.

15 Mg TAR and 1.0 Mg Nicotine

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Weight33 g

7 reviews for Sampoerna U Mild

  1. Anhloan

    Enjoyed this better than the Dunhill Milds Fine Cut. Smooth and balanced.

  2. Brett

    I’ve tried a few different kinds of kreteks and these are by far my favorite. I honestly wasn’t expecting these to be so good but they went above and beyond my expectations.

  3. texas gal

    cig is 3.5 inches long; filter is one inch; you get short changed on the actual smoke; not bad for what little you get to puff;nice taste

  4. Chris Graves

    The Marlboro Kreteks that used to be sold a few years back were good, but these are much lighter, and smaller in diameter. UMild’s are an excellent kretek for someone interested in a much milder smoke. Can be smoked all day as your main smoke. I will definitely buy these again!

  5. Howard

    The u mild’s were great, they had a great kretek flavor, and they are very mild.

  6. nibrobb

    This was the first kretek cigarette I ever somked, and I liked it very much. Although the body wasn’t the best I’ve ever experienced I enjoyed it, lasts long too.

  7. Karl M.

    Very Good

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