Sampoerna A Mild Menthol Burst

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Sampoerna A Mild Menthol Burst – Experience the intense cooling sensation with a burst of methol capsule, perfectly balanced with the exceptional blend of Sampoerna ‘A’ Mild’s high quality tobacco and fine natural cloves.

Sampoerna A Mild Menthol offers the ultimate experience of satisfaction and smoothness of mild cigarettes. formulated through the latest technology for the best combination of tobaccos and cloves providing the dintincrive taste and aroma.

Sampoerna A Mild Menthol is a balanced blend of high grade Java aromatic, American and other high quality tobaccos. The distinctive flavour, taste and aroma come from the addition of fine natural cloves. This quality cigarette is brought to you with pride and an uncompromising dedication from the House of Sampoerna.

Mild Filtered Clove Cigarettes 1.1 Mg Nicotine 18 Mg Tar. 1 carton contains 10 packs. 1 pack contains 16 cigarettes.

Author’s comment “This Sampoerna Mild Menthol review is shared to those that ONLY enjoy clove cigarettes. I say that but I am a regular cigarette smokers. On occasion when I would try to quit and go for my normal 48 hour break of smoking I could easily pick one of these cigarettes up and enjoy it to an extent. If you are a regular menthol cigarette smoker than chances you this is not for you. Sampoerna Mild Menthol has this normal (what I consider normal) weak start and first few tasty drags. Then this cigarette goes into the clove mouth numbness and cold feeling at once!!! This Sampoerna Mild Menthol is an interesting smoke for clove lovers but I doubt you can smoke these back to back. I also must say it will be hard to find a fresh pack of these in US since the ban of “flavoured” cigarettes. We sell quite a lot of these out west but on the east coast they rarely sell. Hope this help.”

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45 reviews for Sampoerna A Mild Menthol Burst

Based on 45 reviews
  1. D C

    You were right on point i received them today, a bit dry, but still excellent. So good lookin out over there guys. Will order again.

  2. Asmin

    Prompt delivery and quality product.

    Will definitely order again

    Thanks guys 🙂

  3. Pua

    Have been buying these for years love them and will continue to purchase them for many to come

  4. Kretek L

    I like these much more than the regular A Milds. I was really turned off by the thought of menthols at first, because I had never found a clove menthol that I enjoyed. But these changed that. They taste very clovey and slightly minty, with very minimal “regular” cigarette taste that I sometimes get from the regular A Milds. The menthol is very strong. These crackle like crazy and smell intensely of cloves. Yummy and a refreshingly mild smoke that still is tasty.

  5. JN

    Very smooth with the menthol filter.
    Feels like you’re in Bali for seven minutes.
    I ordered from this website, it was fast delivery to Australia, although I did have to pay customs tax. Awesome communication from website operators if you have any questions! Will defintey buy from here again.

  6. Edi

    Thanks for the very good delivery and quickly done!

  7. Iwan Surjadi

    Can’t say anything, but hmmmmmmmmmm

  8. Rachmaninov

    A decent cigarette, though not my personal favourite after trying some other kretek brands. If you like kretek, the Gudang Guram Professionals are much more aromnatic and less “cigaretty.” And upon trying this and the non-menthol A-Milds, there’s not that much of a differnce, in my opinion. The menthol comes through very lightly on the exhale.

    Very smooth like most kreteks, and would be good for those who prefer a more half and half balance between clove and tobacco.

    Cheers, CiggiesWorld!

  9. Mario

    It took a lot of time, but the second pack arrived!

  10. AG

    Thank you for your professionally!

  11. Nickolas

    The Samoerna A Mild Menthol is the top of list for me as far as menthol kreteks go.. they have a perfect balance between clove and tobacco flavor (both of which is great tasting). the filter is deliciously sweetened to the perfect amount, the menthol is strong but perfectly balanced with all other flavors. i wish they had like .3 more MG of nicotine in them but still an almost perfect buzz from the kretek. Can have a bit of harshness on the throat when inhaling but nothing to keep you away.. All in all these are my personal favorite menthol kretek, slightly above the Djarum Black Menthol (which are also great) i like the clove:tobacco ratio of these cigarettes more, the slightly sweeter filter more, and the menthol more.. i wish they weren’t quite as slim as they are and had a tiny bit more nicotine in them, but other than those minuscule critiques these are the top of list. definitely choose the faster delivery method when ordering your kreteks if you live in the US, the delivery time is super fast with express mail.

  12. Erin Rutherfordl

    I don’t smoke. I don’t even smoke cloves, though I’d rather be around people who do than people who smoke tobacco only or whatnot. For Sampoerna Menthols, I break my rule entirely and a few times a year, I have one. That they’re not legally SOLD here (but legal to own) is entirely ludicrous. These are mellow and smooth, and I love them. The filters are slightly sugared! This is a smoke I never have a guilt trip over.

  13. The Shunpiker

    These are tasty; a very good smoke. This is a no-nonsense menthol kretek that never disappoints. I enjoy many of the menthol kreteks out there, but this is my default cig. I never place an order without including some of these babies!

  14. DS

    These are a high quality menthol kretek. Really enjoyed them. Sweet tip and filtered. 16 per pack. They are up there with the GG menthol and Umild as my favorite menthol kretek cigarettes. These are smooth and mild. You’re gonna love them. At least try a pack to check them out. Perfect balance between menthol and clove. Really good.

  15. Ydenn

    Cool and sweet. lighter and smoother than ordinary American cigarettes.

  16. Tez

    These are the only menthols I’ll touch. I’m not into sweet cigs, but I must make an exception here. Cool, minty combined with a hint of cloves (not too much, just right) and a nce blend of aromatic and sweet tobaccos make these cigs just a magnificent blend of sugar and spice and all things nice. I couldn’t smoke these on a daily basis but they are a nice treat. I prefer these to the regular ‘A’s.

  17. DJS

    High quality, sweet tip. Mini kretek 16 per pack. Sampoerna is a very good brand and put out a very good product. Mild and smooth. I think I give the edge to GG Shiver menthol, but these are top notch for sure. I’ll order again!

  18. joe

    I’ve had these and Djarum menthol and I have to say that I’m switching to sampoerna. Great smoke!

  19. Diana Deffieux

    I am all about Sampoerna A Mild Menthol. Can’t have any regular cigarettes. Light and refreshing!!!
    It’s delivered right on time.

  20. Michael

    I like these much more than the regular A Milds. I was really turned off by the thought of menthols at first, because I had never found a clove menthol that I enjoyed. But these changed that. They taste very clovey and slightly minty, with very minimal “regular” cigarette taste that I sometimes get from the regular A Milds. The menthol is very strong. These crackle like crazy and smell intensely of cloves. Yummy and a refreshingly mild smoke that still is tasty.

  21. Philippe

    Nice combination of cloves and minth. Easy to smoke.

  22. David S.

    Stronger menthol but good. Clove taste. Really high quality.

  23. Paul

    Always received in good condition and prompt service.

  24. Natalia

    I am very satisfied with the transaction:)

  25. Marcin

    I thought it wouldn’t work, that they wouldn’t get delivered or something. But I ordered a pack of San poerna and it came within 2-3 weeks from Indonesia along with some free tea haha.

  26. Rosemary M Figgins

    Very good service. Well packaged and delivery good. Thank you to All.

  27. lunetsoleil Perissinotto

    It is the best cigarette and the service of purchase is very serious, thank you very much!

  28. Anonymous

    Absolutely fantastic service. No issues with customs and shockingly fast shipping time to Canada. Haven’t had these since I visited Asia in 2009 – very happy with this find!

  29. Anonymous

    Not for everyone! I couldn’t even get through one of these due to the sugary filter; it was just strange and off-putting to me.

  30. Lourdes Cabañas González


  31. Ivan

    Probably one of the best menthol clove out there!

  32. Justin O’Connor

    Worst ciggarettes ever tasted I smoke 30 yrs

  33. Anonymous

    This is a great product

  34. Randall

    4.5/5. Pretty good menthol/kretek. Buzz is okay, more on the weaker side. More menthol once you crack the bead obviously, but if you like a heavier menthol in a kretek, this one is for you.

  35. Thad Ward

    Just a nice cig all the way around

  36. Hassan El-Amin

    The ONLY cigarette I like.

  37. Jeremy

    The recommendation for people who want Djarum Black Menthol is the GG menthol kretek, but I didn’t care for the flashy marketing on the packages and all the new hip weird flavor burst cigs they sell, so I decided to try Sampoerna’s menthol kretek. It pretty much tastes just like a Djarum Black menthol. The menthol is subtle which is nice, even if you burst the little ball thing. It doesn’t crackle as much as a Djarum, and I’m a bit sad the Capaccino and Sampoerna kreteks aren’t black, which laugh if you want but it’s what I’m used to. But going forward, I think a combo of the Capaccino and Sampoerna Menthol will be my go to.

  38. Jeramie G.

    These will be my go to now that Djarum stopped selling the Black in menthol. They are super smooth, sweet, and have a great crackle as they burn. The menthol is not overpowering, even when you pop the little ball, so that’s a plus. Should have ordered more of these!

  39. Laura C.

    I was searching for menthols. I didn’t know this was a clove with menthol. Kinda weird.

  40. Sabrina

    Just love it!

  41. haruhiko

    Gooooood Taste!!

  42. Anonymous

    Great product!

  43. A. B.

    Exceptionally smooth and tasty, these will be my go to menthol from now on. Popping the capsule essentially doubles the menthol though and it becomes a bit overpowering for my taste but other than that these are some great smokes.

  44. Francesca Perissinotto

    I smoke only this kind of cigarettes!

  45. patrick gacon


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