Marlboro Red

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Marlboro Red – Selected premium tobaccos.

American blend in flip top box. 20 Class A cigarettes.

Marlboro is the largest selling brand of cigarettes in the world. It is made by Philip Morris USA within the US, and by Philip Morris International outside the US.

13 Mg Tar and 1.0 Mg Nicotine.

All Marlboro cigarettes sold in store are NON FSC.


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184 reviews for Marlboro Red

  1. BiBas

    One word for marlboro red, PERFECT!!!

  2. carol

    Wanted to try full flavour red seeing as reds here in the uk are only 10mg of tar and 0.8mg of nicotine. These taste nice and strong, rich in flavour, i just love these, only down side is there are 2 very small perforated lines in the filter but other than that, PERFECT!

  3. Mathew

    Classic Marlboro’s i used to smoke these when i lived in the us and since i moved to canada and arent sold here. I bought a carton of these & had no problem finishing them i loved every minute of having them

  4. George

    The best.

  5. Shanna

    They’re delicious, satisfying and reasonably priced. Not too harsh, not too mild. Perfect in my opinion.

  6. Jake Webster

    I was always sceptical when it came to ordering cigarettes online but the service from ciggies world was excellent and received my order a week from shipping. Definitely be ordering from here again.

  7. Ajsi

    Marlboro reds are by far the best smoke I’ve ever had, the taste, the smoke production and the hit make for in my opinion the best cigarettes on the market, cheaper on ciggies world than other brands you NEED to try them


  8. Selectivity

    Balanced and with its own distinctive blend, this really is THE cigarette. If you have managed to smoke and enjoy the trash-Marlboros sold in Europe, this should be a bit of a revelation. No icky chemical note, a broader and more generous taste, and smoke with a richer “feel” expose the Euro-boros as the shameful travesties that they are.
    Not much more to say really, although I wish that Ciggies World could track down (if it still exists anywhere) a Marlboro with the classic, 1990´s values (a soft-pack Marlboro here in Sweden, back in 1989-1990, had 1.1mg nic., 17mg CO and 18(!)mg tar – I´m looking at an old soft-pack right now, by the way, so those values are correct). Those things could have gone up against kreteks like Djarum Super, with rich, full, fumey, bluish smoke and a tonne of the Marlboro taste.

    The bottom line is that if you are a smoker, it is sort of essential to have tried a proper Marlboro. This is the best non-kretek currently available, in my opinion.

    And Ciggies World is the only place to buy cigarettes from. Fast, reliable, smart packaging, and they respond to emails diligently – forget other shops, just buy your smokes from Ciggies World.

  9. Kevin

    Smooth burning great flavour all around amazing cigarette. Non fsc helps as well no harshness to the throat and a pleasant flavour. I give it a 10 out of 10 definitely recommend purchasing. Not to mention customer service is top notch about the best I have ever dealt with. Ciggies world is amazing!!!!

  10. Simon

    Excellent cigarette, very happy with my purchase. A rare treat here in australia.

  11. Sean

    This was my 2nd order from Ciggies World, and it came quicker than expected and all intact. Since Canada seems to be the only country in the world that doesn’t have Marlboro’s, this site is a life saver. Can’t wait for my next order!

  12. Sonja

    I started smoking when I was 13 and that was 11 years ago. I went from lights to Reds. Let me tell you, the day they made them FSC was the day American smokes went to shit. So when I saw these I had to try them. They taste like how marlboro reds used to taste like and not like the Mexican kind either.

  13. Spencer

    Ciggies World is the only place I buy my cigarettes, besides being non-FSC, my cigarettes are slightly cheaper when I buy in bulk, and they ship very quickly.

    Customer service is great and always answers any questions within hours.

    Many Thanks

  14. Nima Rezaei

    Very nice Marlboro real happy with I have been smoking it for a while now and really happy with overalll

  15. Nima Rezaei

    One of the best Marlboro reds that I have tried

  16. Robert Tracy

    Marlboro from CiggiesWorld are the best there are anymore. These are non-FireSafe cigarettes that do not give constant headaches and worse. The taste is as Marlboro tasted a decade and more age. Thank God a place has been found where Phillip Morris is allowed to produce their product the way it was meant to be made, without the awful new government mandated FSC paper that ruins it. And than God for CiggiesWorld for offering these Marlboro cigarettes at a decent price. (A note about CiggiesWorld: one of my packages with two cartons was opened somewhere in the US Mail system. CiggiesWorld sent me a new order of two cartons immediately when I showed proof of that loss. CiggiesWorld is more than trustworthy. Honesty and good will is with them.)

  17. Bill

    Wonderful full strength taste. Just Do It.

  18. Tez

    The one and only brand I’ll purchase. Nice bold flavour. My take on the flavour: rich tobacco characterised by cocoa, tea, rich tea biscuits, not sweet but only enough to balance the flavour. I don’t know what that trademark harshness is because they seem smooth and pleasant to me going down. The nicotine doesn’t have mch of an affect on me, which I like, so I can only conclude that they haven’t used crack tobacco in these.

    Just pure enjoyment. Great flavour.

  19. Brooks

    Today I’ve received my second order with Express shipping, and I am pleased to say I am very happy with it. The packaging was done very well, and the shipping was very fast as well (only five days from Indonesia to the United states – this is including the weekend too!) Including the coffee was a nice touch too, I liked that. I plan on making another order in a couple weeks.

    All in all, my experience was just perfect. I thank you for your prompt and professional service. Ciggiesworld will now come very highly recommended by me.

  20. BREW

    Non FSC Cigarettes.Like they should be..

  21. Kayla

    No fsc chemical just plain original classic marlboro taste. Been a marlboro smoker for years. Smoked them from all around the world but none comes close to these.

    Delivery and service was fantastic.

  22. ryan

    Good flavour cigarettes one of the top ones as well as the great shipping and packaging.
    I recommend this website to anyone that loves smoking and looking to try new things.

  23. Darren

    These are pure, great tasting Marlboro, the way they should be. They taste so much better without the FSC additives, pure pleasure. A plus was the well packaged, fast postage and no customs holding up the parcel. Thanks CW!

  24. David

    Nicer than Marlboro’s in the UK, and worth getting since plain packaging is now in the UK

  25. seth.grady1

    These reds are strong, gives a nice throat hit, gives you a strong feeling of being light headed and relaxed. Overall, amazing and enjoyable smoke would order again.

  26. danemorgan96

    5 star because they are a quality smoke and no faults, personal preference is there a slightly quicker burn for my taste, not a marlboro smoker as such i just put in a mixed order of ciggies after i wanted to get out of buying the tpd cigs in the uk and wanted to test a few boxs first, this site will be my new ciggie shop!! 14dd to UK!

  27. Vega

    Decided to try a pack of Reds again and I was not disappointed. They have a distinct sweet smell, very nice. They are tightly packed, and draw easily. They are pretty smooth, very down to earth tobacco taste. No frills. Strong, sneak up on you. Burn is good. I guess they are burly or virginia tobacco. Very good. Highly recommend.

  28. wiz

    When you start smoking reds, it may taste a bit strong and bitter. but when you’ve done a pack, it starts to taste awesome. I like reds, it has this, pleasant flavor that makes you want more.

  29. turtlewithafathead

    You can really tell the difference between NON-FSC and FSC Cigarettes. By far the best version of Marlboro cigarettes in terms of flavour. 9.5/10.

  30. JAY S.

    Taste as good as the ones from my Country, Half the price.LOVE it

  31. Joe

    Amazing cigarette with no fsc that has a amazing taste. No garage was pure smoothness and enjoyment. Great smoke.

  32. Brian S.

    excellent ,ordering more. love em

  33. Brian S.

    Quick well wrapped and taste great

  34. Andrew

    Can’t go wrong with a Marlboro Red

  35. SHELLEY M.

    Extremely satisfied with the product and promptness of delivery.

  36. Tom Scowen

    quality cigs just wish the postage wasnt so long 🙂

  37. Anonymous

    Can’t beat a non FSC Marlboro Red

  38. JAY S.

    Love Marlboro Reds. Taste just like American cigarettes

  39. DIONE C.

    Amazing. But, it’s a marlboro right? It tastes very good and gives a very good feel. Much better than the Brazilian Marlboro. I loved smoking that cigarette.

  40. Anonymous

    Good darts

  41. imop

    I loved these. Haven’t had a regular USA pack of these in a couple of years give or take so I’m not sure if I’m remembering correctly but these seem far superior (probably due to the non FSC). Would definitely recommend them.

  42. Justin

    Fantastic service!

  43. Marek

    Very nice and good classic marlboro raste.

  44. SHELLEY M.

    Very pleased with the product and customer service. My first order took longer than estimated, but the 2nd order shipped very promptly. I will definitely buy from CiggiesWorld again.

  45. Anonymous

    Authentic Marlboro taste and they burn nice and slow compared to the USA and Mexico ones, which burn super fast like a rocket. I’ve smoked Marlboro from many different countries and these are definitely far superior to the rest. No FSC is a huge bonus.

  46. David

    Excellent! And fast shipping !

  47. Tausif


  48. peter tales

    It is the only brand that I have smoked before.And well priced compared to Australian prices.I will keep buying until I get caught.

  49. James Mclachlan

    Great smokes, will place another order soon

  50. Brian S.

    love them

  51. Danish S.

    Something about these..better than US marly’s.
    My all-time favourite. Bold flavour. Smooth. Steering enough to satisfy, but not overpowering to give you a head rush.

    The only downside at all is them burning a bit quicker and me running out of them sooner..

  52. Chris F.

    A classic, can never go wrong with these bad boys

  53. Akbel M.


  54. Samar


  55. gareth

    Very good cigarettes little bit of damage to two of the packs but can’t complain about that really happy with service to

  56. Mark

    Tastes a little different than European Marlboro but very good for the price.

  57. JAY S.

    Taste just like American Marlboro Reds

  58. Graeme Taylor


  59. Adam

    Arrived within 3 weeks to the uk. Very good condition and quality.

  60. Brian S.

    there the best. love them

  61. Anonymous


  62. Tim

    Classic Marlboro Red, fast delivery. Overall great service

  63. Anonymous

    Great value , better than theones i can buy here in Australia

  64. Anonymous

    excellent product great value

  65. Jen D.

    Excellent flavor, pull, and strength. Good price at $3.9. Notable that I got hit with customs at 3 packs with untracked shipping.

  66. Anonymous


  67. Anonymous


  68. Anonymous


  69. Jack

    Really awesome service came exactly as requested, 2 weeks and with some gifts inside too

  70. Brian S.

    Good service good smoke,good price

  71. Anonymous

    Very good only 2 weeks to Brisbane

  72. JAY S.

    Taste great

  73. Jack

    very nice smoke

  74. Anonymous

    Fantastic product and service!

  75. Anonymous

    Fantastic product and service!

  76. Anonymous

    fantastic product and service

  77. Anonymous

    Fantastic product and service!

  78. Anonymous

    Fantastic product and service!

  79. Anonymous

    Fantastic product and service!

  80. Anonymous

    Fantastic product and service!

  81. Anonymous

    Fantastic product and service!

  82. Brian S.

    Great service great smoke

  83. Princess

    I was afraid to order it at first cuz you had to transfer it through email & I kept worrying if it was a scam but I looked at all the reviews & they were really good & I’m so impressed with the delivery. It came less than 2 weeks & it had a tea bag & chocolate. Definitely a 5 star really good service.

  84. JD Milton

    Great price, fast, reliable, very well packaged! I recommend seller to all buyers! 100% confidence!

  85. Brian S.

    Good value, good service,good smokes

  86. Anonymous

    My wife Beth said they were the second best tasting ever.

  87. Anonymous

    Lovely fags. Came in 2 and a half weeks.

  88. Ken

    Was kept well-informed of the progress of the order

  89. Brian S.

    Good smokes, love em

  90. Brian S.

    The best

  91. Anonymous

    Great customer service. Came super fast and tastes amazing

  92. Anonymous


  93. finnkrygger6

    Here in Australia a pack of Marlboro’s will set you bet $25
    But on this site I could buy 5 packs for that price and even these have a better rich taste than the ones in Australia. Highly recommend if you live in Australia

  94. Anon

    Speedy delivery, far better than the plain package Marlboros in the UK.
    A smooth smoke, and very strong 😀

  95. Cameron

    Quality classic

  96. J O.

    Great smoke and came in 8 days. Very happy with my purchase

  97. Anonymous

    Great taste and really good service as always

  98. Edward M.

    I was leary at first at placing an order with an overseas firm for cigarettes with the negative reviews for so many. Yet I’m happy to report I ordered 70 packs of the Marlboro Reds and they came earlier than expected (about 5 weeks) with no hang ups at customs and they taste as fresh as if I bought them from my corner store. I highly recommend Ciggiesworld they are legit.

  99. Kenneth Hambrick

    Excellent product

  100. Tony

    All good, will shop again.

  101. Anonymous


  102. Anonymous


  103. Anonymous


  104. Anonymous


  105. Anonymous


  106. Anonymous

    Top merchant

  107. Anonymous

    Service couldn’t be better!

  108. Anonymous

    Excellent service and product!

  109. Brian S.

    Not the original but I like em.

  110. Anonymous

    very good, came in around three weeks, which is a really good wait time for such discreet shipping.

  111. Tom

    Wow! So it’s years since I smoked a Marlboro Red, the first pack of cigarettes I bought and smoked back in 1993 as a UK teen. I was young then and having never really gone back after years of smoking Marlboro Lights I was expecting some serious harshness from this smoke. I’m glad to say that Ciggiesworld Marlboro Reds didn’t cause ANY issues in terms of harshness. These cigarettes are strong, bold, hit the spot whilst keeping a beautifully smooth taste as the smoke slips down into your lungs. I’m not a regular smoker anymore at 39 but I was able to take big, deep draws and the nicotine hit from these are something else! Disclaimer: I’ve never smoked US Marlboros which are slightly stronger, but as far as Non FSC smokes go, these beat the heck out of anything coming from the UK or Europe. Got mine in 2 weeks and a fraction of the cost!

    So if you like Marlboro, regardless of whether it’s red or gold brands, YOU HAVE to try Ciggiesworlds Non FSC Marlboro Red straight from Indonesia. Even if it’s just once. Goes down nicely with a beer 🙂

  112. Ken Delisle

    Quick and efficient

  113. Kenneth Hambrick

    Excellent product. Outstanding seller.

  114. BRUCE L.

    Good company

  115. Jeremy

    Quality smokes

  116. Barrett Bakrania

    Perfect Marlboro red

  117. Kenneth Hambrick

    Good company, fast delivery

  118. Ken Delisle

    Very quit and easy to track

  119. Rafa

    One of the best Marlboro I ever had. What a flavor, humidity perfect. No chemical taste, what a treat. Try it if you never did, you’ll love it, it is like going back 20 years, the original flavor from the old days. Absolutely wonderful.

  120. Rafael

    Absolutely the best Marlboro ever, I enjoyed it so much. Sweet, zero chemical taste, strong enough. I wish they would ship faster. I’ll be ordering again in the future if they offer faster shipping. Amazing customer service too.

  121. Anonymous


  122. Anonymous

    Have not tried yet but had the same quick simple order as with the gold, very happy with this!

  123. Deken C.

    If you like smokes marlboro are one of the best and for the price you got to love it

  124. Anonymous

    Full flavour ciggarette smooth with that great Marlboro taste…

  125. John DALEYMOUNT

    Great service and didnt have to wait long

  126. Jesse

    One of the tastiest cigarettes I have had, ever.

  127. Anonymous

    Very good

  128. Ken Delisle

    Efficient and quick, nice follow-up on lost package

  129. Anonymous

    Fantastic product and service!

  130. Anonymous

    fantastic product and service!

  131. BRUCE L.

    Excellent customer service

  132. Anonymous

    Reminds me of a good old marb. love em thanks!

  133. Anonymous

    Once again, fast shipping and great smokes & prices.

  134. Deken C.

    You got to love marlboro 10/10 from me

  135. sirchenchin

    All I can say is wow. Didn’t really know what to expect as I’ve only smoked UK Marlboro Reds; these fags are lovely! Extremely smooth and a great taste with non of the nauseating chemical taste of UK fags. They are an absolute pleasure to smoke.

  136. Anonymous

    They nice n cheap, fast shipping n high quality

  137. Kenneth Hambrick

    Too bad shipping costs have become so high. Otherwise, excellent!

  138. Joshua

    This is it lads

  139. Anonymous

    strong bold smoke

  140. Ken Delisle

    Very quick

  141. Ben

    great ciggy!

  142. Brian S.

    love em. price, taste, service all good

  143. Jackson waldeck

    Taste better than american reds

  144. Sienna W.

    Awesome love the original packaging and very good price ❣️ thankyouuuuu

  145. Ryan

    Can i order shipping to australia.

  146. dokidokisosy

    I got my delivery in two weeks to the US. Amazing taste thank you for your service.

  147. Shawn

    Please get Camel 99 red.

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