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Camel Filter 100s – Since 1913 Quality Tobaccos

Camel, a premium blend of the finest quality tobaccos, provides genuine smoking pleasure.

10mg tar and 0.8mg nicotine.

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43 reviews for Camel Filter

Based on 43 reviews
  1. Stephen

    Enjoyed them a lot, nice distinct flavour will purchase again

  2. Brant

    I received my package and am extremely pleased with the cigarettes I ordered. I will be making an even bigger order in the coming days.

  3. Selectivity

    Right, back to 1990, like in my Marlboro Red review.
    In 1990, the Camels (in Sweden) had 1.2mg nic. and 16mg tar (reading from an old pack here), and they had an entirely unique and very distinctive taste. They simply had the Camel taste; there was nothing else like it, and it can´t be described (by me, at least) as anything else than the Camel taste. They were just as good as Marlboros were back then, and it was always hard for me to say which one of them was the best (though I usually leaned towards a very fresh Marlboro Red softpack as winner).
    The Camels today (in Europe) don´t have a single trace of the Camel taste, none at all. This, I´m sure, is because of the limitations on nicotine and tar content. I was hoping that the ones I ordered from CW would be an old-school, full-strength version. Sadly, they weren´t. Their tar and nic content is exactly the same as, or very similar to, the Euro-junk Camels, and there is not even a hint of the Camel taste. A huge disappointment for me then, since I was hoping to finally taste real Camels again. The Camels I got from CW do have a slightly richer taste than the Euro-Camels though, and they also lack a faint, dry/bitter/something note that seems to hide in the Euro-junk.
    On their own, without any nostalgia, these Camels are just cigarettes. Not bad at all, taste ok, nothing wrong with them, and nothing impressive or noteworthy either. Just fairly good cigarettes.
    If CW can find real, proper Camels somewhere, I´d definitely buy a pack or two, even though I´m all into kreteks now.

    As for Ciggies World, they are the best. Fast, reliable, and efficient, they have certainly won my loyalty.

  4. joshua walker

    before plain packaging in australia, camel cigarettes had quite a distinctive and very nice taste, plain packaged camels are absolute rubbish… the camels i ordered off of ciggies world were very very nice, but lacked the strong distinctive “camel” taste, however, the taste was still there, but not as strong… they also didnt have any chemically taste though, which is a very good thing, as australian smokes seem to all taste like crap, because of the chemicals…

  5. Matt


  6. Brady

    excellent camel filters from kretek cigarettes. delivery from them takes an average of a 3 week wait but guarantees safe delivery of a very good product.

  7. Tez

    I wouldn’t buy this brand again. I know they’re very popular but they don’t do it for me. It’s still a quality product, don’t get me wrong. It’s not rubbish or anything, but the heavy sweetness of the blend and the headspin you get just isn’t to my liking.

    I’m stickng with Marlboro Red.

  8. Simon

    Tasty with dirt under your fingernails kind of guts to it, long draw, full flavoured and makes you want to drink a cold tinny and ride a foaming stead into the sunset.

  9. Nat W

    Got these in my second order to the UK. Took about 2 weeks as before. All sealed and no customs fees.

    I can honestly say these are my favourite cigs! Smooth and no harsh chemical taste. The packaging only had text warnings on too in English. No horrible pictures. Order some, you won’t be disappointed!

  10. scottdawson142

    Unfortunately for me these don’t have the taste and kick that they used to have in the past.

    They are a still a good smoke and the camel flavour is there, it is just more dull than it used to be.

    I’ll still order these as I enjoy the taste but for me Marlboro, Lucky Strike and Winston Reds all are the more enjoyable and flavoursome smoke compared to the Camel Filters as they are now.

  11. Canadian Toker

    Have to agree with others on here in saying that there is very little “classic” Camel flavour in these smokes, and being made in Germany they are within the euro guidelines for tar, etc.

    That being said they are good. Nice flavour, good nicotine level. Free burning too, meaning no fsc garbage, but for my money there are better.

  12. George47s

    Definitely worth a try.. Trustworthy website too.

  13. Ethan

    First time trying Camels. Not as sweet as I’ve been told they are. Arrived in a timely manor and packaged well. Would recommend.

  14. Anonymous

    These are Duty Free from Germany. Very mild, sweet cigarettes. No harshness, no chemical taste, no paper taste. Could be a bit stronger but anyway 10/10.

  15. Kwang T.

    It has a rich smell !

  16. Anonymous

    Generous flavour

  17. Fernando Fonseca

    Good smoke. Really enjoyed it

  18. Anonymous

    Shipping took a while but happy with service, would use again

  19. John G.

    Excellent service, smokes were delivered on time and in good condition

  20. Morgan


  21. Lloyd Mackay

    Absolutely love this product ciggiesworld as a service. These camels are better than any I can get locally and the prices and efficient service are just great. Keep it up guys ❤️

  22. Paora Maher

    Good as gold, faster shipping would be amazing though

  23. Rafael

    Ok to smoke, but this is not like Camels used to be. Very mild cigarette.

  24. Paul Brown

    Thanks again??

  25. Peter

    Arrive just fine through Australia Customs

  26. Bryan

    I’ve made many purchases from ciggiesworld and will again. Always sent promptly.

  27. tareq a.

    Fast delivery

  28. Justin O’Connor

    In Australia these are strong 16mg and nice in Brasil weak and taste like chemical shit.

  29. Justin Emmet Occnor

    best smoke in the world second to sobraine

  30. Anonymous

    Smoker experience in Europe&USA, these are my favorite cigarettes overall

  31. Stéphane Barbara

    bonne qualité

  32. Anonymous

    My absolute favorite cigarettes in the world and this website is the only one I can find these with the type of accessible amount/price. Very lucky to have found this website.

  33. Anonymous

    Excellent with a light flavor

  34. Andrew Ayson

    These taste great. If you’re in Canada they don’t taste different from the Camel brand cigarettes imported by some Cigar stores. If you can find them locally you’ll be paying over $19 a pack so definitely worth sourcing here for the price.

  35. Anonymous

    so much better than UK camel ?

  36. Matthew Wrightson

    Very nice and smooth

  37. Toby P.

    Great cigs, really enjoyable to smoke

  38. Christopher Rutherford

    Best cigs in the world

  39. Anonymous

    Excellent product. Soft yet quite strong. A perfect cigarette in my opinion.

  40. B B.

    Always the best.

  41. Christopher R.

    Brilliant price for a brilliant cigarette!!

  42. john a.

    perfect every time A1

  43. Kyle L.

    If you get the king size pack you are in for a ride.

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