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Since 1907 – Dunhill International – London . Paris . New York

Created by Dunhill blenders from tobacco of exceptional quality.

To be the world’s finest cigarettes. Made to Dun hill’s standards of perfection.

Dunhill International Cigarettes retain the smell of fresh tobacco and have a complex flavor. Spicy, with a hint of sweetness, Dunhill Cigarettes taste like tobacco should. Dunhill cigarettes have an aroma that is enticing and not spoiled by excessive use of additives.

Internationally renowned since 1907. Made in UK

12mg tar and 1.2mg of nicotine

Max Order 5 Pack!

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Dunhill International. Since 1907 – London . Paris . New York

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67 reviews for Dunhill International (London – UK)

  1. Philip

    As always excellent.

  2. Matthew V.

    Cigs arrived, but they didn’t initiate shipping process until the day I complained, 2 weeks after order. I waited two entire months for arrival.

  3. Alexander Y.

    Absolutely delicious, I was smoking pall malls and belmonts before finding these. These are now my go to smoke! I ordered five packs for my first order and it doesn’t seem like it’s enough to last me more than 3 months. My friends love these too as they’re so smooth and don’t taste like chemicals. (The buzz is nice too)

  4. Jeff Lee

    I wanted to say thank you so much I received my order and am very pleased. Shipping was fast, and the cigarettes are wonderful. I will be ordering more. Thank you for providing such exceptional customer service!

  5. Rafael

    Absolutely terrible cigarettes. Harsh and week at the same time. Dry, difficult to take a puff. Zero stars to these ones.

  6. VP

    The Dunhill International, the crowning jewel of Dunhill’s lineup. These are Dunhill’s answer to the Davidoff Magnum; which I must say right now – are not on the same tier. An interesting feud between these two companies – which includes their pipe tobacco offerings.

    While they are definitely a top quality cigarette – I would place them in the arena of the Davidoff Classic, though, they possess a less sophisticated taste/ aroma.

    In the ranking of the elite european cigarettes, I would place these directly behind the Davidoff Classics – by an extremely tight margin, feeling that taste/ aroma is the separator. Of course, personal preference can cause a swapping of the two. As far as quality and body of the smoke are concerned – I would rank them as equals.

    Hopefully CiggiesWorld can add the Davidoff Magnum to their lineup of european cigarettes – which I must say, is very impressive seeing the Sobranies in the lineup; we can then witness what is considered by many to be the “creme de la creme” of elite european cigarettes – unchanged since its inception by Zino Davidoff himself.

  7. antonelloloddo2

    Smooth and long burning, Pleasant Quality.

  8. Justin O’Connor

    Used to be the best. Used to be.

  9. Philip

    Fast shipping, efficient, excellent tracking.

  10. Daniel

    Strong and rich.

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