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Mild Seven to be renamed Mevius

Better known in the Western world for their sponsorship of the Benetton F1 racing team, Mild Seven cigarettes are in fact reputedly the third widest smoked cigarette in the world (behind Marlboro and Camel).

Manufactured originally in Tokyo, by Japanese Tobacco Inc. they are now also manufactured under license in Switzerland for the growing European Market. There are 2 major brands of Mild Seven; The Original, and the Lights/Sky Blue. Both are pitched at the Marlboro market, being of similar tar and nicotine levels to their American counterparts.

The filters of Mild Sevens contain an ‘Activated Charcoal’ compound which apparently is more effective at removing impurities than standard fibre filters. Activated charcoal is the main thing used in ‘Trainer Tamer Odor Eaters. So it must be good!

The standard Sevens are a very similar smoke to Marlboro, with a similar powerful hit on the throat, and a strong tobacco taste, but the Lights/Sky Blue bear no resemblance to any other brand of cigarettes due to the unique filter, tar and nicotine content. The tobacco is quite loosely packed, allowing a smoother inhalation, yet the nicotine hit is strong enough to sate your addiction.

Author’s comment “I originally started smoking these cigarettes when a friend visited Japan on business and brought some back. Since then, I have managed to maintain a regular supply from our distributor on the eastern part of the globe. If you are not lucky enough to be able acquire Mild Seven from where you lived, it may be worth buying some from us”

1 pack contains 20 cigarettes. 7 Mg Tar and 0.6 Mg Nicotine.

A product of Japan Tobacco International. Made in Japan or Malaysia.

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16 reviews for Mevius Sky Blue

  1. Allyson Culver

    Hey Patriots, these are good. Light and smooth!
    Remember to buy lots of cigs cuz the nicotine keeps you safe from the bioweapons they’re sending our way. That’s why smokers were never the ones in the hospital, and now they’re trying to ban them world wide. Sick!

  2. Kevin

    Just like Mevius Lights but a little weaker on the strength.

  3. Aaron H.

    To me, this is the perfect “light” cigarette. Anyone who regularly smokes Marlboro Lights and is open minded to trying something different, should buy some of these.

  4. Anonymous

    no fresh enough. manufactered jan 2019. its already oct 2019

  5. Aaron

    My 2nd favorite! I wish more places in the US sold these but I’ve only seen them for sale here.

  6. Anonymous

    A great light cigarette, tastes great and is very smooth. Thanks @brother.168 on TikTok for the recommendation!

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