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Marlboro Gold – Selected fine tobaccos.

Firm filter – Smooth taste. Amercian blend in flip top box.

Marlboro is the largest selling brand of cigarettes in the world. It is made by Philip Morris USA within the US, and by Philip Morris International outside the US.

Marlboro Gold Lights. 20 class A cigarettes. 9mg of tar and 0.8 mg of nicotine.

Made by Philip Morris Indonesia. All Marlboro cigarettes we sold in store are NON FSC.

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Weight35 g

113 reviews for Marlboro Gold

Based on 113 reviews

    They taste exactly like the Marlboro Lights I buy in the States. And these are not fire safe that go out on their own. So I don’t have to keep relighting them.

  2. Anthony

    I love this cigarette. White filter with two rings and Marlboro printed in gold. .8mg nicotine american blend.

    Thank you ciggiesworld!

  3. John

    The Marlboros are fine.
    Getting the Marlboros is the problem. Been waiting 23 days now for the remainder of my order.

  4. Gorl

    A solid light cigarette, easy to draw, OK smell but I don’t like the aftertaste it leaves in the mouth. Not great but not bad as well, if you are smoking lights then this is a fair choice.

  5. Smoker 69

    This is the best cigarette I have ever smoked in my life. This is my cigarette brand that I buy. The price is high, but it is worth it. The taste is very smooth and mellow. Marlboro has the best light cigarette in my opinion. I prefer the 100’s rather then the shorts, because they last longer. Probably the best 5-6 minute smoke I ever had.

  6. Freddie Ergatoudis

    This pack design is way nicer then the european one
    + White filter is way nicer !

    Flavour is amazing !

  7. Alex

    These cigarettes are super smooth and are easy on the throat. they have a light but great taste, the only thing I don’t like is the after taste. Other than that they’re one of the best cigarettes I’ve ever smoked.

    Also I ordered from Canada and the shipping was pretty fast and I wasn’t even charged extra duties or taxes. YAAAY !

    Thanks so much Ciggiesworld !

  8. Harrison

    When these arrived I though they were the brown filter Marlboro Golds (which I hate and they are the only ones I can get in Australia) but they were the white filter ones. This is because they came in very similar packaging to the Australian Marlboro Golds pre-plain packaging. The difference between Australian Marlboro Golds and the white filter Malrboro Golds is a night and day difference. The white filter ones are non-FSC and I believe are a drastically different blend which in my opinion is vastly superior to the Australian brown filter ones. The Australian Marlboro Golds make we want to vomit and give me headaches. These Indoneisan white filter ones are virtually flawless and cost far less than the Australian ones due to exorbitant taxation.

  9. Ahmad

    order these recently amazing high quality cigs with once again fast, quick & reliable service from ciggies world !! keep it up you have won me as a regular customer for life.

    thanks !!

  10. LISA

    Ordering from them for a while and I love their service…Thank you for being around

  11. Darren

    Love these smooth, great tasting cigarettes. Great speedy service too. Thanks Ciggiesworld!

  12. Lorane

    Just a heads up the cigarettes that you will receive are not the ones pictured and unfortunately contain pretty f****d up government health imagery on them, which sucks because that was one of many reasons I was buying from overseas. If anyone’s interested, 1 carton of cigarettes totalled $170 after shipping and import tax if you live in Australia. Other than the packaging the cigarettes are great.

  13. Brad McDougall

    I ordered 5 packs one being these very happy with all, a few health warnings, these with pictures nothing that bad, one misleading thing was these were meant to be 0.6 mg nicotine but got 0.8 not a big deal just a heads up to others, and one other pack Dunhill Crisp said I was going to get 20 but was a 14 pack, again just a heads up, but other than that shipping fairly good considering it being holidays right now, no tax which is great! I’m from Australia so that’s a luxury, overall pretty pleased will be ordering again and trying more cigarettes! Thanks Ciggiesworld.

  14. Ryan

    Marboro gold white filter these are just like the ones u get overseas. They r delivered super fast and I would highly recommend this product to anyone. Fantastic smokes light and great tasting quick delivery and great price !!

  15. James

    These cigarettes taste and smell great, just like they use to taste before AUS changed them. No chemical taste at all. I can tell with these that I’m smoking a Marlboro Light. I’m really happy with them and the service; got delivered to me much quicker and packed well. Will definitely be returning to place more orders soon. Thanks CiggiesWorld!

  16. James

    I received one box quick but have not received the 2nd box yet

  17. Fiona Chung

    Cigarettes tastes good and great service

  18. C

    I ordered Marlboro Lights and they came well within the 45 days for delivery. It was refreshing to have actual cigarettes instead of the crap they sell at an inflated price here in Australia. I will never buy Australian cigarettes ever again! Thank you CiggiesWorld!

  19. Nat W

    Got these in my second order to the UK. Took about 2 weeks as before. All sealed and no customs fees.

    These taste like Marlboro Lights used to back in the 90s. No harsh chemical taste. 5*

    Really sad that the packaging had really horrible graphic health warnings on. The warning text is in Indonesian. I covered them up with some white duct tape. No problem!

  20. Gen

    Not bad a little pricey comared to other online sellers

  21. tristram.berrisford

    Cigs: Flavour is good, especially after the introduction of FSC in Australia. Has nasty government health graphics on the front. Filters are white. Shipping: Every parcel arrived into W.A in around 1-2 weeks.

  22. Jon

    Fantastic cigarette and great service. Delivered with no problem to the UK will order again

  23. Jeff Lee

    I would like to thank you for this order i liked the gift thing but guess who ruined it? Customs…
    Package well packaged and i liked that complimentary coffee sachet lol. And the packs are fresh which is perfect for me. It was only 20$ customs so still work out cheaper than buying here in Canda, I will use your service all the times.

  24. Danny

    Ciggiesworld is the place for these Non FSC marlboros. FSC ruins the smoking experience. Completely skunks the tobacco. After you hit the first band, you’re smoking an EVA flavored cigarette. Also, cigarettes taste much better if you wait a minute or two between drags. The faster you smoke, the hotter the tobacco burns and makes the tobacco taste and smell more acrid.

    Also, it’s just a pure pleasure and more relaxing to calmly hold something that coolly smolders for long moments and occasionally partake its pleasure. Rather than constantly dragon it everyso often just to make sure it stays lit.

    Thank you CiggiesWorld for making Non-FSC marlboros still availablle for US residents.

  25. Papabear

    I have been a Malrboro Gold smoker in Texas for 30 years and totally surprised that they just change this cigarette in taste and feeling totally… that hard filter is like another cigarette brand. I went away from marlboro and try something else, now the marlboro gold sold here are what it used to taste like in Texas. Love it!

  26. Angel

    Hi CiggiesWorld, Items received! Am very pleased with order, customer service, communications, ease of purchasing and pricing!! TY!!!!!!!!! Customer forever!

  27. Anonymous

    Personally not my smoke of choice, I didn’t enjoy them but I’m sure others will. First order never came, I emailed in and they promptly reshipped my order just under 2 weeks later it landed. Great customer service.

  28. Liberty


  29. Anonymous

    Great service as always thanks ?

  30. Anonymous

    great service – 5 star all the way!

  31. Gen P.

    Best value for money

  32. JAY S.

    Love Marlboro Golds Taste just like Marlboro Lights

  33. John

    Brilliant as usual thanks ?

  34. Jerome Herlehy

    Good cigarette

  35. Ben

    Legit as, couldn’t be happier with the cheap cigs

  36. Caroline

    Delivery was 6 weeks to Canada. Golds were well packaged and fresh. Interesting experience. Thanks.

  37. Gen P.

    good service, but long delay in delivery. Probably postal delays.

  38. Brian

    Speedy delivery. Great cigarette!

  39. Tim Stevenson

    Love them. I tell every smoker about you guys. I hope you guys don’t stop sending to Australia ❤️

  40. JAY S.

    taste just like a marlboro light

  41. Anonymous


  42. Gregg Broadbelt

    Very happy.

  43. Kenny

    I’m more of a fan of rolling smokes, but these tailors are relatively light in taste. It may be due to being a rollie smoker, but flow could be a little smoother. Overall, great packet of smokes.

  44. Carolee W.

    Great cigarette – Am buying again thanx

  45. James

    Great value!

  46. Anonymous


  47. Carolee W.

    Nice – will buy again

  48. Jen D.

    Good flavor, but not as good as reds imo. Tastes like a cigar. Light pull and light strength which I appreciate. Notable that I got hit with customs at 3 packs with untracked shipping.

  49. Malcolm

    Smooth, like breathing. Not the same taste as Golds I’ve had else where.

  50. C W.

    Not bad for the price. Pay a little more and get lucky strike or dunhill king size.

  51. Daniel D.

    I’d say the cigs are great and I’m going to continue to purchase them! I encourage other’s to do the same!!!

  52. David

    Probably the best marlboro out there.

  53. Tash Kane

    Highly awesome. Terrific company

  54. JAY S.

    taste great

  55. Anonymous


  56. Matt

    Terrific service you guys provide!

  57. David

    Classic taste. Shipping was quick.

  58. Anonymous


  59. JAY S.

    I love the cigarettes, But want to know why If I make the same orders, why is the shipping prices different?

  60. Thomas Vito

    Great cigarette. Happy with the timeframe in which it arrived to me, around two weeks and I live in New Zealand. New Zealand is the most expensive place in the world to smoke right now, with these packs of Marlboro Golds selling avg $32 a pack!!! How ridiculous, so ciggiesworld is a god send for me. Never got intercepted at customs so I will be buying more from you guys. Thank you very much

  61. Anonymous

    My wife Beth said they taste second to one only taste.

  62. Anonymous

    Beth loves the taste

  63. Anonymous

    My wife Beths second favourite taste

  64. goran

    Great product and postage

  65. Alina

    Great service!

  66. Nina

    Everything was perfect. Thank you.

  67. Erica

    I purchase these for an elderly relative. She loves them.

  68. Maggie McKenzie

    Defenitely recommend!

  69. Philip

    The shipping costs are too high but the Cigs were okay

  70. JAY S.

    Taste just like the ones in the USA, But they burn faster, No shut off.

  71. Dean Todd

    Brilliant ! totally recommend

  72. f-keller

    looking for white filters

  73. Anonymous

    Quick, discrete shipping and quality new sealed products! Was very pleased with my order, especially at such a low price.



  75. Kevin

    Resembled a Marlboro Light but more of a red. Has a pretty good kick to it.

  76. Anonymous


  77. Anonymous

    Great Service!

  78. Anonymous


  79. Muhammed Ahmed

    I don’t like it at all; it has the same pretty shit taste as we do have in Saudi Arabia I gave it three starts because of its price cheaper than cigarette in Saudi.

  80. TRACEY

    @I was very nervous and scepital but they are so quick and trustworthy

  81. Joshua A.

    not as nice as the reds but not bad

  82. Brendan Carrington

    Excellent cheap and smooth

  83. Carolee Waters

    Nice taste ?

  84. TRACEY

    very reliable and so quick

  85. Justin O’Connor

    Rubbish for a good smoke get a red. Lights are crap. All chemical taste. Makes me gag. Worst smoke i know I’ve smoked em all over 30yrs.

  86. Thomas Valentine

    So nice to smoke non- FSC Marlboro Lights again! Great taste, smooth smoke.
    Still cheaper than buying cigs where I live.
    Fast shipping with accurate tracking that took around 14 days to arrive. Very well packaged.
    I will be buying more very soon.

  87. Thomas V.

    Stop smoking FireSafe cigarettes! Yuk!
    Do you remember the original flavor of a Marlboro Light cigarette?
    Enjoy a real smoke again.
    Smoke them again. Buy them a CiggiesWorld!

  88. hans c.

    Cigs are fresh and a bit strong for Gold Flavor.

  89. Thomas V.

    Great flavor and taste, a true classic cigarette!

  90. Petr

    You can’t buy cheaper those cigarettes.

  91. Petr

    Cheapest cigarettes. Always fresh. Fresher then in local stores.

  92. Petr B.

    Very cheap and great quality. Fresher then in local stores in USA.

  93. Anonymous

    Super. Very fresh items.

  94. Susan

    The smokes were of excellent quality and very similar to what I buy in the States

  95. Petr

    Super fresh.

  96. Anonymous

    You will not find cheaper cigarettes.

  97. Petr B.

    Very good cigarettes, cheapest and good quality. Very fresh.

  98. Petr Benz

    Cigarettes are more fresh and new then in local US stores.
    Don’t find cheaper cigarettes then in Ciggiesworld

  99. Victor James

    I can’t taste a difference between these and the USA produced cigarettes.

  100. Anonymous

    Super fresh

  101. Petr B.

    You don’t find cheaper and fresher cigarettes.

  102. Petr Benz

    Never bought fresher cigarettes.

  103. Petr

    Super fresh.

  104. Maston Hall

    Taste was good but strangely harsh which was disappointing.

  105. Robert Ziebell

    I really appreciate having these available,

  106. Victor James

    Exactly the same as the ones I buy in the US

  107. Petr

    Very fresh products. Very cheap.

  108. Oscar S.

    Great fresh

  109. Fahad

    The product was superb and thanks for the gift inside 🙂

  110. Lisa B.

    Excellent quality

  111. Anonymous

    Very good body, lighter than the reds.

  112. Lisa B.

    Great cigarettes

  113. Lisa B.

    Taste great and arrived fast

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