Wismilak Diplomat Menthol

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Filtered Menthol Clove Cigarettes 1.3 Mg Nicotine 15 Mg Tar.

1 carton contains 10 packs.

1 pack contains 16 cigarettes.


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  1. Selectivity

    Just for the record, this cigarette has 0.9 mg nicotine and 12 mg tar, and not 1.3/15, as stated above.

    Unlit, Wismilak Diplomat Menthol smells a bit weird. The menthol is strong, smooth and very nice, but it clashes with the rest of the cigarette and gets messed up. Smoking the cigarette reveals more clashes between flavours. Again, it tasted weird, and not really kretek-y. Sometimes, rarely, I could taste some surprisingly good tobacco flavours and sweet spicings, but mostly there was just that clashing and the resulting mess, with smells and tastes reminding me of old clothes with old perfumes on them, carelessly stored away for a long time, and maybe some fake chocolate. Or something like that. Filter paper was nicely flavoured though.

    Again, the menthol was really good: strong, cooling, yet rounded and not sharp. There are many other little bits and pieces in Wismilak Diplomat Menthol that are very nice, and that pop up here and there, but there is almost always that clashing, where the good stuff gets lost and only the mess remains. Pity, really.

    Ciggies World never get messy though, and that is what really matters. Speed, handling, payment and packaging, all handled perfectly, every time you order.

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