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Marlboro Red – Selected premium tobaccos.

American blend in flip top box. 20 Class A cigarettes.

Marlboro is the largest selling brand of cigarettes in the world. It is made by Philip Morris USA within the US, and by Philip Morris International outside the US.

13 Mg Tar and 1.0 Mg Nicotine.

All Marlboro cigarettes sold in store are NON FSC.


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184 reviews for Marlboro Red

  1. GSX

    Your average run-of-the-mill cigarette. The number one selling cigarette in the USA, and what most people smoke. Not terribly strong, not terribly expensive, not terribly unique. They burn a little too fast for my taste.

  2. RLS

    I bought my first pack of these today after finally giving in to curiosity. From what I had heard, people either love or hate them, and knowing me (I’m a Camel smoker) I had a feeling I was going to find them horrid. However, I was pleasantly surprised. They are somewhat harsh, yes, but at the same time they’re smoother than a lot of other brands. They have a nice taste to them too, it’s almost sweet and nutty. I didn’t pick up much of a chemical taste either, and I enjoyed the aftertaste very much. The nicotine also leaves you very satisfied. I’m really glad I gave these a try and I might buy them every once in awhile when I want to smoke something with a kick, but I will never believe that a Marlboro tastes better than a Camel.

  3. Thornw

    These are the perfect morning cigarette. While I don’t believe that they are as strong as their reputation would indicate, they are great for a good quick kick. I find their famous ‘harshness’ to be quite pleasant and stimulating. The nicotine will hit you quickly, but the buzz may not last as long as other cigarettes. These have a very classic and appealing package as well. Unfortunately, while they taste pretty good, it will become less and less inspiring once you taste what’s out there.

  4. iloverockandroll

    The body on these is wonderful. Full, but not overwhelming. It has a nice flavor and is great for relaxing on your back porch.

    One complaint I have is that these do burn all the way down in about 5 minutes.



  6. Mason King

    Marlboros are good, but only if you enjoy them. I personally prefer a fruitier taste that one might get more from a Winston per se, but Marlboro Reds are decent enough. I don’t have much to complain about.

  7. Benjamin Iffland

    I was a little weary about ordering through this website. But I must say I’m very pleased with the speed of shipping and the packing. These ciggerettes didn’t have the chemical FSC taste of the australian marlboro. Very happy and have already placed another order through this website.

  8. F p

    Tasty, strong dart.

  9. kevin.peake

    A nice smoke, not to the same level as Marlboro Reds that you get in the USA, but still a huge increase on EU versions. A good choice for people who like strong cigarettes but want to play it safe. If you want a throat hit then Camel unfiltered are better, if you want a nice head buzz then try Chunghwa

  10. Rayha

    After going through camel I knew they weren’t for me and I remembered I used to have these when I started. At first they were very strong now they almost feel like a light too me. Very good though, no aftertaste for me.

  11. Rainman

    I love smoking these cigarettes. They’ve been in my family for a few generations now. My old man and his both smoke these. Great cigarette. A little strong for a beginner, but definitely worth a try. Although, towards the last few drags, the taste seems to go harsh. Overall, great cig and highly recommended. Do yourself a favor and pick up a pack.

  12. Anonymous

    Came through in am month, package has been opened by customs but they did nothing about it

  13. Anonymous

    Not a bad deal; will definitely consider a refill in the future!

  14. Ethan

    Can’t go wrong with Malboro Reds. 10/10 for Ciggiesworld.

  15. Erik R.


  16. Piri

    Took a few months but did come so I’m happy about that

  17. Anonymous

    Pretty good darts

  18. Anonymous

    Everything when fine, they took a month to get here but thats expected because i live in New Zealand

  19. Chloe

    Doesn’t look like there will be a smoking warning on the packet, but it was on the back. Here in Norway they only sell cigarettes in very boring brown packets now. I accidentally smoked a collected packet, saved by someone who wanted to keep an original pack since no longer available in Norway. Well my hunt to find a new pack and get it to Norway succeeded, but I wish the pack was fully original. However the cigarettes came with a biscuit and a teabag and I found that SO nice, that really put a smile on my face. Nothing here comes for free, that was just delightful. Thank you!

  20. Salman

    they are not the same as the picture shown but theyre okay decent reds.


    Great cigarette well worth the price

  22. Joshua J.

    A bit loose at the end of the cigarette but all in all, good hit of nicotine and easy smoking smoke.

  23. Katy Meers

    A traditional marlborough cigarette. . I would say 16mg. . Quite strong

  24. Carolee Waters

    I like the taste of the Gold/original better

  25. Justin O’Connor

    Strong good nicotine hit. Harsh on the lungs. Good smoke but there are way better. In Australia they are 16mg in Brasil maybe 14mg.

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