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Lucky Strike Original Red – Made under authority of Bristish American Tobacco Inc, USA.

Lucky Strike is rich in heritage and one of the world’s best-known brands. It was introduced in 1871 as a cut-plug chewing tobacco by the R. A. Patterson Tobacco Company of Richmond, Virginia, U.S.A.. Patterson Tobacco was acquired by the American Tobacco Company in 1905, which introduced Lucky Strike as a regular-sized (70 mm), non-filtered, American blend cigarette in 1916 in an attempt to compete with the success of R. J. Reynolds’ Camel brand. Its distinctive red-on-green bullseye design was created by famous industrial designer Raymond Loewy, the man who also designed the Campbell’s Soup label, as well as the logos for Exxon Oil, Shell Oil, and Coca-Cola. The Lucky Strike logo would later become a prominent fixture in pop-era artist Ray Johnson’s collages.

In 1917, the brand started using the slogan “It’s Toasted”, meant to inform consumers about the manufacturing method in which the tobacco is toasted rather than sun-dried, giving Luckies a unique and distinctive flavour. The message “L.S./M.F.T.” (“Lucky Strike means fine tobacco”) was introduced on the package in the same year.

Lucky Strike Reds constitute a grade A American tobacco product that is well sought-after worldwide. The simplicity to its commercial package belies the rich taste when you light up. Known for its unique gourmet flavor, Lucky Strike Red commands a presence all on its own with a distinguished aroma.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts. Real tobacco taste…and plenty of it. Tobacco is our passion and a great smoke our promise. It’s Luckies. Enjoy.

20 Class A cigaretts. 12 mg tar and 0.8 mg nicotine


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119 reviews for Lucky Strike Original

  1. John A.

    Great prices! Good smokes!

  2. K-town666

    First time trying luckies, can’t get them in Canada. Wasn’t sure about the after taste, could be because I’m not used to the toasted flavour. Very clean tobacco with little to no chemical taste and great burn time. All in all the flavour is awesome and beats all the Canadian cigarettes by far. Id buy again if Marlboro reds weren’t so damn awesome.

  3. Josh


    What more can I say about these that hasn’t been said?

    Classic and unique flavor that is unmatched anywhere. Why they fell out of popularity in the US market I’ll never understand.

    I first got introduced to these when I was stationed in Europe and they quickly became my every day smoke.

    A lot of people can’t handle them because they can be harsh but if you can get over that the taste is something all in a league of its own.

    Because of lucky’s toasted tobacco has been my preferred taste and I go out of my way to hunt these down when I can.

    This has everything I look for in a cigarette in every conceivable regard.

    If you’re only used to smoking the same brands and flavors from US companies I encourage you to branch out and get a pack. You too may discover why Lucky’s have become my all time favorite.

    Now if only we could get them to sell them everywhere in the US like the good old days things would be right in the world.

    Until then I’ll keep buying them from ciggiesworld.

  4. Barrett Bakrania

    Good quality! Will buy again

  5. Graeme Taylor

    The only problem I have is delivery is very slow

  6. Poring

    Lucky Strikes are toted as some of the best cigarettes ever – and for good reason. It’s an overall outstanding smoke that shines above the rest. For the most part, it tastes like your typical cigarette, but – and maybe it’s just a placebo effect due to their slogan – they really do have this extra toasted flavor that distinguishes them from other brands. It’s smooth, smoky, nutty, and toasty all in one. I don’t think it’s possible to dislike these.

  7. scott

    Good cig.

  8. Crystal

    I ordered these awhile back and they came super fast. The taste is pretty good with a nice body. I’d definitely smoke these again

  9. Suzanne

    Ive been waiting to try some form of lucky strike for a long time as even though the US unfiltered ones are still available they aint easy to find and not even sold im my area of alaska ! So when i recieved this it was awesome thank you ciggies world. ! This smoke has a nice sweet/rich blend though it is you could say watered down version of the us one pretty light smoke but the taste was very good no chemicals or anything funny overall 4/5

  10. Anonymous

    I love lucky strikes

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