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Davidoff Classic – Sophisticated moments of rounded taste and aroma. A gift for your senses. Founded in Geneva 1926.

Made in Germany under license of Davidoff & Cie SA Geneva.

Author’s review “I’ve been smoking for a year and a half now. For about 3-4 months in between I smoked Marlboro Reds. I started with two packs of Gold Flake Regulars(Barf) and then moved on to Davidoff lights(Peace). Then after about 10 packs, I moved on to Davidoff Classics. For some reason, I feel that most of the regular negative comments about the Classics are not true for the most part. I smoked these for about 8 months until no further supply of genuine packs was available. I live in Indonesia, you see, and even here, original German Davidoffs are available.

Davidoff Classics. They ARE Classic, for crying out loud. Just like a more tame version of the Expensive Magnums. Great, strong smoke. Lovely taste and smell. Good for only cold though, because the tobacco really hits you if it’s hot and if you’re on an empty stomach, you may have a back-turn or something. Great aftertaste and after-aroma of smoke, I must say. The Russian bordering countries ones probably do suck. But try the original German ones, and everything will start to make sense.

So there, my honest and unbiased opinion of what I smoke is in the passage above. Hope you have a great day and a good smoke!”

Davidoff Classic. 20 Classic Non-FSC cigarettes. 10mg tar and 0.9mg nicotine

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31 reviews for Davidoff Classic

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  1. MattPower

    These cigs are awsome, very elegant and smooth with a sweet character and mellow flavor. I found these at a local smokeshop and aside from the Camel Turkish blends are the only cigs I smoke. I really love the elegant look of these cigs, they are a real conversation piece. Anytime I smoke these there are many people asking to try one, LOL! I found these to be far better than Dunhill or any other high end cig I’ve tried. They have a richer flavor than the Camel Turkish blend, with flavors of dark coffee and sweet tobacco, these are definately a keeper…

    Read more: http://www.rateitall.com/i-26740-davidoff.aspx#ixzz1YsRBpfc6

  2. tef

    I like … Very smooth and strong at the end cuz the long size …. very good

  3. Zephram

    DAVID OFF possess an exceptional aftertaste and aroma, accompanied with unique mental alertness. The lighter version seems to fit a hot weather and during day time, while the Classic one enrich the night and when is cooler. DAVID OFF is one of the best cigarettes I frequently smoke, therefore is remain one of the remarkable well done cigarette that combine smoothness quality, I couldn’t even sense in Treasurer Cigarette, in which it represent a personal second option. DAVIDOFF is a cigarette that I genuinely enjoy yet, never had the feeling that I crave! I think that says it all!… Have a great smoking experience.

  4. Kenny

    My friend from America suggested that i try Davidoff as it can’t be purchased where i am from so i ordered some in and wow the quality and taste of the tobacco is a lot better than we get here in Australia. And the pack looks amazing, as we have plain packaging for smoking products over here.

  5. Peter

    excellent cigarettes

  6. Andrey

    This is first cigarette that makes me cough when I smoke it, not even cigar does that. Harsh for me, Ill let my friends try and ask what they think.

  7. jacob

    Very nice cigarettes, distinct taste you could either love or hate but personally I enjoyed them a lot.

  8. Lovin Johnson

    These smokes had a unique smooth mild flavor that is like cotton and good tobacco, but the smoke was just too harsh to taste it all.

  9. Moe Sohail

    It took Longer than I expected but it was good Service and I got the Product in Good Condition.

  10. VP

    After asking Jeff about the Davidoff Magnum, he suggested I try the Classic. The quality and cleanliness of the smoke is superb. A slight hint of oak-iness, similar to a fine cigar; which Davidoff is also famous for.

    The versions available in the Canadian market are of no comparison, after having tried the non-FSC version from CiggiesWorld, a can no longer go back to an FSC cigarette. The FSC versions have a “tainted” flavor to them.

  11. Kat

    I purchased these for my adult daughter who was smoking Marlboro 27. She no longer wanted to smoke USA made cigarettes due to the chemicals they add. She is very picky when it comes to cigarettes, and she likes these quite a bit.

  12. Frederik Gaffron

    I only smoke on occasion and for me these are just too harsh on my throat when inhaling. Between these and the Dunhill International I’d pick the Dunhill every time.

  13. MC

    Hands down my fav. for over 15 years.

  14. Christopher S.

    Not as good as the German ones, thought they are much smoother. The smoke isn’t as satisfying, but still a pleasant cigarette.

  15. Matt M.


  16. James

    Amazing! Haven’t paid tax once while ordering from CiggiesWorld, better then the Australian smokes too, I would recommend it these to anyone.

  17. Cameron

    Great stuff thank you

  18. Paul J.

    Not to my taste

  19. Jesse

    A gift for your senses, indeed.

  20. Diego Pocasangre

    Nice and fresh, packaging was not damaged

  21. Glen D.

    authentic, low price!

  22. Tracey

    CiggiesWorld is the best online shop by a mile. Arrives on time with discrete packaging. Have not had a single parcel seized to date.
    I have been researching these online shops for years now and CiggiesWorld stands alone at the top. Quality of brands is the real deal. Prices cannot be beaten. Hope to still be buying for years to come.

  23. marshall rogers

    Arrived fastd

  24. Justin O’Connor

    Not bad strong

  25. Matthew

    Quality tobacco and a great smoke. Dunhill International Red remains my favorite, but this is a nice alternate smoke.

  26. Ryan K.

    If you’re into cigars you know that Davidoff makes the best in the business. Their cigarettes are no different. Brimming with flavor and almost a pipe tobacco taste these are exceptional.

  27. Anonymous

    great cigs, nice strength and great taste.

  28. John Cookson

    Good product and ciggiesworld are a good trustworthy supplier

  29. Philippe V.

    Can’t go wrong with Davidoff

  30. Josh Stables

    Really smooth almost creamy texture, you can tell they earned the right to call them classics.

  31. Verified Buyer


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