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Camel cigarettes contain a blend of choice Turkish and American tobaccos to bring you a full smoking satisfaction with CAMEL quality.


A product of JT International. 20 Class A Cigarettes.

14mg of Tar and 1.0mg of Nicotine


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57 reviews for Camel Non Filter

Based on 57 reviews
  1. Edward

    These Camel Studs, are a fantastic smoke, They are rich with a full body. The smoke is smooth and has a rich flavour that stops the smoke from burning your lungs, 5 stars all the way

  2. Jayson

    These Camel cigarettes are a classic smoke. They have a strong yet pleasant flavor. The body is amazing and the tobacco have a really pleasant sugary smell, 5/5.

  3. Ryan

    Brilliant cigarette. Good flavour, insanely smooth. Would recommend these to any smoker!

  4. Andrew M

    Most unfiltered smokes are pretty harsh, but damn these Camels are tasty, full bodied and smooth. Especially being non FSC, the difference is evident in the taste and way it burns, will buy again!

  5. mycool

    these are probably the best unfiltered smoke iv ever had, if not the best cigarette overall. they are the european version so slightly less nicotine than american versions but still have that same camel taste as always. smooth yet amazing throat hit with almost a sweet flavor to them. 5/5 stars

  6. VP

    The costs of admission is definitely not in-line with the quality of this cigarette.

    Inconsistent quality from cigarette to cigarette; the packing was too loose in greater than 50% of the cigarettes. The flavor, this may just be that I have never smoked a Camel before – was almost unpalatable. The lingering aftertaste and aroma had a very off-putting flavor.

    Anyone that would like to try a true Turkish blend cigarette owes it to themselves to try Tor (Turkish blend); they also produce an Oriental and Virginian blend. Tor cigarettes are produced in Belgium – a much higher quality product than these.

  7. Dunkace

    Love this cig, beautiful! Just wish you could buy cartons.

  8. Jonathon Sammartano

    They burned faster than I am used to but they’re very very good cigarettes. These are very strong so if you can’t handle anything more than a normal regular flavor these might be too harsh for you.

  9. Sean

    These had a really sweet taste, they burnt a bit faster than I’d like but they were still very good cigarettes. Only 4 stars because they were a bit crushed.

  10. kevin.peake

    If like me you enjoy a smoke that hits you at the back of the throat with a nice kick to them, then these are worth a try. Lots of body, good taste, and reasonable nicotine level. Very fast burner though but will certainly order again

  11. Cyrus

    Great flavour one of the best tasting cigarettes I’ve ever had only probably was was that the pack was a tiny bit crushed so I got a bit of loose tobacco in my mouth which is a small price to pay for that flavour

  12. boddesascha123

    been smoking for 62 years and I have been having two packs a day for 48 years amazing haven’t died of cancer yet ??

  13. miller82309

    Absolutely perfect in every way. Exactly the same but a bit toned down from American Camel straights, which I found out I actually prefer. Great smoke all around. At this price it just doesn’t get any better. Perfection!

  14. Anonymous

    Loved the extra coffee sample

  15. Maxing42361

    I regularly smoke camel unfiltered USA version. These are Indonesian edition, the quality is far worse than here in USA. The cigarettes are very loose and not packed as tight. Overall they aren’t bad but i would not reccomend.

  16. Canadian Toker

    Let me start by saying, no, these are not “American” Camels in the sense that they are not made in the USA. They are however the closest I’ve found in years!

    They do burn fast as others have said but they are very smooth with little to no bite.

    Being a soft pack, they did arrive a little crushed, but it was at least a bottom corner so it could’ve been much worse. Packing was top notch, couldn’t have done it better myself and I pack orders for a living haha.

    Overall would order again. In fact I already have!

  17. Liam


  18. Anonymous

    Best non filter smoke out there. Unavailable in australia anymore.

  19. Alberto

    The best cigarettes ever

  20. Jack

    Strong, full flavour and reasonable shipping

  21. Akbel M.

    Can’t stress how much I loved the camels

  22. Darrien

    The cigarettes we’re correct in the package. I even received some gummy bears and tea along with it! Overall impressed at the service

  23. Anonymous

    Choice quality

  24. Adam

    I am not a regular cigarette smoker. These were not good. Tasted like chemicals to me. I think these must have whatever makes them continue burning, added to them. But I believe these were supposed to be free of that.?

  25. Min AHN

    American made would’ve been better.
    But I like this as well . Very rich vanila

  26. Zachary

    Got my cigs in about a month shipped from Asia. Thank you!

  27. streetlegalcreations

    My favourite cigarette in the world. Just a beautiful smoking experience. Worth the price any day, with a blend of fragrant tobacco, no filter, and the classic Camel packaging. Finest cigarettes ever made in my opinion.

  28. Ian

    A mix of taste consistency, and not as smooth as i remember. But delivery time was excellent.

  29. Malcolm

    Absolutely fantastic. Great to smoke to show off how badass you are to chicks at the club.

  30. nikki C.

    These are a head spinner. I highly recommend these for those who like a strong robust flavour

  31. Anonymous

    These were a bit stale

  32. mitchell.adkins

    Amazing customer service – responds to emails in a timely manner and was very helpful with my various enquirers. Fast shipping and reasonable delivery time once payment was made. Product arrived well packaged, fresh and undamaged. New to cigarettes so not game to give actual product review, but fantastic website and will order again.

  33. Anonymous

    Great product, fresh, fantastic price and ok delivery time. Will (and have) ordered again.

  34. Adrian

    Well it did take a while but these guys delivered, even included small bonuses which I thought it was very thoughtful. Was packed thoroughly so A+. About the cigarettes themselves they were good but not as good as I remembered they were when I smoked them 15+ years ago so 4/5. These new regulation I guess. Think Japan or US are the only ones who make the best cigs

  35. Mitchell Dekker

    thank you!

  36. Ramunas Bagaciovas


  37. Joseph N.


  38. Robert Durham

    Awesome customer service. Wonderful service

  39. Joseph N.

    Great Smoke

  40. Tom

    Fantastic smokes, good hit, nothing like them in the UK. Delivered fast and well packaged to come through stealthily.

  41. Joseph N.


  42. rafajafa

    Time travel 25 years back. Simply amazing. If you know how a Camel used to taste get these. I wish they had filters and this flavor, but I was very happy to once again taste a real camel.
    A trillion times better than the crappy FSC American version. Do not pay attention to any review, of any cigarette where the guy talks about the American version being better. American cigarettes are absolutely disgusting these days. Only a guy who started smoking after FSC would have such opinions…

  43. david

    The pack arrived undamaged and was truly a wonderful smoke. Would recommend anyone try this one if you like non filter cigarettes.

  44. sophiehophop

    Excellent winter smoke. Package arrived undamaged 14 days after placing my order

  45. Jennifer Walsh

    Cigarettes came as ordered. Camel non-filter used to be available in Canada until a few years ago. These are the one and only. Same Camel package and same Camel cigarette that made Camels one of the best selling cigarettes of all time. Anyone interested in tasting the original should definitely purchase a package or two. Thanks a lot. I’ve put in another order. Looking forward to receiving them.

  46. Hans

    Unfortunately the order was divided in two different packages and delivered different days. I was leaving for vacation and therefore only managed to receive half of the order. I hope the other half will be there at my return. But the whole order was actually ment for the people I went to stay with on this vacation…..

  47. Joshua

    My go to non filters

  48. Anonymous

    Excellent smoke

  49. Anonymous

    Spectacular signature camel flavour

  50. Anonymous

    Haven’t tried the American ones, also these are the first non-filters I’ve smoked, but I really like them

  51. Justin O’Connor

    Best non filtered through n the world

  52. Bruce

    I smoked my first CAMEL 52 years ago. Non filter, Turkish and Domestic blend, crush pack. Opening a fresh pack was the same delight as opening a new container of coffee. Nothing compares.
    Passing the package slowly back and forth under the nose provided a great tobacco aroma. Couldn’t wait to put a flame to it and smoke one. The cigarette was baled tight enough that it didn’t fall apart, and loose enough that a good draw on the cigarette was easy and enjoyable. The CAMEL had an aroma before it burned, an aroma as it burned, and a flavor that distinguished it apart from all other cigarettes. In a word the CAMEL was iconic. NOT ANY MORE! The cigarette being passed off now as a CAMEL is counterfeit. It masquerades as a CAMEL in a CAMEL branded cigarette paper and the familiar crush pack. It says Turkish and Domestic blend on the pack. Really? Who do they think they’re kidding?
    The original non filter CAMEL was definitely a blend of brown, darker brown and black. The present day CAMEL has a single source blonde leaf, rolled too tight and not a blend of anything. A new pack of non filter CAMEL Turkish and Domestic blend don’t have an aroma or a flavor. They have a smell and a taste. It’s a bad smell, and even a worse taste. Be further ahead to roll and smoke a tin of sardines. What has been done to this cigarette is unforgiveable. Smells like a dirty sock before you burn it. Rolled so sight that getting a drag off it is a chore, not a pleasure.
    There was a time I’d walk a mile for a CAMEL. I wouldn’t walk across the street for one now. Garbage! And as far as I’m concerned somebody belongs in jail for this. Misrepresentation and fraud. The product that everybody knew is NOT what they’re selling. It’s gone! Some morbidly stupid clown decided to fix something that wasn’t broken. Well, it’s broken now!

  53. Linda

    This is so sad, in South Africa they banned cigarettes due to covid-19. Everyone is buying cigarettes on the black market at 4 to 6 times the normal price and that for the worst cigarettes you can find. Brands you have never heard of before.
    I’ve been smoking camel non filter for close to 45 years. Been paying money for them I can’t afford no more. The result being every time I smoke those cigarettes I get as sick as a dog. I become asthmatic my bones start hurting, I get headaches and can’t get out of bed, I honestly get ill, could be mental, but I don’t think so, those cigarettes have poison in them.
    However not being able to afford black market prices to buy my camel ? non filters, I am stuck just feeling sick.
    Us smokers are fighting a loosing battle with the smoking ban. We have a bunch of dictators in our South African government. They are working towards controlling us under communism what else?
    All I need to feel better is my camel non filter ????
    Best regards
    PS keep us in your prayers

  54. Milan

    Camel cigarette is better than lucky strike cigarette . because Camel non filter cigarette paper stronger than other cigarette .

  55. Dale Bagz

    Camels Non filters aka Soulja Slims aka Humps aka Penitentiaries Camel Down,all named by the long live Great Magnolia Soulja Slim from New Orleans. Camel cigarettes are a big topic in New Orleans, but very expensive, so much as $13.00 dollars a pack & $70 to $80 for a cart.

  56. Pedro Jackson

    I have been smoking Camel non filter for the past 50 years and at times I have been offered another brand, which I manage to get 1/4 way through and goes to the ash tray. When I smoke a Camel plain, I smoke it until I can’t hold it anymore – One can not beet a Camel (non filter) “Question” why can’t one buy a Camel non filter in South Africa?

  57. Frenchie

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