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Black Devil is a Dutch brand of cigarettes, currently owned and manufactured by Huepink & Bloemen.

These Black Devil Special look subzero cool. Nobody expects you to whip out a black cigarette. Special flavor tastes like spicy chai and vanilla to me. Smells incredible too, like incense. Also slow-burning, which is a plus. Smooth, big body, nicotine hit is a hair above lights, I’d say. Pick these up or any of the Black Devil cigarettes. They’re all candy for both the mouth and eyes.

Black Devil Special 8 mg tar and 0.5 mg nicotine. Made in the Netherlands.

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18 reviews for Black Devil Special Flavor

Based on 18 reviews
  1. Remi

    If you wanta cigar/ cigarillo flavoured cigarette this is for you. has the slight vanilla flavour that youd want to taste. Not especially sweet. Really dark tobacco. Large filter. No sweetness on the filter not my thing Im finding I like regular cigs best

  2. Min

    I love these they are very smooth and sweet the only thing i don’t like is how long it took to get to me customer service was great they responded quickly when i had questions

  3. Kshitij

    I love black devils they’re very smooth and they smell good and taste good i will be buying again. My friend doesn’t like cigarettes but she thinks these smell very nice kinda like candy .

  4. Duke

    First found Black Devil in Iraq at the bazaar next to Military PX. Managed to keep 8 Black Devil cigarettes in freezer for 7 years for special occasions. I searched the US market for them. Thanks to,I know have more. I give them out to friends to try.A little pricey, But worth it.

  5. Alexander Cassini

    The good news is that Black Devil ‘special flavor’ is the very best cigarette I have ever had….. and the bad news is that Black Devil ‘special flavor’ is the best cigarette i have ever had…. so good in fact that it got me smoking cigarettes again after a very long hiatus…. and the other bad news is that they are very rare and hard to find. Their rarity make them an unfortunate affliction as no other cigarette can satisfy in quite the same manner.

  6. Dylan

    They taste great, smell good, feel good to smoke, and they look super cool which is a bonus. Gonna order more of these as soon as I get a chance.

  7. kody scott

    I used to order these online from philipines but the shop closed down , as others mentioned these are rare cigs and the special flavor is the only one like , the taste is like cocanut caramal hazelnut combined ,shipping from this vender takes some time so be patient

  8. Junghan

    Amazing option for those not really into harshness. This Black Devil variation is amazingly smooth, tastes great and has a hint of “something” maybe it’s the so caled Special Flavour,I would say. Seriously, one great find. Really pleasant to inhale and has a respectable kick. Has a great smell even for those who share spaces with non-smokers. Highly recommended

  9. Emily

    I just got a pack of these from CiggiesWorld a few days ago and oh god I love these candies cigarettes, every one who tries them says that their so smooth its like smoking cotton candy air. These are so good worth every penny.

  10. Shawn

    Smell of chocolate initially, then more caramel, coconut flavor when lit. Japan promotes special flavor as coconut milk flavor. Black devils are quality smokes!@! Cafe Vanilla (marshmallow-ish flavor) also very, very good. CiggiesWorld you make it easy. Thanks!

  11. Ian

    Honestly nothing special

  12. Anonymous

    Both items were fantastic. Though when I went to put in another order. I was told I could only order one due to limited quantities. I was very disappointed when I contacted CS they did not even make an attempt to help or say we’ll contact you when the items become available for more then 1 pack at an order. When it took at least 16 days to arrive. Had they had gone the extra mile, I might have been a often returning customer.

  13. Anonymous

    Easy payment, on time delivery & excellent packaging. Couldn’t be happier

  14. Mustafa Naji

    Not that much , but looks like regular light cigarettes .

  15. Reddy

    Can you please let me know when you get the stock
    I have been waiting for this cigarette and black devil ice for months

  16. Zachary S.

    light but good; very expensive tho

  17. Karen C.

    Beautiful fragrance and lovely vanilla flavor

  18. Black Devil

    The BEST Cigarettes ever! Real smooth with a vanilla flavor to them.

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