This Africa Random Five

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Minimum Order 3 Pack!


This Africa MOLA – Random Five different flavors in a pack. Now you can choose from rula, apple, lime, orange and strawberry flavors.

Each cigarette contain a capsule in the filter that release up to five different flavors when popped.

This Africa MOLA. 20 flavored cigarettes. 5 mg tar and 0.4 mg nicotine

Minimum Order 5 Pack!

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Weight38 g

32 reviews for This Africa Random Five

Based on 32 reviews
  1. cr34npc

    First off ciggies world made a believer out of me… loved the packaging & gift wrap. . (happy birthday to me!!!) safe so say that they prepared your product for its journey around the world. Second ive always been against paying for the most costly shipping method… I was impatient though and took a chance. It was quoted to be 14-21 days for express mail international shipping but it arrived to me in los angeles, ca 7 1/2 days after I placed the order!!!! Ive already set my next order.

    Now about these little gems… opening the pack they look awesome with light coloring on white so I dont look ljke a queen smoking these not that I care much with how good they are… they smelled pretty much like regular cigs and smoke like a parliament light…. until you crush the capsule… then the fruity smell comes pouring out. first drag after tasted like grape smarties… then it tasted kinda like bubble gum. Really good flavor till the end. Im already ordering a second pack and will be ordering carton when I can. With the us ban on flavored cigs its been a while… these were well worth the wait and the price.

  2. Jose Garcia

    Say thanks to ciggiesworld the best web to buy cigarettes.

    This African mola radom is great flavor very sweet when you crush the capsul.

  3. Poring

    One cigarette in and I’m already in love! Well, unpopped, these are just okay – a little chemically, as I’ve experienced with some Korean cigarettes. However, I rate these a 5 solely on the novelty factor (and the super cute, whimsical packaging).

    Each cigarette has a flavor capsule that is one of five possible flavors (mostly fruits), and since they are unmarked, you won’t know which one it will be until you actually pop it. It’s amusing and the guy I bummed one to got a kick out of it, lol. Maybe at this price point I should be more wary of giving these out though, haha. Anyway, the flavors are really good! Mine was strawberry, and it tastes pretty true to the fruit as it usually shows up in candy. So it’s totally artificial. I like artificial candy though, so it’s a plus! :p

    As I’m writing this review, my second one ended up being lime. Refreshing and sweet! I will totally buy more packs of these. Lastly, I’d recommend popping these at around the halfway point because the flavor only lasts for about that long.

  4. Adam

    Worth every cent! Loved every flavor in the pack and it was fun guessing what it was! I’d buy a carton if they would sell them!

  5. Jennifer Krämer

    In Deutschland findet man solche Zigaretten nirgends auf dem Markt und deshalb habe ich Sie mir einmal bestellt. Das Design gefällt mir sehr gut und es ist abwechslungsreich. Die Zigaretten schmecken mir auch sehr gut. Sehr angenehm und fruchtig. Was ich nur schade fand,das ich ca 10 mal den selben Geschmack hatte und ich leider nicht alle 5 Geschmäcker probieren konnte. Das ist aber auch nicht so schlimm,da ich diese Zigaretten in Zukunft öfter bestellen werde und noch die restlichen Sorten probieren kann 😉

  6. ManuC

    Packaging was great guys. This cigarettes are very colorful out and in and the first i smoked was a strawberry one! I think! Very very nice

  7. Mateo

    these are a really light cigarette. If you like light cigs these are great. The flavouring is on the light side. Be aware these are menthol flavoured with the flavourings. Every cig is a surprise, which i think they should label them as you may want to smoke your favourate flavour. They are also fast burning. No chemical taste and quite light. 20 pack too. a little on the expensive side. Id buy the ESSE berry pops before these again though. cheaper and stronger flavouring.

  8. Rob

    A very smooth cigarette with a mild flavour. Has flavoured capsules which do change the taste but couldn’t determine what flavours were being introduced

  9. kody scott

    Great smokes , be prepared to share so buy extra 🙂 best flavor capsule smokes ive had , taste is citrus like lemon , spearamint , and others

  10. New Mate

    Tried these and shared with friends the flavours have a very real fruit taste to them. Tobacco is smooth and very easy to smoke. Would recommend for anyone to try but shipping time usually takes a month for me 🙁

  11. Dylan

    When you smoke them you can definitely tell that there’s flavor but it’s sort of difficult to identify what it is. Not super strong, but a fun novelty.

  12. kody scott

    I enjoy smoking these , they are very flavorfull , this is my second order . Make sure to add these to your shopping cart and you will be happy

  13. nd8011

    Love them.

  14. jordanbrownsemail

    Okay so I ordered these and opened them, I love the citrus I love the strawberry, I don’t like the lime flavor how ever. I wish they labeled what flavors the cigarettes are I really hate those kind of surprises. The tobacco its self smells very much like a kind of wood musk, very woody kind of smell. I really have never smelled tobacco quite like the smell of this. The carton its self smells like a crayon box, the tobacco they use is soooooo perfect with the flavor capsule, please don’t change the tobacco in these cigarettes :), they are great.

  15. Kiara

    Really nice:) I love these cigarettes, thank you, ciggiesworld!! I was skeptical but i got my cigarettes, a pack of these and a carton of marlboro reds.. it came a lot faster than I thought it would since I’m in Canada.. I was worried since my time was tight but I got my package in less than 2 weeks! I think these smokes are my new favourite.. all the flavours taste really good, though one of em tastes a lil like cough syrup haha, again thank you so much! and the coffee was nice, I will be ordering again!

  16. Anonymous


  17. Blake Reiter

    Ok but menthol

  18. Joseph

    My favorite out of all the ones I have tried will definitely order again CiggiesWorld pulls through again

  19. Karen C.

    I love the variety of the flavors

  20. Titas G.

    tobacco smells funky but when you smoke it with a click its amazing

  21. Anonymous

    amazing, really soft and easy to smoke

  22. Michelle M.

    My absolute favorite flavored cigarettes EVER! Variety of flavors is the invention since sliced bread!

  23. Stefan

    Bit too strong for me and I’m not a fan of the taste.

  24. Martina

    Definitely my favourite cigarettes it can be hard to distinguish the flavours sometimes because the menthol is overpowering at times but a beautiful cigarette in my opinion

  25. Martina

    Favourite on the market, good tabacco even without the flavour ball and subtle menthol with the flavour.

  26. Michelle M.

    Best cigarettes I’ve ever had!

  27. Adri

    Very tasy, just weak

  28. William F.

    was good for “something different”

  29. Jaren

    Amazing experience with these cigarettes- will definitely be purchasing again. Unique fruity flavors in a delicious cigarette.

  30. Johnathan

    The best pack there is! Hands down the most exquisite

  31. Emily

    Great flavors, love a random cigarette

  32. daniel lee

    this is my go to option. it hits good, tastes good, and its strong enough to satisfy.

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