This Africa Random Five

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Minimum Order 3 Packs!


This Africa MOLA – Random Five different flavors in a pack. Now you can choose from rula, apple, lime, orange and strawberry flavors.

Each cigarette contain a capsule in the filter that release up to five different flavors when popped.

This Africa MOLA. 20 flavored cigarettes. 5 mg tar and 0.4 mg nicotine

Minimum Order 3 Pack!

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Weight38 g

34 reviews for This Africa Random Five

  1. cr34npc

    First off ciggies world made a believer out of me… loved the packaging & gift wrap. . (happy birthday to me!!!) safe so say that they prepared your product for its journey around the world. Second ive always been against paying for the most costly shipping method… I was impatient though and took a chance. It was quoted to be 14-21 days for express mail international shipping but it arrived to me in los angeles, ca 7 1/2 days after I placed the order!!!! Ive already set my next order.

    Now about these little gems… opening the pack they look awesome with light coloring on white so I dont look ljke a queen smoking these not that I care much with how good they are… they smelled pretty much like regular cigs and smoke like a parliament light…. until you crush the capsule… then the fruity smell comes pouring out. first drag after tasted like grape smarties… then it tasted kinda like bubble gum. Really good flavor till the end. Im already ordering a second pack and will be ordering carton when I can. With the us ban on flavored cigs its been a while… these were well worth the wait and the price.

  2. Emily

    Great flavors, love a random cigarette

  3. Adri

    Very tasy, just weak

  4. Anonymous

    amazing, really soft and easy to smoke

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