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Esse Change Grape – Kretek Cigarettes – Click the filter to Chage to Minty Grape flavor.

Made under the authority of KT&G Korea.

12mg of tar and 0.8mg of nicotine.

This time I will make a review of a product that is a development of Esse Change which can be said is a product that contributes the greatest sales for Korean KT & G. Esse Change Grape. This product is the latest product launched by KT & G internationally around the beginning of this February. This product was sold from last Sunday, precisely on February 4, 2018, and the teaser of this product has been released around early February 2018.

Esse Change Grape, is a development product from Esse Change that has been launched around the end of 2014, with the Grapemint Capsule feature that offers a softer mint sensation than Esse Change Applemint but still maintains a strong fruity flavor. In South Korea, this product is known as Esse Change W. The capsules used and the stem size of this product are the same as Esse Change W sold in South Korea, but the obvious difference between Esse Change W and Esse Change Grape is that the product I reviewed this time is a Superslims cigarette with a mixture of cloves which is the hallmark of Esse Mild cigarettes in Indonesia. As Esse Change W is a Ultra Lights Superslims that does not contain cloves and levels of tar and nicotine are much lower than Esse Change Grape. This clearly distinguishes the products sold in South Korea with the products I review this time. With the slogan “Click for Grapemint”, this cigarette offers a red wine sensation that has never been found in regular switchable cigarettes.

Popularity for the encapsulated products is currently experiencing a peak. KT & G is a market leader in encapsulated cigarette industry with the advantage of a filter containing capsules used in most KT & G Indonesia-made cigarettes are imported directly from South Korea. The KT & G center, precisely in South Korea does have a specialized R & D  capsule-filtered cigarette products, where KT & G centers in South Korea have an internal flavorist as well as facilities to make capsules of various sizes and flavors required on the specifications of cigarettes sold by KT & G. With internal involving development, KT & G is able to create cigarettes with countless flavors.

This cigarette is categorized as superslims cigarette, with a stem length of about 100mm and a very small diameter stem size. On the boundary of the tipping paper is a purple CHANGE writing, with a purple line and ESSE writing. The location of the capsule is the same as the Esse Change Applemint that is near the boundary of tipping paper, with the ball with an arrow that indicates where the capsule clicks on the cigarette. Perforation used in this cigarette amounted to three lines, in the presence of holes that have a distance close to each other.

Unlit these cigarettes tend to have a pretty sweet sensation accompanied by a minimal but very present fruity sensation, but when burned, this cigarette offers a sensation of sweet fruity aroma that has a medium intensity, accompanied by a tendency to smooth flavor. The fruity sensation that I felt on this cigarette is a combination of lychee and banana, which is characteristic of Esse cigarettes, accompanied by the element of banana as a complement of the taste of this cigarette.

The Virginia tobacco character is highly illustrated in this cigarette, where it uses imported Virginia Tobacco which tends to have a mild aroma. There are nutty elements because these cigarettes also use Oriental type Tobacco, which is likely to offer the sensation of nutty aroma. Tend to offer a sweet fermented sensation that feels, where this cigarette has a very good fermentation rate. The tobacco character used in cigarettes is quite a balance and a bit earthy, in the sense of this cigarette although dominant with Virginia Tobacco, but tend to be slightly balanced with the addition of Oriental type Tobacco, and a little  earthy elements. When expelled through the nose, this cigarette seemed to offer a sensation of a delicate aroma and slightly nutty. There is no harshness on the throat which means, in the sense that although the mentho capsule were not clicked, this cigarette remains comfortable on the throat.

When clicked, it offers a very noticeable minty grape sensation, accompanied by a sense of mint that has a moderate intensity but strong enough. The sensation of grape here seems very fresh, which is in this cigarette tend to offer the sensation of taste of grape that has just been picked and packed in such a way. Has a fresh acidic properties that support the sensation of mint offered by this cigarette, in the sense of fresh acid in this cigarette is very delicious and delicious. The intensity of mint offered by this cigarette is quite soft, which is the cigarette is deliberately created for you that is not too strong with the sensation of mint offered Esse Change Applemint. The taste of red wine offered by this cigarette seems a little fermented, in the sense that this cigarette offers a fresh sensation of wine but in the right level of maturity. When expelled through the nose, this cigarette as if offering a smell of wine that tends to feel with a sweet aroma that tend to be typical. The pull of this cigarette seems very steady, which is because the diameter of this cigarette is small and the chopsticks used are very small can create a very attractive tensile sensation. Harshness sensation in this cigarette is not there at all, in the sense that clicking capsule on the cigarette is able to reduce the sensation of harsh in this cigarette. Throat hit on this cigarette is not there at all, in the sense that these cigarettes tend to be comfortable in the throat and there is no piercing sensation at all. The duration of this tobacco is about 10-11 minutes, in the sense that these cigarettes tend to have a duration of fuel that counts long enough for the count of cigarettes superslims. Aftertaste offered is a sensation of a very sweet red wine, the sensation of fresh mint, accompanied by tobacco characters tend to be nutty and rich in taste and leave a good feeling in the throat.

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