Raison French Black

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6 mg tar and 0.5 mg nicotine

Minimum Order 5 Pack!

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Weight38 g

11 reviews for Raison French Black

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  1. Hakan Özbay

    Tavsiye ediyorum.

  2. James

    I was very excited to try out the Raison brand. The French Black are a refreshing change to the unflavored brands offered in my country. I am not a fan of menthol but the grape or melon flavour mixed in with a light menthol is not to bad. The tobacco has a light distinctive taste on its own as well. Worth a try I think.

  3. Jon snoo

    These seem to give out a great yogurt flavor if you hit them lightly. Thd tobacco is good smelling before you light up. Itz got good qualoty tobacco.

  4. Colleen knoth

    Best CIGARETTES I’ve ever tasted in my life

  5. JulioSanjuan

    This is a raisin flavored menthol cigarette. The filter tip has raison flavoring on it and really adds to the flavor. The grape flavor is very very good, very noticeable for the whole smoke. The filter tip also has a row of perforations on it.

    These are one of my favorite cigarettes.

  6. Cr34npc

    Its got a grape flavor when you crush it.. only slightly different like more actual fruit flavor as opposed to candy grape flavor… my problem with alot of the raison flavors is that it is too airy these were good enough tho… would buy again

  7. Ondřej

    Pack of Ciggies with compliments inside. Thank you Lot CGW!!

  8. Alfred

    Very happy with the service. The flavor on this item began ok, but quickly was gone. Was a smooth tobacco in itself though!

  9. Austin

    Exactly like the ones I had in Korea. Service and quality was fantastic.

  10. jordanbrownsemail

    I bought these specifically to try the yogurt flavor and I am 100% satisfied. Worth trying if you haven’t had them yet and want to.

  11. Kevin

    tastes good

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